Cleaning and Catching Up

Sis didn’t come over this week for “craft day.” It happened to be the day of her 51st anniversary. Her husband passed away last year just three days after their 50th anniversary. She was having a hard week, I’m sure. I’ve been so thankful that her children have been close to her and has offered her a lot of support.

I sure have missed her this week and my heart has been hurting for her.

After getting my sewing room all cleaned up and looking good, I decided to get a little more “spring” cleaning done. I actually have a small stash of items from the sewing room that I’m going to get rid of via another garage sale.

With this in mind, I’ve cleaned up the sunroom and have a few more sacks of junk from there. The sunroom looks nice and clean again, and minus a lot of clutter. Purging leaves a good feeling.

Yesterday was a nice warm day with no rain. A perfect day to drag all the junk out of the storage area behind my little shop out back. It was hard work, hubby helped, and now it’s straightened up and minus a lot of clutter as well.

We put everything we dragged out onto the deck and covered it with a tarp until I can go back through it, clean things up a bit, and tag it for the sale.

There’s quite a few things under there. (I can’t believe I had all that stuff in my storage area because it’s still pretty full!)

Yep, purging is a good feeling. Especially for someone like me who likes to keep everything! 

A couple of weeks ago, I got the bedroom and living room cleaned and purged a little in those rooms as well. The computer room will have to be done soon; and I’d like to get to my shop, the garage and the attic before I start planning on having the garage sale. Hubby’s shop should be cleaned and purged also, but he says “all my stuff is good.” Uh huh, sure it is.

As far as crafting goes, I’ve only been working on WIP’s, (works in progress). I finished another pair of socks, a cross-stitch bookmark, more scrubbies, and a UFO scarf that I’d started last Fall.

Also in between these projects, I’ve been cross-stitching on my kitty stocking. Here’s an update.

There’s still a little stack of projects that I need to iron or block and get them out of my room. My plans are to do that today. Maybe I’ll have the sewing room looking good again by the time Sis is back next week.

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