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Where ‘O Where Does The Time Go?

October 30, 2016

It’s been almost a month since I’ve written on my blog! Wow! It seems like the older I get, the faster time goes. Of course it isn’t going faster, so I wonder why it is that it feels that way. I remember when I was a kid, it seemed like forever before an event that I was looking forward to finally came. I guess it’s because we have so much more on our minds than we had as a child.

Much has happened in the month of Oct. After my FIL passed away at the end of Aug., Hubby’s sisters started going through their parents’ house by cleaning out all the paperwork that they had collected over their lifetime. Yes, I believe that they kept every. single. receipt. since they became a couple. The girls said that there were drawers full of paperwork.

After they got through that mess, we all went over to help go through the rest of the stuff. It took several weeks to go through a three-bedroom house with a full basement, shed, and a big garage. Oh, that garage! I’ve never seen so much stuff in my life. (And I thought I was a hoarder!)

Hubby and I didn’t get to go help as often as we would have liked to, however, because “when it rains, it pours!” In other words, everything came at once. I’ll explain.

My Sis and I were also working on getting our craft show in Ozark ready to go. Then the craft show was three days and as I’ve already mentioned in another blog entry, it turned out great!

A few days after that, my friend Barb and I met in Mt. Grove for our annual meeting to “catch up” with each other and have our birthday lunch and exchange gifts. (Our birthdays are only two weeks apart.)

We met at our designated area, talked each other’s heads off, exchanged our gifts,



and talked some more!

We had a nice lunch at our favorite place, The Oriental Hut, then shopped at the local thrift store where I bought two pair of jeans for only one dollar apiece! We visited a little longer then had to head for home. It was a wonderful day, and I’m already looking forward to next year!

Besides the craft show in Ozark where we have our booth, there are many more fairs going on in this area. The week before Ozark, Sis and I went to the one in Fairgrove. Then the week after Ozark is one in Mt. Vernon. These two are my favorite of all the local fairs, so of course we had to go to them.

The Mt. Vernon one was celebrating their 50th anniversary and I bought one of their hoodie sweatshirts. (Also because it was cold and I didn’t come prepared.)


They are famous for their apple butter and they make it right on the court house lawn during the fair. Sis and I got to stir the apple butter. We were so excited!



The next day my former work buddies/friends from Belton came down to see me for the weekend. We went to Ozark for lunch at Lambert’s. We had to wait for about a half an hour before we could eat, so they gave me gifts for my late birthday.


Finally we got in to eat, and Lambert’s is famous for not letting anyone leave hungry,


We drove on down to Branson and caught the show, The Legends. It was SO GOOD! The Blues Brothers act was my favorite!


Of course what would a visit from my friends be without the usual shopping experience.


They are so fun to be with and we laugh and carry on like teenagers. I always look forward to seeing them.

The following weekend we had our three-day estate sale at the folks’ house. I wish I had taken some pics of all the stuff that we had for sale! After the sale we could see a few bare places, but there still seemed to be a lot of stuff left over. We haven’t heard yet what the girls are planning on doing with the rest of it.

In the meantime, Sis and I have been trying to get together once a week for our “craft time”. We haven’t managed every week. But we did go to the library book sale and made it to an estate sale one week.

The few times we did get to craft, we’ve been working on this,


It’s a bottle buddy. It’s a kit that comes with all the fabric, felt, etc. to make one witch around a 2-liter pop bottle. We gathered up enough material to make two more. We have all the pieces cut out and the next time we get together, we’ll start putting them together.

Needless to say, I haven’t been doing much crafting on my own lately. I’m working on a shawl that I’m knitting out of a very small yarn. It’s taking forever; but it’s a pretty simple pattern, so I’ve been working on it in the evenings while I listen to my audio tapes. I did finish this in the meantime:


It’s a crocheted snow flower garland to decorate a Christmas tree. It turned out so pretty and I have enough yarn, I’ll be making a couple more of these. In fact, I’ve started on the second one already.

When Sis was here this last week for crafting, she brought a “show and tell”. She’s been painting again! Get a load of this!


Wow! Isn’t that good? I’ve been telling her that she’s a natural!


still don’t paint as good as this. And how long have I been painting?! She mentioned that she is enjoying this and that she needs to do more painting. YEAH!

After the craft show in Ozark, I had to clean up my little shop out back. It looked like a small tornado had gone through there. It’s workable now so I’ve been doing a little painting again. More about that next time.

It’s Over!!

October 3, 2016

The Craft Festival in Ozark is over. It was this last weekend. It was three days. And it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL weather!

The crowds were the biggest since I’ve seen since having a booth at Ozark. Sooooooo many people. But that was a good thing as far as selling crafts go. Even though we had more crafts than ever before, most of our crafts were small and inexpensive, so it took a LOT more crafts to make as much money as we did. (Which was a little more than last year.) So that was good.

The only problem we had was being scrunched into this small booth.





The last few years I’ve been trying to get a second booth adjacent to my booth. This would give us twice the room to spread out our crafts. Better for the customers to see what we have. And better to sell more crafts.

Well, my “neighbor” next to me said that she definitely wouldn’t be coming back next year. So “we” talked to the lady in charge and she wrote it down so I could get her booth next year if the gal doesn’t change her mind. I have to wait until Feb. 1st next year and if they haven’t paid for the booth by then, I have it! I’m so excited.

Now Hubby is warning me that if I get another booth and have all this extra room, that I’d better not make more crafts to fill it up; or I’ll still be in that same boat without that same paddle. I wouldn’t do that, would I? 🙂

It was a lot of work, again. But it was fun, again. Sis helped A LOT but could only be with me two of the three days. So good o’ faithful, supportive Hubby was with me the last day and helped me break it down and bring everything home. What would I do without my sweet Sis and sweeter Hubby?


I’m kind of glad that this craft fair is over, but I’m excited about next year and we’re already starting to make plans on how to set up our booth with all the extra room we’ll have! We’re even talking about wearing matching shirts that we decorate ourselves. Fun!