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More Fabric Painting

March 25, 2017

Sis was an early arrival again so we could catch another estate sale. There was only one this time and it was only three miles from here. Of course we always find something we just can’t live without. But my best buy was some tatting shuttles! They look vintage, but there’s no marks on them. A couple look like they might be Bakelite. I wonder if I could research them on the internet. I’ll have to try that one of these days.

We were back to the house within a short time for coffee and popcorn.

First on the agenda was “show and tell”. Sis had another animal character painted. This one is a cat on a scrub board.

She’s going to hang it in her laundry room. How cute is that!

My “show and tells” this week were some crochet and knitting. My thoughts are beginning to lean toward getting things ready for the Fair again. In fact, they have the premium books listed on their website already. I was pretty sure that my yarn stash had some bulky yarn left over from another project. So rummaging through the stash, I found it and knitted an afghan to enter into the CMN division.

The Fair personnel keeps all the entries entered into this division to give to CMN after the Fair is over. I like this idea.

The other item I had for “show and tell” was a crocheted baby hat.

This was a wannabe that’s been around for a while. I thought it was so cute and wanted to make it. Don’t have anyone to give it to, so it’ll probably wind up in my Fall sale.

Our other items were the totes/homework that we finished painting during the week.

The green one is the one Sis did, and the red one, mine.

Painting on fabric is really not that difficult. The only big problem I found is that if I get paint where I don’t want it, then that’s a bad thing. It doesn’t come off the fabric without a lot of hassle. Even then it doesn’t all come off. So I have to be very patient while painting and take my time. No slopping it on there like I do with the hard surfaces!

I was apprehensive about the shading part. But it’s really a lot easier than I always thought it would be. In fact, it’s kind of fun! The painted part stays wet longer; so when I add the shading, it just kind of blends right in.

Needless to say, we couldn’t wait to start another project! So after visiting for a while — catching each other up on our lives for the week — and enjoying our coffee and popcorn, we settled down to working on another tote to paint.

We used my iron-on transfers, which work a lot better than those transfer pencils I bought. (I still think I’m doing something wrong — they should work better than they do.)

Sis picked out another Christmas pattern and I went with a non-holiday one. I bought this pattern book a while back with the notion that I would paint this cute froggie pattern on a tote one day. Since I’d never painted on fabric before, I procrastinated, (of course — that’s my middle name.) So this was my chance!

We didn’t finish them at this setting, so ya’ll will have to check in with us next week to see how they turn out. (Gosh, I hope I don’t embarrass myself.)


Birthdays and Moving

March 19, 2017

We had a busy Sat. this week. Two of our grandsons have birthdays this week, the three oldest grandsons moved into a new apartment, and Grandson # 4 got engaged! Good things come in three’s?

I got up Sat. morning, baked a cookie cake, then Hubby and I took off to see one of the birthday boys. He and his girlfriend had moved here from up north a few months ago, and Hubby and I haven’t seen their new place yet.

After we got hugs and gave him the cookie cake,

he gave us a tour of his new home. I had made them an afghan as a housewarming gift but hadn’t had a chance to give it to them yet. He put it right on the bed as soon as he opened up the gift.

We just found out about their engagement that morning, so we had two things to congratulate him on.  Unfortunately his girlfriend was at work, so we didn’t get to see her.

We set the camera up and took a pic of all three of us.

He didn’t have anything else planned, so we took him with us to lunch, then out to see the new apartment that the three older grandsons had rented together.

We had a tour of their new place, helped with the moving in and got to visit with all of them. Yes, I had my camera with me, and NO, I didn’t take any pictures!! I could just kick myself! What a blog opportunity wasted!

Grandson #3 has a birthday next Sat., so I gave him a birthday card in case we wouldn’t see them again.

After we left, we went by the grocery store to stock up for the week again. Home, fix supper, eat and relax. It was a busy, but fun day for these ol’ fogies.

We Did It!

March 17, 2017

These estate sales are popping up every weekend now, so Sis came over early again and we took off to visit four of them. Luckily we didn’t find a whole lot that we couldn’t live without. That was a good thing.  🙂

Back to the house to craft by noon. Lunch first — then to the sewing room.

My last blog entry was about learning a new craft — learning to paint on fabric. Well, we didn’t get very far with it.

Rummaging around in my basket of misc. crafts a few days ago, I came across a little kit that I’d ordered a long time ago for painting on fabric totes. There were two little totes in the kit. Perfect for Sis and me!

I had all the supplies and the kit ready to start on when we finished with lunch.

It wasn’t a complicated pattern, and the steps were very clear. With our experience in painting already, it was pretty easy for us to follow each step and finish our little project in just a couple of hours.

Here’s a close-up,

Aren’t they cute?!

Notice the beads at the bottom? The kit came with a sack of loose beads and the last step of the directions tells how to string these beads on thread and sew them all across the bottom of the bag. We said “no thanks, we’re getting too old to fool with this tiny stuff.” So we cheated and found a bead trim already sewed to a length of ribbon. We just cut the size we needed, heated up the glue gun, and it was done in a matter of minutes.

After completing this task, we were fired up to do some more painting on fabric. I found a couple of cheap tote bags from the dollar store, some iron-on transfers, (I had more than I thought I had), and we got a pattern put on the bags ready to paint.

Unfortunately we were running out of time, so Sis took one of the bags home with her and I kept the other one. Now we have “homework” and hopefully a “show and tell” for next week.

Speaking of “show and tells”, I had a couple to show off this week. I finished another UFO sweater,

and the little cross-stitch on plastic canvas ornaments that I’d started before Christmas last year.

Each ornament had two separate arms and an accessory to make in addition to the snowman “body”. So after the stitching was completed, I had to cut all of the pieces out of the plastic canvas sheet, then glue all the pieces together. It was fun to do, but I was getting tired of working on them. I’m glad they’re done! But aren’t they cute?

Learning A New Craft

March 13, 2017

This week was a slow week for crafting. I was determined to finish my Woodland Santa stocking, so that’s pretty much all I worked on. And Sis finished her “toys” for her stocking and then did some sewing for the rest of the family.

Now the stockings are finished!

Look at this detail!

There were 104 pieces of felt to put together for each stocking. Some of the pieces were as small as my smallest fingernail. And then to embroider a little on them on top of that! Yes, it was tedious, but surprisingly fun to do.

But as I mentioned in the last blog entry, we’re taking a break from making stockings now.

This week Sis came early again and we hit a couple more estate sales. We picked up some wood cut-out pieces to paint and some yarn among our finds. (I know, yarn, right? But what I got was all white which is a color I use a lot — so it was all good!)

We wanted to try a new craft this week in honor of “National Craft Month”. So after our running around, we sit down in my sewing room to trace some patterns onto a couple of canvas tote bags. Our plan was to learn how to paint on fabric. However, we didn’t have any luck getting our patterns onto the bags. We tried tracing them with tracing pencils, chalk, carbon paper, and free-hand — nothing worked. By the time we exhausted ourselves with all these techniques, it was time for Sis to go home. So no painting got done.

I have iron-on patterns that would probably work and we’ll have to use them, I guess. However, there’s a limited amount of these patterns with not too many choices among them.

So I’m on a mission to find a way to make a transfer out of a regular pattern.

A trip to Joanne’s the next day was pretty much a waste of time. All I found was some iron-on transfer pencils like I already have. Unfortunately a lot of my supplies are very old, (have I mentioned that I never throw anything away) so maybe that’s why the pencils I already had didn’t work. I bought new pencils. Nope, still didn’t do anything.

Maybe it’s the medium of the tote bags that’s not working for us. In other words, the denim. Maybe I should try some different fabric. Stay tuned!

Stocking Burnout

March 3, 2017

When Sis came for Craft Day yesterday, she brought the “project” that she was hoping we could work on. It was the stocking that we started several weeks ago. Actually her stocking is finished — she just has a couple of “toys” to make that will hang from Santa’s bag. She was sure she would be able to finish them today and her stocking would be done.

I had two identical kits of this stocking so she took one home to make while I worked on the other one. Sis is good to work on a project until it’s finished whereas I get easily distracted, (and I lack will-power), so my projects take a little longer to finish.

We went right to work and worked on the stockings the whole time she was here.

The two little “toys” that Sis still had to make is a toy soldier and a gingerbread boy. She started the soldier first. And. Worked. On. It. The. Whole. Day! She left to go home at 4:30 and still wasn’t finished with it. The little soldier is only three inches tall; but had 14, yes, 14! little pieces to put together to make him up. With embroidery on several of the pieces as well. Now I see what I have to look forward to.  😦

To compensate, the gingerbread boy has two pieces and some embroidery. Maybe an hour, if that, to make. That should make her happy!

I was to the point on my stocking of making Santa’s face and head, hat, and arm which took me all day as well. But at the same time, I’m talking her ear off, jumping up and down, showing her other projects, refilling our coffee cups, and just being, well, me.

Here’s our projects so far: Sis’s stocking without the “toys,”


My stocking:


The next thing I’ll work on is the little bunny and holly leaves down in the corner. Then I can sew the front of the stocking to the back of the stocking and the actual stocking will be finished.

The basket with candy canes, the little bear under his arm, and the “toys” hanging from his bag are all separate pieces that I’ll still have to make. I’ve got it all figured out how I’ll finish each item each day until next Craft Day. By the time Sis comes next week, we should both be finished with our stockings and can move on to something else.

Which won’t be another stocking. We’re both getting a little burned out working on these stockings. So we’re going to take a break from stockings and work on something different. This is the beginning of National Craft Month, so we’re thinking we’d like to try our hands at a craft we’ve never done before.

Tune in next time!!