Saving Money!

I’m beginning to sound like a broken record — Sis came over for craft day but before we started on crafts, we ran to some estate sales, (which are really becoming addicting), then back to my house for our coffee and popcorn, then crafts.

Well, it was the same this week as well. We’re really controlling ourselves at the sales, however. Only buying what we really could use as opposed to just “cute stuff.” And getting things at very reasonable prices. Like this week, my best buy was a couple of plastic bins, that would have cost me pretty big money at W-M, for $1 apiece! I’ve been wanting to get a few more to organize my yarn so it’s easier to access. What a buy!

Sis didn’t even buy anything at one of the sales and all I got were some nice wooden hangers to hang my shawls on at the craft sale this Oct. They cost me a whopping five for $1 compared to about a dollar apiece at W-M.

I love saving money!

At craft time, we just cross-stitched on bottle aprons again. We have eleven each to make except Sis made one of mine because we started one apiece while we were waiting for people to come shop at my garage sale. She didn’t bring anything to work on because we thought we would be busier than we were. So she started one of mine and then took it home and finished it.

Anyway, she’ll have all of her aprons finished by next week I’m sure. Me, however, not so much. Of course I’ve been working on getting this garage sale ready, etc. But pouring myself into it this week, I hope I’ll have most of them finished when Sis comes again next week. And hopefully we’ll be able to get into something else.

However, I did manage to get our bassinet babies finished by working on them in the evenings while listening to my audio tapes.

And I finished up another mandala one evening.

I kind of enjoy working on these. I found some smaller wire hoops in my stash of supplies, so I might be making another one or two of them.

The next day was Hubby’s birthday. He doesn’t like birthdays, so we didn’t do anything like a party or something. We just went shopping and had lunch out. He bought a new gadget that he’s been wanting for a long time but too tight with the money to get it. (Actually we didn’t “buy” it. We used our rewards points from Sears that we got when we bought our new fridge and range a few weeks ago. Have I mentioned that I love saving money?)

It’s a multi-purpose tool with twelve different tools in it. He already had a cheaper version but that one doesn’t have this many tools plus this one also has scissors. He’s pretty happy with it.

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