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Wild Weekend

June 28, 2016

Once in a while (especially when I get together with a couple of friends), my wild side comes out. Well, it kind of came out this weekend.

A couple of gals that I used to work with at Wal-Mart in Belton and I have stayed friends all these years by getting together once or twice a year. They either travel here, or I go there. We had planned on getting together this weekend and they came here. We decided to go to Branson to catch a show and shop. Branson beware! Here we come!

They came as far as my house, then I drove my car. First we stopped at Golden Corral and had lunch. When we got to Branson, we found the motel after “crawling” through the traffic (it was Fri. in Branson! What can I say?) We got our rooms, settled in, and then made reservations to Dixie Stampede for 8:00. The earlier show was already sold out.

Across from the motel was a flea market. So to kill time, we decided to take our lives in our hands and cross Main street to visit the market. The traffic was going so slowly that we actually didn’t have any trouble getting across the street. We just walked through the cars because they weren’t going anywhere anyway.

For some reason, Ellen loves to try on hats.


I’m not sure this was a hat, but she made it one.

Kathie likes to look at jewelry.


We saw some interesting things at the flea market.


It was hot! Half the market wasn’t in air conditioning, so we stood it as long as we could, then went inside. This was more of a retail store.

The hat lady hit again.


By now,  our wild side is beginning to come out. I grabbed a hat and started acting silly.




Yes, folks, it got worse as the weekend progressed.

We left early for the show because of the traffic. It’s a good thing! It took us almost a half hour to drive 11 miles! We had to park in the back, but lucky us, we were able to walk past all the horses,


The pre-show, show and dinner were awesome! I didn’t get any pics because I wasn’t allowed to use my camera inside and my cell-phone doesn’t take good pics.

It was slow-going back to the motel again, but we just went with the flow. It was 10:30 when we got back to our motel so we just went back to our rooms and sacked out.

The next morning we went down to the most awesome breakfast I’ve ever seen! There was everything you would ever want for breakfast. I usually don’t eat much for breakfast, but how could I resist!

We had made plans the night before that we would head to the Branson Landing the next day and have a day of shopping. These gals love to shop for clothes and I always wind up with a few new blouses etc. when our visits are over.

The traffic wasn’t nearly as busy Sat. morning so we got to the Landing even before the stores were open.


This visit was the usual shopping adventure and I bought some nifty sunglasses among my purchases,


Ellen didn’t find a hat, but she had to try on a tiara,


We had lunch at a steak house and ask our dining host to take our pic outside,


We had a blast shopping and acting silly, (at one point we were laughing so hard at our own antics that the whole store was watching us and the sales lady came over to ask if she could help us. It wasn’t long before we had her laughing with us as well.)

It was a great weekend and we had a wonderful time seeing each other again. They want me to come visit them next and they said something about a dinner theater. . . . . . .

A Long Craft Day

June 24, 2016

Sis came over about 11:00 and the first thing we did was “show and tell”. She had worked on and finished the last five of the snowflakes with cross-stitch.


I had finished the little felt ornaments that I’d been working on plus an extra gingerbread man because he was so cute,


some jars that I’d painted,


and a couple of things that I’m going to enter into the Fair this year. The first item is a crocheted hat for the “caps for cancer” division.


Hubby and I have been making frequent trips to Barnes and Nobel because they keep sending me coupons for discounts. On one trip I bought this book which had the pattern for this hat.


Another item I made for the Fair is a decorated sweatshirt with this ghost in sequins.


After show and tell, we run up to Hancock Fabrics to check out their “Going out of business” sale. We both came home with a big sack of stuff we just couldn’t live without!

After we ate some lunch, we headed out to my little shop out back to paint some baby food jars that we’re going to decorate with Christmas decals and make votive holders out of them. We had 38 to paint with a base coat, but with both of us working on them, we had them finished with the first coat in no time.

Next we came back to the house and worked on some plastic canvas snowman coasters. We were so involved with our work that we weren’t talking. That’s very unusual for us! Suddenly, it was 5:00 before we realized it!

Sis gathered up her supplies to take home so she could finish her set of coasters this week. She also took another kit that I had to make more plastic canvas ornaments “if she has time to get to them”.

It was a good day and lots of fun!



Craft Day and A Surprise Visit

June 18, 2016

Sis and I got together again this week a day later than usual. Since Thurs. was Hubby’s birthday, we decided to craft on Fri. We met at Sis’s house and she showed me some of the items that she’s completed this week.


The little crocheted bear is soooo cute! The butterfly wind-chime is in plastic canvas and will be given to her sis-in-law as a thank you gift. The other three items are painted. The little box is the first thing she painted the day she was over here. The jar was started over here and she finished it after she went home. The little tile is what she worked on at home all by herself! It’s awesome! What a great job she did!


I wasn’t painting that good on my third project! I think she’s a natural! And she was even proud of it! (We’re always our own worst critic.) I’m hoping that this is going to encourage her to work more on her painting.

When I went over to her house, I loaded the car down with craft materials to work on. But after our “show and tell”, we got to “visiting” and didn’t get much work done.

Then I got a call from Grandson #4 who is living and going to school about a three-hour drive north of here. We haven’t seen him in a couple of years. He’s in town and wants to drop by for a visit — are we home!?

Of course my visiting with Sis ended and I came home. Hubby had been at the Family Center and he came home as well. When I saw Grandson, I just about cried! I was so happy to see him! He brought a surprise  — his girlfriend!

Come to find out, her parents and little sister were going to Branson for a vacation and invited Grandson and their daughter to go with them. On their way back home, the parents dropped them off at our house and took off to see Bass Pro Shop. So we had them for about two hours!

Needless to say, we had a wonderful visit! We talked and talked. We showed them the rabbits, and since she’s interested in crafts and drawing, we showed them my little shop out back and my sewing room. (I wished I’d had time to clean things up a bit. 🙂 )  Grandson said that seeing all this brought back memories. He was only four when we moved into this house.

When her parents came to pick them up, we got to meet them as well. I almost cried again when they left.


Aren’t they a cute couple? What a wonderful visit and a nice surprise to the day!

It’s Someone’s Birthday

June 17, 2016

Hubby’s birthday rolled around again. He doesn’t like birthdays, but his mother always said that it’s better than the alternative! I have to agree.

We had our usual day. We went to the Family Center to walk and visit with our friends. However, I had baked him a cookie cake and we took it with us to share.


We always have a cup of coffee when we first get to the Family Center and there’s usually some of our friends having coffee as well. I didn’t ice the cookie with fancy decorations because several of our friends are diabetic as well as Hubby and the rest of us don’t need all that extra sugar either!

We only walked one time around the track (usually we walk twice), then left and went to Barnes and Noble. We had our second cup of coffee at the Starbucks there. Hmmmm, good! While Hubby finished his coffee and read a book, I went to browse around to see if I could find a book that I just couldn’t live without. Of course I did. It’s a crochet book, imagine that!

We left and went to Golden Corral for lunch. It a buffet-style restaurant and we pigged out!


I don’t have very many desserts any more (because of Hubby’s diabetes I don’t make any now), so I kind of went overboard at the dessert bar. Oh my! It was all so good!

We were both stuffed, so he wanted to walk off some of this at the Mall. While he walked around, I stopped in some shops to browse some more. Of course I found a few bargains and came home with a couple of sacks. It’s funny that it was his birthday, but I came home with the goodies!


Hutch and Such

June 15, 2016

As you all know by now, Hubby has rabbits as one of his hobbies. He loves animals and when we had a chance to adopt some rabbits, well, you know.

He’s wanted to be able to bring them in the house (sunroom) ever since we got them. In fact, when they were small right after we got them, they did come into the sunroom with us.

They were so much fun to watch as they run around, exploring, etc. But soon we realized that they were also being destructive. They would try to dig on the furniture, climb up on my shelves of pretties and knock things off, chew on everything. Not to mention the little “gifts” they would leave everywhere. A lot of cleaning and straightening had to be done after they were taken back outside each time.

Since they are both males, as they got older, they claimed their own territory and would fight with each other when they were together in the same area. So we had to separate them into their own pens. No more bringing them into the house. Which was ok with me.

But Hubby still has thoughts of bringing them in once in a while.

I love going to garage sales. Hubby doesn’t. But I talked him into stopping at one on the way home from the Family Center over the weekend. Now, I’ve gone to a lot of garage sales in my lifetime. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a rabbit hutch for sale. But this sale had one. What are the odds?

Of course Hubby wanted to get it. He was thinking about putting it in the sunroom and then we could bring the rabbits in and they would have their own area and they wouldn’t be running all over the room being destructive.

So now we have a rabbit hutch in our sunroom.


And the rabbits have another temporary home inside.

Hubby brings them in every evening for a while so they will get used to it.


He puts a limb from the apple tree in each hutch to give them something to do.


And the people we bought the hutch from gave us a couple of balls made from twigs as well. (They actually “play” with them!)


So far they don’t seemed to be getting stressed out or depressed. (Yes, rabbits can get depressed! I have a story about that that I’ll have to write about one of these days. Wish I had some pics to go along with it.)