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Fall Flowers and Ghosties

August 27, 2016

Sis was here this week and we worked out in my little shop out back. I had painted a couple of jars with Fallish themes and wanted Sis to help me do a flower arrangement in them. She claims she doesn’t “do” flower arrangements very well, but she has a good “eye” for it, IMHO. I’ve seen some of the things she’s come up with and I’ve been impressed.

First we had to have some coffee and popcorn, bring each other up on our “going’s on” for the week, and have our “show and tells”.

Sis brought eight more finished towels and I had done the rest of them. I won’t show a pic of them because, well, you know, they’re just towels. So up to this point, the towels were finished. (kinda, sorta)

I had also knitted a jack-o-lantern cover for a jar which I will fill with candy; and painted three hanging hoops black, added “spider-web lace” and a little spider for the finishing touch.


Next we made our way to the little shop out back to work on flower arrangements.

I had started the one with the wreath and had it sitting on a shelf forever! So one day, I got it down, painted the little crow on the front of it,


asked Sis’s opinion on how to decorate the wreath and went from there.

The other jar had been sitting on a shelf almost as long and I had stuck a bunch of fall leaves in it thinking that I would like to have a flower arrangement in it as well. So I painted some sunflowers on it,


and Sis started going through my totes of flowers and came up with the idea of using sunflowers. Here’s our results:


Not bad, huh? I like them so much, I’m tempted to keep them. But I’ll put them in the sale and if I sell them, then I can make another one for me.

After we finished these, we ate lunch, then we finished our little ghosties on light bulbs.


Aren’t they just so cute?

Well, the towels would have been done, but when I was shopping for groceries the other day, I saw a display of fall-decorated towels. I tried to resist but they were so pretty I bought four more towels. After I got them cut and ready, Sis took four home with her and I’ll have four more to work on this week as well.

I can’t promise that this will be it for the towels (the Christmas ones haven’t come out yet) but I know we’re both getting really tired of crocheting tops on towels. (Gee, I sure hope we sell all of these or our families may be getting some towels for Christmas! 🙂 )




Catching Up With Craft-time

August 21, 2016

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted our progress on crafts. Sis came to my house a couple of weeks in a row, but this week we were at her house again to work on more towels. We finished about eight more and with what she and I will work on this week, we should have all 64 done and ready to go by next week!

Ok, to back up a few weeks, here’s some pics of our “show-and-tells” when we were at Sis’s working on all those towels.

Sis has been working on some crocheted ornaments out of the plastic balls I had left over that were too little to be used for the candy containers that I made a while back. Aren’t they pretty?


We both made some more crocheted amigurumi characters. She made the cute hippos and the bear, and I made the mummy. I also cross-stitched a watering can on the pocket of this apron. I had an iron-on that said “Think of your plant” that I put on the bib of the apron. Then I sewed on a little lace to give it a finished look.


I finished one more mug rug,


and here’s the first of the towels we did that day,


The next week we were at my house and we worked on and finished the rest of the mug mats,


Sis came to my house again the following week and we worked in my little shop out back painting ghosties on light bulbs.  I don’t have a pic of them yet, but check back next week to see what they look like.

Fast forward now to this week at Sis’s again. As I’ve mentioned before, we worked on towels again. But we started our day by “show-and-tells”. Sis has been working on these hair ties for several weeks and she has made all she’s going to make. Look at all of these! I can’t believe she made so many.


I had to sample one,


Aren’t they cute?!

Here’s a couple of things I’ve worked on. I finally finished one of the book fronts that I started painting several months ago plus here’s the cutest little crocheted candy snowman I just finished. The cute little piggy note holder is what Sis had to show in addition to her hair ties.


Also a couple more things from my little shop out back,


With a candle in the top of the blue jar, it’ll be a candle holder and the little jar is just a little jar. Anyone’s imagination for what it can be used for.

This catches up with what we’ve been doing since I got involved with the Fair again. Next week our plans are to work in the little shop out back and finish up a few projects that have been in the works for a couple of weeks. Check back to see our goodies!

And The Results Are In. . . . . . With a Little Rant

August 13, 2016

First the Rant.

The Fair is over for another year. And once again, I have enough ribbons to make my scrapbook bulge at the seams. Yes, I won a ribbon on every item I took. (The only items I didn’t win a ribbon on were the two different muffins and my cherry pie.) The grand total of ribbons I brought home this year was 25 out of the 28 items I entered. (Plus a Champion on some cookies, and a Special Award ribbon which I’m still not sure where/why it came about.)

But I’m not bragging. To tell the truth, I’m a little disappointed again this year. Entering my crafts in the Fair used to thrill me to no end. Especially when I won a ribbon on an item that was competing with many others in the same class. And if I didn’t win a ribbon, then I could take some constructive criticism home with me, so hopefully I could learn and maybe do better the next year. But what’s the thrill of winning a blue ribbon on your item when your item is the only one in that class?

Which is exactly the case in several of the classes where my item won a blue ribbon.

Yes, it’s true that the judges have the right to not give a ribbon to an item that they believe the workmanship doesn’t deserve one, and I’ve seen proof of that; but at the same time, it would be nice to have a little competition just to see if my item truly would get that blue ribbon or not.

It’s just a shame that the people’s interests in entering their crafts have fallen off over the years. But I can’t blame them in a way. The handling of this part of the Fair hasn’t been the same since they started charging the crafters to enter their items for judging. They lost a lot of good crafters and they are losing more and more every year; and if something doesn’t change for the better, then they may lose this one as well. And I’m a die-hard contestant! But I am getting more and more discouraged every year.

Now the results.

The Special Contests where the judging takes place during the Fair is still a lot of fun. Mostly in the baking category. There still seems to be a lot of interests and consequently more entries.

I baked a cherry pie and my Sis went with me to watch the judging. My pie looked great,


and it tasted great in my opinion and Sis said so as well. BUT, the crust didn’t get completely done on the bottom. I knew it wouldn’t win. Sure enough out of the six entries, mine didn’t get picked as a winner. If the pies don’t win, then the contestant has to bring them home. So we enjoyed a piece of pie afterward!

The next day was the muffins, coffee cake, biscuits, etc. Hubby went with me that day after I spent the whole morning baking two kinds of muffins and a gingerbread coffee cake. The house smelled wonderful!

My banana muffins didn’t have much taste and the judges agreed. No ribbon. The Oatmeal Maple Syrup muffins had a good taste, but I should have used the quick oats according to the judges because the old-fashioned oats made them too dry. No ribbon. (But I’ll try the quick oats next time.)

The gingerbread coffee cake was competing with five other entries, and mine won the blue ribbon! Now that was the kind of thrill of winning that brought back memories.


The last Special Contest I was in was the Grandparents cookie contest. It was going to be judged by someone’s grandchildren. I’ve been in this contest before and it’s so fun to watch the kids taste the cookies and pick the winners.

What kid doesn’t like peanut butter and chocolate. So I made a chocolate chip cookie, then spread it with an “icing” of peanut butter, powdered sugar and a little milk. Then to top it off, I chopped up more chocolate chips and sprinkled on top. No contest! The kids picked a winner!


The other cookie I made was a sugar cookie sandwich with a filling of marshmallow cream, powdered sugar, and butter. Then rolled the edges in colored sprinkles. They were unanimous. Another blue ribbon winner! (AND a Champion!)


It was really cute to listen to the kids as they judged the cookies and told us that they thought “the presentation” was “excellent”.

Here’s the other ribbons I won on my crafts this year,


Among the blue, there are four red ribbons (second place) and two white (third place) and to tell the truth, I’m almost as proud of them as the blue ribbons. Especially the angel picture in cross-stitch. You should have seen the competition!

Anyway in spite of it all, I’m proud of all the ribbons and I’ll probably be thinking about what to enter next year. Hopefully, there’ll be more competition.

Don’t Throw In The Towel

August 6, 2016

During the year when I see pretty printed hand towels for a good price, I’ll buy a few. When I took inventory the other day, I couldn’t believe how many I had — 32 of them!

So when I went to Sis’s last week, we crocheted tops on hand towels. It’s a boring project, but when two people work on them together, it’s more fun than work.

First thing I do is cut them in half. Then we crochet the tops on them and add a button so they can be hung from the handle of a fridge or kitchen drawer.

It’s not the most enjoyable craft that I do, but the towels are a good profitable seller at my craft show. I usually sell all that I make. So we’ll bite the bullet and get them made. We have 32 towels so that will be 64 when it’s all said and done.

We only finished six while we were together at Sis’s, but during the week we’ve worked on some more on our own. Now we have 21 finished!  We’ve moved on to other projects, but we’ll come back to the towels until they’re all finished.


Hopefully I won’t buy anymore in the meantime!