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Crafts and Sales

January 30, 2017

Sis was once again at my house for crafts this week. We had our usual coffee, popcorn, and “show and tells”.

She brought a couple of items that she’d finished during the week. Here’s her plastic canvas ornaments all cut out and finished. Aren’t they cute?


Last week while she was here, Hubby cut off a piece of 1/4-inch plywood from a big piece that I had on hand. I’ve always told her that if she needs something, ask me before she buys because “I just might have what you want” with all the junk stuff I have around here. This is what she brought to show what she did with the piece,


How cute is that?!

My “show and tells” were a couple of things I finished this week. This is the bag that I was working on,


Oops! I just noticed that I forgot the eyes on the ghosts! Ha Ha Ha!  Well, I’ll have to fix that!

AND I finished the felt stocking!


Nobody would believe all the little details on this stocking unless you did the work yourself. (I would never have believed it either.) The eyes are the best satin stitch embroidery that I’ve ever done and I think they turned out really nice, if I do say so myself.


Gosh, it almost looks professional, doesn’t it?

I was so focused on finishing this stocking during the week, I hadn’t planned on anything to work on when Sis came over. We went through a bunch of my craft kits (I’m thinking of trying to down-size — yeah right, like that’s going to happen) and Sis found a cross-stitch kit that she wanted to start.

So while I worked on my next felt stocking kit that I had already started, she worked on the cross-stitch kit. We had a nice day just stitching and talking.

On Sat. I picked up Sis and we stopped at an estate sale on our way over to the Fairgrounds to go to “the biggest yard sale in the country.”

It was the last day of the estate sale, but we were still able to find some bargains. AND they had everything marked half price. I found four river rocks, (and with a craft idea forming in my head about them), asked about a price, and they said I could have them all for a quarter. But when I went to pay for all my stuff, they didn’t charge me for them. The lady said, “Well, they’re just rocks.” 🙂

Needless to say, the “garage sale” at the Fairgrounds was CROWDED! But we’re diehards and we were able to squeeze through the crowded area and find some bargains.


In all the years that I’ve gone to garage and estate sales, flea markets, etc., I’ve never come across one of these,


It’s a milking machine very similar to the two that my Aunt Leona had to milk her 30-some cows with. I haven’t seen one of those since I was a little girl. I talked to the lady about it and went down memory lane for just a little while.

We were there all day and Sis and I both found and bought a few bargains, but my best buy was this,


These are tatting shuttles. I started collecting them a long time ago, but my collection hasn’t grown that much. It’s hard to find them. They’re so little and are usually just thrown into a box with other stuff, so they’re easily missed. I’m not one to sort through a big box of “stuff”. But this lady had a little box of them sitting there on her table. She had quite a few of the shuttles, but most of them were newer ones and like some I already have. She wanted a pretty penny for these three, but I haggled with her a little and got all three of these for $20. I was soooo happy!

One of these days I want to get a shadow box and display all my tatting shuttles so I can look at them every day.

Two of Twenty

January 20, 2017

Yesterday was “craft day” at my house again. Sis came over as usual and brought a “show and tell”.


These are counted cross-stitched ornaments on plastic canvas. Yes, it was time-consuming, but she’s been working on them for a while. She still needs to cut them out and add the backing and hangers. But after she finished stitching on them, she was so excited to show me what they looked like that she brought them anyway. You can see at the bottom right of Santa with the bag that she was starting to cut them out.

I started on some counted cross-stitched ornaments on plastic canvas at the same time she started these. But I’m only about half finished with mine. I’ve been doing too many other items in-between. AND I had one of these items  finished to show off as well.


It’s a scarf crocheted out of the softest bamboo/nylon yarn. It’s gorgeous yarn! I got the pattern from a book that I borrowed from the library. Can you imagine that? All the books and magazines that I have and I found the pattern in a library book. I haven’t blocked it yet, but I had to model it for her.


I LOVE the way it curls at both ends. It’s made on the diagonal which I’ve never done before. It was fun to work on and it’s going to be fun to wear.

We’ve been working on these two needlepoint stockings for a couple of weeks now and we finished them up yesterday. So two of the twenty stockings are done if anyone is keeping track.


As difficult as they started out, they finished up very nice indeed.

The other two other stockings I’m working on — the cross-stitch kitten and the one in felt are still WIP (works in progress.) Of course it’ll be a while before the cross-stitch one will be done, but I try to work on it a little every day or so. The felt one is coming along. It’s very detailed and tedious at times, (and there’s been more of that terrible satin stitch – grrrrr), but I’m actually having a lot of fun working on it and watching it come together.

Sis took another one of the felt stockings home with her. She may not start it for a while because she told me about another project that she wants to get started on first. Unlike me, Sis usually works on one project until it’s finished. But since we’ve been getting together to craft lately, she’s actually working on a few at the same time. (Uh oh, I’m being a bad influence on her!) (Or, is that a GOOD influence! Ha!)

Let’s Organize Those Buttons — Again

January 17, 2017

After I retired in 2012, I’ve been on a mission to go through my craft junk supplies and get more organized. One of the projects I decided that needed to be done was organize my buttons. So in 2014, after spending a couple of days going through all of the buttons and separating them by size, color, and style, I had them looking pretty good.

When I needed a button, I knew just where to look. However, it was still a bit of a hassle getting to the one I wanted.

There’s got to be a better way!

Those plastic boxes with little drawers would be perfect, I thought. I have several of them already that I keep other small craft supplies in and it’s so easy to get to just the right item I need.

I knew it would take a few of them, but after a trip to Wally World I came home with enough to do the job. I hoped!

The next day Sis came over for “craft day”. After telling her what I was going to do with all the plastic boxes that were sitting around, she made a comment that she would help me if I wanted her help. YEAH!

After working on our stockings for a little while, we took a break and started on the button project. I pulled all the buttons out and we started sorting and putting them into the little drawers.


It really didn’t take us long because I had already had them sorted from before. Sis made labels for each drawer and I re-arranged the shelves to handle all the boxes, and we were done with that chore before we knew it.

Now it not only looks better, but I’ll be able to access my buttons so much easier.


AND while going through all of them, I made myself get rid of some that I know I’ll never use. (Knock on wood!) Sis took some home with her as well.

I love to be organized!

The Year of the Stockings

January 8, 2017

It’s a week into the New Year and I’ve already started on my goal for this year.

WAAAAY back then, (a long time ago), after we moved away from here because of Hubby’s job opportunity, we found ourselves in a little town away from family and friends. For something to do when Hubby wasn’t working, we drove into some of the little suburbs of St. Louis just to see what we could see. We loved looking up and exploring Malls because there were so many of them! (It didn’t take much to make us happy.)

I can’t remember the name of the little town, or the name of the Mall, but we came across a store called Lee Wards. This store sold nothing but craft supplies, yarn, kits, etc. MY kind of store! Needless to say, this store became one of my favorites and I frequented it often.

Then they had a “Going Out of Business” sale!! Wellllll, this was the serious beginning of my stashing habit. I bought so much stuff I was almost ashamed of myself. They eventually had everything marked down to 75% off!! My two crafty sisters each got a huge box of supplies and kits for their birthdays that year. Which thrilled them to no end.

Then I started working at Wally World and worked mostly in the craft and sewing dept. I was up front and present when we clearanced items and of course the temptations were too much for me! One year after having way too many Christmas stocking kits left over after Christmas, I added to my already large stocking stash from Lee Wards.

At the time, my thoughts were to make a stocking for each one of my children and grandchildren because I was in the tradition of giving them all stockings filled with little goodies for Christmas. But working full-time with the odd hours I worked, moving from here to there, working on other crafts, and life got in the way. The stockings were forgotten for the most part.

Now it’s 2017 all of a sudden! The stocking tradition has fallen along the wayside unfortunately, but I still have all of these stocking kits!


Twenty of them! Yes, I think I got carried away since I only needed 12 for all the kids and two more for Hubby and me. (Probably because I just forgot how many I already had.) Most of them are crafted from felt but there are a few cross-stitch and needlepoint ones as well.

I had opened up one of the cross-stitch ones a while back, divided the floss, and found and marked the center of the fabric. All ready to start stitching. So I got it put in a hoop and began.


This will be the biggest cross-stitch project I’ve ever made IF I get it finished.


Last year I thought that I would begin one of the felt kits. One of the first things I had to do in this kit was some satin stitch on these little tiny ornaments that were to go on the tree in the background.


I don’t DO satin stitch. But I tried anyway. Not happy. So it got pushed to the back burner.

Well, it came out of hiding and I put my big girl panties on and started working on it again. Surprisingly, once I got past the satin stitch, it started going together pretty fast. And it’s fun!

So I have two of the stockings already started. Then Sis came over to craft last week.

After showing her “show and tell” and getting our coffee and pop corn made,


we headed to my sewing room. I showed her all of the stocking kits and explained to her that I’d like to get as many as we can finished and we could put them in our booth to sell, or keep them to give away to whomever.

I asked her if she would be willing to help me with these stockings. (It’ll take me forever to get all these made up — especially the cross-stitch and needlepoint ones.) She’s a trooper and said that she would.

I had two needlepoint kits alike


so she took one and I took the other and we started stitching.


I think she was ready to chuck this one and donate it to someone who would enjoy working on it more. But we persevered, got them started finally and she took her kit home as “homework.”

It may not come back with her next time however. 🙂 I think I have a little more patience than Sis but I’m not enjoying working on this as much as I thought I would either. It’s awkward to work on, the floss we’re using doesn’t make a tight weave through the mess fabric, and it’s got embroidery stitches I’ve never used before so it’s frustrating at times. If I’m having this much trouble with it, I’m sure she is as well.

In addition to this mess in my sewing room, I bought some more sewing kits from Connecting Threads.


I told myself that I wouldn’t do this, but THEY WERE ON SALE! I definitely have a disease.

Well, they’re here in my possession so I’ll work on them! I ironed the fabric from the kit that makes a tote bag, cut the fabric pieces out, (I HATE this part!), and copied the appliques. Now it’s ready to put together. More about this later.

Sledding Fun

January 5, 2017

Sis and I are getting a little too old to go sledding in the snow. (However, today would be a good day for it.)


Our first snow of the year. Isn’t it pretty coming down and being all white and pretty and quiet?

No, when I titled this blog, “Sledding Fun”, I was talking about painting sleds. Which we’ve been working on out in my little shop out back for a couple of weeks now.

I gave Sis an unfinished sled a few years ago, hoping that I could get her interested in coming over and painting with me. One day while she was here at my house for crafting, she mentioned her sled. I told her to bring it over the following week and I would help her get started on it — and she actually did bring it.

While she worked on her sled, I made myself finish a couple of other projects that I’d already been working on. One was the witch’s hat on the jug that I mentioned a few blogs back. The other one was a couple of cookie sheets that I painted gingerbread men on,


There are still a few other UFO’s sitting there waiting for me to finish; but by now, I was getting anxious to start painting on a sled. I found a sled, a pattern, and started working on it.

It took us a couple of weeks painting, but we finally finished our sleds. Here’s mine,


It has a little half “vase” glued to it to make it look like the “tree” is growing from it. I love it! It’s a keeper.

Here’s Sis’s sled,


She put a cute reindeer on her sled and he has jingle bells wrapped all around and through his antlers. I helped her just a tiny bit with some of the shading, but she did all the rest herself. Is she a natural, or what!?

These sleds are a little small to be sliding down a snowy hill on, but they sure will look cute hung on the wall next Christmas.