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Craft Day!

May 13, 2016

Sis and I had another craft day yesterday. We met at her house this time.


I keep finding these “bulk items” that I’ve bought to make into stuff to sell at my craft sale in the Fall. Sis has been graciously volunteering to help me put them together.


This week we worked on Christmas cards — 36 of them — and after working on them all afternoon, we only finished about half of them. So we split the rest of them and we’ll work on them during the week in our own spare time. Next week when we get together again, hopefully we’ll have something else to work on.


The snowman, gingerbread man and the Santa are pins that can be removed from the card and worn on clothes or attached to gifts, etc. So cute!



May 10, 2016

Here’s a pic of my two “little” rose bushes that I planted a few years ago.


They are taller than I am now! Look at all those roses! Even the one little white one (in the center) is getting pretty this year. Love my roses!

April’s Goals (Not?) Met

May 3, 2016

This month (April) was a mess of a month. We had several events happen that was out of the norm. Consequently, when my routine gets interrupted, I get disorganized and things crafts I want to get done, don’t.

Well, that sounds like a good excuse, right?

Actually it wasn’t as bad as it seems when I think about it. I did manage to get a few of my goals accomplished. Three out of the four amigurumi made it from my hook,


Here’s a close up of the little mouse. . . . . . .


There’s still half a pink elephant patiently waiting on the work table to be completed.

The sewing machine remained idle for the whole month. So no new sewing project to show.

A wannabe project was finished and, bonus!, there was enough yarn to finish a second set!


This is an ear warmer with a matching set of boot cuffs. Here’s a close-up to show the pattern better. . . . . . .


In addition to this wannabe project, I started two new sweaters. These weren’t in my wannabe stash, just spur of the moment projects. (Ya’ll know me by now, right?) More about these sweaters later.

Last but not least, is the UFOs. The goal is to finish one a week. Well, I frogged a sweater that I knit last year. . . . .


It was another one of my “experiments” that turned out a flop, as so many of my ideas do. It was pretty enough with the pink and blue yarn and the stripes . But it turned out way too big, (you would think that I would have discovered that before I got the whole thing knitted), and I ran out of yarn and didn’t have enough to sew it together. So it sit in my UFO pile for months because I couldn’t make up my mind what to do with it. Finally I made the decision to “just do it” and frogged it! It was time-consuming to frog because of the kind of yarn I used. It’s a nubby yarn and if you’ve worked with yarn, you know what I’m talking about. Yeah, it took about five hours to rib out! But the yarn is now in my stash again waiting for the next inspiration to come along.

The only other UFO that was worked on this month actually made it to the finish line. This is the money pockets that Sis and I worked on and I mentioned in one of my previous blog entries.


I was wanting to make three each of the twelve different characters. But for some reason we ended up with 46 of them! Boy o’ boy, I got sooooo tired of working on these! I’m sure Sis did as well. Needless to say, we worked on these most of the month. Here’s a close-up . . . . .


We sure used up a lot of plastic canvas pieces and scraps of yarn making these. Gee, I sure hope we can sell them! 🙂

In conclusion, I missed my goal by two UFOs not getting finished, one sewing project and one amigurumi not quite finished. So that’s not bad considering that I’m getting hooked on estate sales (which are popping up every weekend now), a visit from Son and his family one weekend, a visit from my brother and his wife from Texas, a bad sinus cold I came down with and then gave to Hubby and then the funeral of my Sis’ husband.

Hopefully May will be a little calmer and I can get back on the bandwagon with these crafts.