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Last Visit to the O’ Homestead

May 29, 2017

Hubby and I made the last visit to the o’ homestead — Hubby’s folks’ house where they had lived for 57 years or so. His dad passed away last year and it was time to sell the house.

I’ve been in the family for almost 53 of those years, so it was almost as sentimental to me as Hubby. We had a lot of good times and memories in that house.

We went over to pick up a few of the remaining keepsakes, so we took a last walk-through.

I remember when “Dad” planted those two trees in the front yard. They were practically just sticks then. In fact, there were three trees originally — the one in the middle of these two didn’t make it because they were planted too close. “Mother” tried to tell Dad that, but he didn’t listen to her. 🙂

This was Dad’s “heaven” as he called it. The garage that he moved in after he poured a concrete floor. He added the roll-up door and fixed the garage up over the years by putting in new windows and roof. This is where he would work on cars, lawnmowers, bikes and trikes for the grandkids, etc.

Dad also built the back porch where Mother would keep her kiln.

She made lots of ceramic items over the years, and all of us kids have some of her works to this day.

Also in the pic above, the funny-looking addition next to the back door is the steps that Dad built that leads to the basement.

The house didn’t have a basement when they bought it. But Mother was always so concerned about the weather since we live in “tornado valley” that she wanted a safe place to go.

Yes, he, his younger son and the son’s friend, built this basement a shovelful at a time. He put up a conveyor belt through this window that led outside and run the dirt out to be loaded onto a truck and hauled away. He put in a wood-burning stove and kept the wood in the big box and fridge that’s in the corner.

It was nice and cozy in the basement and we had several Christmas parties and gatherings down there.

Later after Dad retired, he made himself a little workshop in one of the corners of the basement where he made airplanes, trains, whirligigs, etc. out of soda and beer cans.

He gave so many of those things away to so many people, that it wouldn’t surprise me at all if we found out that there were some in all fifty states! He loved to see people’s faces brighten up when he would give them one. Yes, we are the proud owner of several!

This was originally a built-on garage when they bought the house. There were only two bedrooms and with four kids, that wasn’t enough room. So he built the garage into another bedroom.

He also added a half-bath in the new bedroom.

Here’s the kitchen where we had many family get-togethers around that table.

The living room looks empty now, but when all the family got together, it was a room full of love and laughter.

The back yard was an exciting place for the family as well. Here’s a swing set that held a porch swing that almost everyone in the family has sat in at least a few times. We have pics of Mother and Dad, as well as other family members, sitting in the swing.

The story I heard was that his oldest son, (my hubby), helped Dad build the porch swing. Dad had an old coal forge that he used to bend the metal pipes for the frame of the swing. The forge had a manual air blower that you had to crank by hand. Once the coals were very hot, Dad put a piece of pipe in the coals and heated the pipe up so it could be bent.

The pipe was then shaped into one end of the swing and the other end was shaped in the same way. Then Dad welded the seat part to connect the two ends with some more pipe. After it was all welded together, he drilled holes in the pipe for bolts and nuts to hold the wooden pieces on. That made the back and the seat. He hung it from the swing set with chains.

We had lots of cook-outs and family gatherings in the back yard in the summertime.

Another after-retirement project for Dad was to have his own business in excavation. Dad put up a carport to house his equipment from the weather.

After the equipment was gone, the carport kept the many bikes, trikes, and other toys dry and ready for the many grandkids and great grandkids to ride and play with during the family gatherings.

The area behind the carport and garage is where Dad would have a garden every year. He planted tomato plants that  grew so high that he had to get on a ladder to pick the tomatoes. Yes, that’s the truth! We have an old picture to prove it!

Even though they gave a lot of their veggies away to family and friends, Mother still had a lot to can. Oh, I can still taste her sweet pickles!

Yes, we’ll all miss the o’ homestead and all the fun times we had there, but we have lots of memories to keep in our hearts forever.

You Never Know What You’ll Find

May 26, 2017

Sis and I did the usual estate sale hop, then back to my house for crafting. It’s becoming quite the routine for us. We kind of agreed last week that we would just stay here and craft, but we just can’t pass up a good estate sale. It’s the “you never know what you’ll find” idea that is always in the back of our minds.

Neither one of us found much that we just couldn’t live without. However, I found something for Hubby that I thought he would enjoy — seven DVD’s on train trips through unreachable scenic areas of the USA. The series is called “Great American Rail Journeys”. I don’t know if there are more than seven in the series, but I only found the seven.

Hubby loves trains and loves watches videos of trains. He likes to watch something while he’s walking on the treadmill to stay away boredom. (Don’t we all?)  Since the DVD’s were only $2 each, I bought them all.

He watched the first one that afternoon when he took his next walk on the treadmill. He liked it! (But I knew he would!) Just think — if we hadn’t gone estate sale hopping, I wouldn’t have found these DVD’s. And I don’t think I could have given Hubby anything that he would enjoy more.


As far as our crafting goes, Sis and I worked on crocheting the bassinets for the little babies. We still didn’t get very far on the first ones, so Sis took hers home with her for “homework”.

She’s been trying to get this “gift” done for her son’s girlfriend, so she didn’t have any “show and tells” this week.

I finished the other two cloth books that I had in my stash. I also finished a mandala that I’d started the week before.

It turned out quite pretty, I think. I’ve already crocheted another one, but don’t have it in a hoop yet.

Since getting the cloth books done and out of the way, I’ve been digging some more in my sewing UFO pile. I made Sis and myself a purse about two years ago out of some material that we “inherited” from our Mom after she passed away. I liked the pattern so much that I cut out another purse for myself and that’s as far as it got. So out of the UFO pile it came, and now I have another purse.

Another project from the UFO pile has been started as well. It’s a couple of black cats. I’ve already started on them, buuuuut, I’m having difficulties. Maybe there will be pics of them next week — annnnd maybe not. We’ll have to wait and see.

Mother’s Day — Hurt and Awesomeness

May 21, 2017

It’s been a week since Mother’s Day, and I’m feeling a lot better today than I did then.

Number 1 daughter called Sat. evening and wanted to know if I was free for lunch the next day — she wanted to take me out. I was so excited! I don’t get to see my children very often anymore because Life gets in the way. Two of our three kids live a three to four hours’ drive from here and the third lives here; but like I said, Life gets in the way so we don’t get to see them often. It’s been several years since I’ve been able to be with any of my children.

Mother’s Day morning I fell. Yes, it was something stupid I did. No I won’t go into detail. But I fell and jarred myself so badly that I knocked the wind out of myself and I couldn’t breathe for several seconds.

After Hubby finally got me up off the floor, I hurt so bad it felt like I’d been hit by a truck. But I trooped on. I had a date with my daughter, and by golly I was going to make it!

We had a wonderful lunch, (just soup and sandwiches at Panera Bread), but just being with her, talking our heads off, laughing, and catching up with family was awesome!

We went back to her house so Son-in-law could take some pictures of us.

He took a lot of pics and we were starting to get a little punchy.

When I got ready to leave, she handed me a nice gift — as if just being with her wasn’t enough.

She knows I love my sweet-smelly things!

Later, we Skyped with our son and his family and had another nice visit.

As the evening wore on, I begin to think of complications of the fall I’d taken that morning. So Hubby loaded me up in the truck and took me to Emergency. Lots of tests later, I found out that everything was normal — no broken bones, no internal bleeding — just pain that I would have to deal with for a couple of weeks.

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s been a week now and the pain is subsiding — slowly. But I have some wonderful memories in spite of the accident.

This is a Mother’s Day I won’t forget for a long time.

So Much To Make, So Little Time

May 20, 2017

Since I didn’t comment on our craft day last week, I might mention that after all our running around to estate sales and stopping at a few yards sales in between, we did manage to get the rest of our 20 little plastic canvas cross bookmarks finished. (Actually I had to finish the last three after Sis went home.)

During the week, however, I worked on some UFO’s and actually finished a few.

Please don’t laugh at my attempt to quilt, (my quilting friends out there in blogland), but I finished these little quilted ornaments that I’d started quite a while back. They were in a sampler package of all kinds of crafts that I bought somewhere. Anyway, at the time I was working on the other crafts in this package, I hadn’t done too much piecing and quilting. Now I have enough experience and knowledge to really get myself into trouble. Ha! Well, at least they are done and out of my UFO pile.

The little pillow is made with the same design that was in a cross-stitched pillow kit that I finally got around to stitching in Feb. I liked the pattern so much that I hunted up a piece of hopscotch fabric to stitch it on. (This wasn’t really a UFO, but was starting to look like one since I’d started it a couple of months ago.)

These little books have been around forever! I think I bought these when I worked at Wally World in Gladstone back in ’87 to ’90. Yeah, it was time to get them outta here!

I just finished two more yesterday like the bottom one shown here. They were fun to make and didn’t take too long. I can’t believe how long I’ve had them. But believe it or not, I still have two totes full of more pre-printed panels of other goodies just waiting for me to get to them. Oh, so much to make and so little time!

Back To Crafting We Go

May 19, 2017

I didn’t get a post done for last week. It’s not because Sis and I didn’t get together, it’s just because we haven’t been getting a lot done lately.

I’ve been going through magazines and books, (I’m trying to purge my collection somewhat); and consequently, the ideas have been flowing in my head from all the projects I’ve seen. Even though we still have projects to finish, I’m  wanting to start some of these new things I come across. I guess I’m afraid that the new ideas will “poof” away never to be heard of or seen again and some of these ideas are really neat!

Sis is the kind of crafter who likes to start and finish a project before embarking onto a new one. Not me. I love the process of working on a project and easily get distracted by something new. Hence, our problem.

Each week when we get together, I’ve got several new projects to tell Sis about. Not just to tell her about, but I actually gather the supplies and have the project ready to work on. I’m getting a little pile of project “wannabes”.

In addition to this dilemma, we’re still running around to estate sales before we settle at my house to work on our crafts. This week our “running around” included stopping at a couple of craft stores and the Mall before getting back to start our crafting. It was almost 3 o’clock by the time we settled in my sewing room! Not much time to craft when she leaves at 5 o’clock to go back home.

I’ve mentioned in a previous blog that I think I’m inundating Sis with so much to do, I’m afraid she’ll get so overwhelmed that she won’t want to come over anymore. Did I learn anything from this observation? Nope!

Well, yesterday while we were sitting at my craft table working on crocheting little bassinets for some little babies that I bought, she “mentioned” to me that maybe it would be a good idea to not do so much running around so we could spend more of our time together each week working on and getting some of these projects done.


I really like to go to these estate sales. You never know what you’ll find. Like this clock I bought yesterday:

Or this doll that I just had to have that would look perfect in my patriotic living room:

But she’s right and I need to put my big girl panties on and admit it. It’s already the middle of May and the Fair is coming soon and the craft sale in Oct. is getting closer as we speak. So, back to crafting we go.