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Fairly There

July 25, 2016

It’s time for the Ozark Empire Fair again. Every year since I first started entering my craft items in the Fair, (1975!), I’ve been rushed beyond the limits.

I’m a procrastinator. In addition to this, I also get excited when the premium lists come out and enter more than I can possibly get finished in time. Consequently, I’m rushing through the whole months of June and July to finish all these crafts. My summer belongs to the Fair.

I’ve had enough! Finally!

I’ve mentioned in previous blog entries that I’m getting pretty burned out with the way the Fair has been handled in the last several years. Even though I still get excited about the Fair, (I’ll always love the Fair), the “magic” is almost gone. Now, my attitude is that if I get a project done and it’s “Fair-worthy”, then it will be entered.

Because of my “goals” that I set for myself this year, I realized that I had more craft items finished than I thought. Because of this, I entered about the same amount as I usually do! And the only items that I had to make was the items for the special contests that will be donated to charities. A couple of hats. Here’s one of them. I thought it had a pretty pattern.


So, no pressure this year, no last-minute rushing. I got my tags, put them on my items and just waited for Sat. to take all of them to the Fair. It was so nice to be able to concentrate on other things for a change.

Which brings us to the next item of business. Crafting with Sis.

She came to my house this week and we finished our little golf ball snowman heads.


Aren’t they just so cute?! Here’s a close-up of some of them. Notice the one that looks like a biker.


We ran out of hats, so used the bandana to make a scarf. We were trying to make them look like females, but Hubby thinks they look more like a biker. I think he’s right.

Sis brought a couple of mug mats with matching cups as her show and tell.


I’ve been cross-stitching. Since cross-stitching is so time-consuming, I didn’t have anything finished for show and tell this week. But I’m crocheting again, so next week I’ll have a show and tell. Check back to see what I make.

What To Do? What To Do?

July 16, 2016

It never ends. Craft making. What are we going to do with all of these finished crafts?!

I’m loving getting together with Sis once a week to craft. Sis has been pivotal in helping me to finally finish a lot of these “bulk” items that I’ve had taking up space around here for literally years.

I’ve collected all this stuff while I was working so I’d have something to do in my retirement. (Besides the fact that I can’t pass up a good clearance bargain — and working in the craft dept. at W-M didn’t help!) It’s amazing how stuff can accumulate behind your back. Where did all this stuff come from? It’s over-whelming to say the least. But at the same time, I’m having a ball working and finishing all this stuff.

For example, this week when we got together at Sis’s house again, we worked on putting a snow-tex finish on some golf balls. We’re going to make snowman head ornaments out of them. Here’s Sis working on the snowman heads,


These golf balls are some of the box full of golf balls that hubby and I would pick up in the ditches around a golf course that we would walk around every day for our daily walk. Of course I kept them thinking, “What could I make out of these?” (Don’t throw anything away, because you just never know!)

In the past, I’ve made dog’s out of the golf balls to sell in other craft shows I’ve been in.


They sold very well and I usually sold all I had. We still have some golf balls left, so we may make up some more of these dogs in the future and finally get rid of the rest of these golf balls.

In addition to the golf balls, I also worked on decorating the small jars that we had painted last week.


Of course when we get together each week, the first thing we do is show and tell. Sis was really busy and had a lot of things to show,


With the exceptions of the cup, the green ball and the baby bib, she’s keeping the rest of her items. She painted the spoon and little faces on the snowmen — aren’t they cute?

I wasn’t as productive as Sis. Because I was finally finishing up these candy keepers that I started a while back. There’s 20 of them! I got sooooo tired of working on them! But I have to admit, they sure are cute. AND THEY ARE DONE!


I also whipped up a mug mat and a matching cup.


The cups are another one of those “bulk items” that I’ve had around here forever. We thought that if we make a mug mat and decorate a mug to match, that we would be able to sell them as a pair. I have about ten of the mugs.

Two other little items that came from my little shop out back is a decorated spoon and a jar.


I may keep the spoon because I collect Raggety Ann items. The jar will probably go in the sale in Ozark. I thought it would be cute filled with candy corn.

Yes, we just keep making things. But it’s been so much fun because I’m crafting with my Sis again. BUT what to do with all these crafts?





July 12, 2016

We had a Dr. appointment, visit from family, and of course crafts to talk about today.

The Dr. appointment was Hubby’s yearly diabetes check-up. What can I say but AWESOME! He’s kept his A1C count in the normal range for two years now! So the Doc took him off the meds! He has another appointment in three months to check his A1C again to determine whether he can stay off the meds for good. So proud of him!

My sis came to my house this week for craft day. We made a trip to my little shop out back to work on the baby food jars that we’ve been decorating to be used for votive cups. (Or whatever.) I had 37 jars sitting on my shelf since Grandson #4 was a baby. (Yes people, I don’t throw things away! That’s why we’re bulging at the seams around here.)

We base-coated them twice, then I painted the tops of them with red and green paint, then we put the decals on them while she was here.



After she left I put the first coat of varnish on them, and the second coat the next day. The last step will be wrapping some ribbon around the “neck” of each jar. Another project finished!

Last week we started playing with Christmas cards by cutting out the pictures on them and then crocheting around the edges. We’ve worked on these all week. Sis brought her cards all finished with bells attached to the bottom of each card. I really got into it and made quite a few. I still need to add the bells to mine. Aren’t they cute?



Over the weekend we had a surprise visit from Son and his family. It wasn’t really a surprise because I knew they were planning another trip to Silver Dollar City. I just wasn’t sure what weekend until I got a message from him saying they would like to drop by to see us on their way home Sun. Stupid me! I didn’t get a pic of them! Just enjoyed having them here and getting to see the grandsons again.

We talked, played with the bunnies, and it was AWESOME!

Fun At Sis’s

July 3, 2016

We were at Sis’s house this week for our craft day. We had to do it a day later because Hubby had an appointment at the eye Dr. and they always dilate his eyes which makes me the designated driver.

Last week we had started these sets of coasters in plastic canvas. So during the week, I finished the stitching on mine, but Sis still had a little work to do on hers. We decided to cut felt pieces to put on the backs of each coaster. My big tote of felt is stored in the garage. So after Hubby moved the truck out to go to the Family Center for his walk, I was able to get to the tote of felt.

Every time I go to my Sis’s for craft day, it looks like I’m moving. I load the car down with every possible craft supply “just in case” we might need something to help us in our crafting. Sis has a lot of supplies as well, but I know she doesn’t have as much as I have. 🙂

She had the work table all set up, snacks set out, and music playing in the background. Her house is always so neat and organized. I love to work at her house!

The first thing we did was our “show and tell”. Sis didn’t have anything to show this week. She’s been working on several different items, but none of them were ready for display. I have another sweatshirt ready for the Fair, plus some jars that I painted this week.



We had coffee,


then went straight to work. Sis worked on finishing her set of coasters, and I cut felt backing pieces out for all of them.


They turned out really cute sitting in their holder that almost looks like an igloo. (See some of our snacks in the background? HeHe)


Here’s what the coaster looks like:


If we had more time after we finished these coasters, (which I thought we would because I didn’t think we would be working on them all afternoon), I took some cards that I bought on clearance after Christmas one year. There’s an idea roaming around in my head to crochet around them to make ornaments. We did start on them, but quickly ran out of time before we could figure out how to do it.

We’ll be working on these this week and hopefully pictures will be next week. (If they turn out like my idea I have for them anyway.)