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Snowmen, Santas, and Socks, Oh My!

February 25, 2017

Sis was here for craft day again. (I’m not sure why we stopped having our craft day at her house every other week. I think she mentioned that I have most of the supplies at my house, and it would be easier for her to come over here than for me to fill my trunk full of supplies and run to her house. And I think she’s right!)

Of course the first thing on the agenda was “show and tells”. Sis didn’t bring any this week because she’s been working on the latest stocking all week.

However, I get easily distracted so I had a few projects to show.

After cleaning out my craft closet, I once again came across these bears that I’ve had forever. At one time, I crocheted clothes for some of the smaller ones and sold them at my sale. They were soooo cute! So thinking about them again, I decided I would look up some patterns for clothes and try to fit some to one of the bears.


It turned out so cute! I’m going to put a little bow on her head to finish her up. There’s several more bears and even some bunnies; so maybe one of these craft days, I can talk Sis into helping me dress all the rest of them.

Cleaning up my sewing room one day, my eye wandered over to the stack of UFO’s that occupy one of the corners. I started rummaging through them and saw that I had three sweaters all blocked and ready to sew together. “It’s about time”, I said to myself. Here’s the first one,


One evening while listening to my audio tapes, I didn’t feel like working on my stocking, so I picked up some socks that I knit as an on-going project.


So these were the “show and tells” for the week.

After eating our goodies, having coffee and talking each other’s ears off, we settled in my craft room and started on a couple more of the craft kits that I’ve had forever. (I think we’re starting to see the bottom of the bag they’re in.)  🙂

First we made these napkin holders.


The faces of Santa are complete when you fold a white napkin and insert it into the bottom for the rest of his beard. We made twelve of these.

We still had some time left before Sis took off for home, so we found some snowmen ornaments to work on next.


They’re pretty simple, but so cute!

Progress report on the cross-stitch stocking I’m working on.


It’s slow-going, especially when I don’t work on it! I’ve neglected it for a while. I’m trying to make myself work on it a little every day, but that doesn’t always happen.

A Long Day

February 18, 2017

Sis came over early for “craft day” this week because we wanted to hit an estate sale first. The sale was about a 20-min. drive and we wanted to get there early. They had advertised a “craft room” and we couldn’t pass that up!

Well, we had about an hour to wait because it was so crowded with people. (Next time we’ll wait an hour at home before we take off!)

There was A LOT to look at but the “craft room” wasn’t what we were expecting. (I was comparing my craft room to it, so you can imagine what I was looking forward to!) Of course, we still found a few things we just couldn’t live without, (but really we could, ha ha!)

We found a few other things as well, but my biggest buy was a “new” patio table and chairs set. I’ve been wanting a metal set which this was and the chairs have a spring so they slightly rock when you sit in them! I LOVE it!


It’s in really good shape and the chair cushions came with it. The only problem was a little rust on the top where the umbrella hole is,


but nothing that a little oil, elbow grease and paint won’t take care of. It’s a little smaller than our old set, which is nice because we can put this one on our deck without it taking up so much room.

After we got back to the house, Sis an I showed off our “show and tells” to each other. Sis finished her Ho Ho Ho letters,


and a couple more little barn cuties.


Aren’t they just so cute?! I may have to buy the lamb one from her to put in my sewing room. (I’ve apparently started a collection of lambs and sheep lately. There are more and more appearing in my sewing room.) I love the way she put the black and white paper on the back of the clear switch plate to make it look like the lambs body. And she made the fence for the piggy as well as painted it. How clever!

The rock with the star is the last of my rocks that I crocheted a cover for,


and the little pillow was made in-between working on all of the bigger projects I’ve got going. Sometimes when I’ve been working on projects that are really time-consuming, I just need to make and finish something just to remind myself that projects do have an end. It inspires me to continue, I guess.

This cowl was another one of those projects that I needed to work on.


I haven’t knitted anything in a while and the need to knit was creeping up on me as well.

This stocking was finally finished this week. I think it turned out really cute, if I do say so myself.


After oohing and aahing over our show and tells, we headed for the sewing/craft room to work on our projects for the week. We still have a bunch of the kits that I bought a while back so we started another one. These are gift tags.


They went together so quickly, that we decided to start another kit — little angel ornaments.


However these took so much time, that it was going on six o’clock when Sis left. We were determined to finish all of them! One of the heads was missing in one of the kits; so instead of having twelve to make, we only had eleven. Which was good because we were getting a little burned out on them.

After she left, I started some supper, we ate, I walked on the treadmill and then collapsed in the sewing room — too tired to even craft on anything. Needless to say, it had been a long day.

Spring In February?

February 13, 2017

The weekend was an absolutely beautiful weekend, weather-wise. I’m not sure of the exact temperature, but it was close to 80 degrees and I’m sure we broke a record for Sunday.

It was just too good to pass up, so Hubby and I packed a lunch and went to the park.

A LOT of other people had the same idea.

People walking their dogs. Couples pushing the babies in their strollers. The kids’ squeals of delight as they played on the playground equipment.


The geese and ducks enjoying the sun and water.




And the smell of the grills cooking up hamburgers and hot dogs.

Hubby and I walked around the pond a few times watching the people and taking in the sunshine. Then we pulled out our lunch. We were lucky to find a table even though it was going on 2:00. I guess everybody else decided to be as lazy as we were.

Aaaaaah, Springtime! At least for the weekend.

Another Stocking and More

February 12, 2017

We had a lot of “show and tells” this week when Sis and I got together for Craft Day.


The big one was Sis’s stocking that she finished this week. Isn’t it adorable!?


Just look at this detail. . . .


I love the look of the chain stitch around the gingerbread boy and the blanket stitch all around the stocking.

My snowman stocking is almost finished. I’ll have a pic of him next week. I hope.

In between working on stockings, we’ve also been working on other things. As you can see from the above pic, Sis also decorated a little heart with the painted pieces of a duck. The heart is his belly. I didn’t get a close-up pic of it; but it’s really cute!

Rummaging through my craft stash one day, I came across some plain, stuffed letters that spell NOEL and HO HO HO. Sis took the three HO’s home to decorate and I kept the NOEL. First I painted them red, then added white ribbon to make them look like candy canes, then trimmed them in gold. Now what to do with them?

I painted the lid of the tin in a light blue color to match the sides, then appliqued a fabric teddy bear on the top and used my 3-D fabric paint as a trim.


He’s holding a paper “book” of Christmas Carols and has a real bell at the tip of his hat. This is the first time I’ve put an applique on metal with Wonder Under. It worked like a breeze!

I bought this painted flower pot somewhere, maybe a thrift shop. Anyway, it was just painted around the middle with black paint and the snowman. It didn’t look finished to me. So I painted the rim of the pot black as well, then painted a “lid” for it in red and put white candy-cane-like stripes on it. Now it looks finished.


Remember when I mentioned in a previous blog that I “bought” some river rocks at an estate sale? Well, this is what I did with them.


I crocheted covers for them! Aren’t they cute? I love the look of the white one with the red flower. I made the crochet lacy so the rock shows through better. Rocks are so pretty and I hate to cover them up much. There’s one more rock to do and I’m planning on a red, white and blue one. Hopefully, I’ll figure out how to make it lacy as well.

After coffee, popcorn, and chatting about our “show and tells” and catching up on news, we got to work on our craft for the day.

A  l o n g time ago, I bought a bunch of craft kits to make up for our craft show when daughter C. was crafting with me. I got them out last year when Sis started crafting with me and we finished getting them made. I thought. When rummaging through the attic one day, I saw a box titled “craft kits”. What? What are these? Oh no! More of those craft kits that I bought a l o n g time ago!!

So that’s what Sis and I worked on all afternoon. Here’s what we accomplished:


There’s 12 of them in all.


These are more little gift bags. We have so many gift bags including the ones we made up last year. We may have to give them away with a purchase at our craft show this year just to get rid of them. Yeah, that’s not a bad idea! I’ll have to talk to Sis about that.

Estate Sale Hopping

February 4, 2017

Yes, that’s better!


Now they have “eyes”.

Sis and I didn’t have our usual craft day this week. Instead we took to the road and went to several estate sales in the area.

We both love garage sales, and we’re learning to love estate sales even more. Not only do we get to shop for bargains, but we get to do it in the warmth of a house! Also I love to go into other houses and check them out. Sometimes I get some ideas on decorating, etc. It’s especially fun to go into one of the really elite “expensive” homes. Oh, if only I had that much room in our house! But then I would just fill it to the brim with more stuff I don’t need. Ha!

But I digress.

We didn’t have time to hit all four sales that were being held this weekend, but we managed to get to three of them. We both walked away with several “bargains” that we just couldn’t live without. My best buy was a “pencil” tree. It’s a 4ft tall, skinny Christmas tree like I’ve been wanting for several years.


(It looks a little ratty because I haven’t pulled all the limbs out and fluffed it up. I’m sure it’s been stored away.)

I first wanted one to use in my craft show in the Fall. It would be nice to put a few ornaments on it and then have the other ornaments in bowls at the base of the tree, I thought. That way we wouldn’t have to put all of the ornaments on the pole trees that I’ve been using — save us some time setting up and tearing down.

In addition, I thought it would be nice to have a small tree to put just some of our decorations up instead of all of them. It’s getting to be quite the hassle to put up our huge Christmas tree from year to year especially since getting older.

Now you all should know by now that I’m a cheapskate frugal and even though we could afford to get a new Christmas tree, I wasn’t about to pay $40 for a tree like this — and that’s a sale price! (It also came with a string of lights on it and they actually work!)

The best thing about it? It was only $6!

Yep, I’m glad we decided to go estate sale hopping instead of crafting this week.