Book Sale and Bookmarks

No estate sales for Sis and me this week. Instead we went to the Library Book Sale that started Wed. and will run through Sun. I LOVE to go to book sales. You never know what goodies you can find.

And I found lots! Well, they’re goodies to me anyway. ūüôā

The magazines in the middle are mostly crochet magazines. Just chock full of some really cool items. If you look closely, you can see some pink markers in some of them where I’ve already¬†marked items of interest to me. Oh my, more things to make!

The items in the back are audio books. I love to listen to a book while I’m working on a project in the evening after supper and exercise.

The books in the front are more mystery stories¬†that I enjoy reading after I go to bed. No blood and guts and foul language¬†for me. I like “light”, ¬†sometimes funny mysteries. Yeah,¬†it always seems like they must have a murder, but the story doesn’t dwell on the gruesome side of it. And usually 90 per cent of the story is just about the characters and their lives.

I also found some more books written by some of my favorite authors — M. C. Beaton and Lillian Jackson Braun.

Sis’s interests for the day seemed to be picking up some of her favorite DVD movies. She bought six; and for one dollar each, she will have lots of hours of watching movies. She says she likes to cross-stitch while she watches tv or movies. And she only bought ONE craft magazine!! I wish I had her will-power.

The day after we went to the book sale, Sis came over to craft. We had our usual popcorn and coffee but no “show and tells” this week.

I spent a couple of days working in my little shop out back trying to get things organized. Believe it or not, I have a few bags of stuff to put in the yard sale that I’m hoping is going to happen next month. There’s still one side of the shop that I need to go through and then that project will be done for a while.

In the meantime, I’m working on three different projects¬†— a rug crocheted out of some¬†rug yarn that I picked up at a recent estate sale, the cross-stitch kitty stocking, and¬†a light, lacy, short-sleeve cardigan that I’m knitting on size 5 needles with #10 crochet cotton. Oh my!¬†¬†Needless to say, these last two¬†are going slowly.

Poor Sis. I’ve been inundating her with more and more projects. She’s always been one to start a project, work on it until it’s finished, then start a new project. She didn’t know what she was getting into when she started crafting with me!

So nothing for her to show this time. She’s still working on the plastic canvas Christmas ornaments, and now she’s started another felt stocking. In fact, she was having trouble trying to figure out one of the embroidery stitches, so she brought her project to see if I could help her. Two heads are better than one,¬†and we finally figured it out. She made lots of notes so she could remember how to do it after she got back home and was on her own again.

After figuring¬†out the problem for Sis, we cut out little “bottle aprons” out of Aida cloth (cross-stitch fabric) to stitch little Christmas designs on. During the week, going through some catalogs of craft items, I saw some “bottle aprons” that fit¬†over the neck of bottles. Like wine bottles, etc.¬†Instead of buying the aprons, I rummaged around in my big tote of Aida cloth stash and found some cloth.¬†We figured out the pattern¬†and cut¬†out¬†22 of them! Sis took half of them home.¬†Now¬†we¬†have yet¬†another project to do.

After getting the little aprons cut out, we picked up our crochet hooks and worked on these:

I found these paper clips with flat heads on them at an estate sale and remembered that I had a pattern to make little flowers to glue on the flat heads. They make cute bookmarks, I think.

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