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Witches — Part 2

November 11, 2016

This Thurs. was craft day at my house again. Of course we started our visit with “show and tell”.

I had given Sis a little vase that came from my in-laws’ house when we were cleaning it out. My MIL had had a kiln at one time and had made some ceramics. This vase was made by her. She poured the slip in the mold, fired it, and it became a UFO. All it needed was to be painted and fired again.

When I showed the vase to Sis, I told her that she could probably just paint it with acrylic paint and it wouldn’t have to be fired again because she didn’t use the ceramic-kind of paint. Well, she took it and painted it. . . . .


Cool, huh?

I’ve been able to run out to my little shop out back a few times during the last week. I’ve base coated quite a few pieces for projects. I like to do that because most things I paint on (like glass) needs to “season” before I can continue to paint a design on them. Also, I can paint on several projects at the same time and avoid having to wait on something to dry before continuing on it.

Here’s a couple of projects that I’ve finished.


After we visited, had some coffee and of course popcorn, Sis and I hit the sewing room and worked on witches again. I don’t know how we can work for five hours and only get six arms made and attached to the main part. But that’s the case for this time.


The witches are progressing. They are proving to be quite the chore, however. Very time-consuming. Lots of detail. I think they will be pretty awesome once they’re finished though. 🙂 Tune in next time to see more progress.


Witches — Part 1

November 5, 2016

Sis was here on Thurs. for craft day. We worked on the witches that we had started a few weeks ago. Last week we finally got all the pieces cut out.

Before we start anything, of course, we have to have our “show and tell”. Sis had a little cross stitch project to show.


As I had mentioned last time, I’ve been spending a little time out in my little shop out back. I finished some blocks that I had started before Halloween.


After we run to the store to buy some salt to put in the bottles for weight, and a detour to the dollar store because it was next door to the store, and then back home to eat our lunch, (are you getting the idea that we were procrastinating on working on these witches?), we headed for the sewing room to start putting the witches together.


My, my! After fussing with piece after piece trying to get these witches to look like something,


and especially making  noses that had two pieces that needed to be sewn together, turned, stuffed, and then add a wart to, (you have no idea how little these noses were), we began wondering what possessed us to even start a project like this! Especially to make three of them.  We kept asking each other, “Are we finished yet?”


After four painstaking hours of fiddling and both of us starting to make mistakes, we decided to call it quits for this time.

Stay tuned for Part 2 . . . . . . . .