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Fair Time and Ants!

July 22, 2017

Sis came over on the last two Thurs. for craft days. Of course we had to run to a couple of estate sales first. I still have these terrible shingles and they have really zapped my energy. Luckily we’ve only had one sale to go to each week. I poop out before we can even get through the one!

Last week we worked on some more Christmas ornaments and tags. I’m trying to finish getting rid of all these little kits that I bought several years ago.


This week I told Sis to bring her own craft to work on because I’ve been trying to finish a few things to take to the Fair. The items have to be turned in this Sat. So she brought a cross-stitch kit that she picked up at the thrift store. It’s a couple of towels and whoever had the kit before had already started working on it. The work was poorly done, however, so she sit and ripped it all out so she could do it all over again. She’ll make them look a lot better!

We haven’t had too many show and tells lately, but Sis brought her little aprons to show how she re-worked them. She hadn’t put ties on the first go around, so she got busy one day and re-did them all.

I had made a couple of toys for the Toys for Tots class for the Fair.

These shingles, as I’ve mentioned before, have really zapped my energy and even just sitting and working on a project hasn’t been as productive for me as before.  So consequently, my Fair items have been slow going. In fact, there’s a few that just aren’t going to make it to the Fair this year, and I don’t even care.

In addition to this, the ants have been messing up the electricity in my little shop out back. Yep, you read that right. The ants are really bad this year. For some reason they’ve chosen to come into my shop via the electric outlet that turns my lights on. When my light wouldn’t turn on one day, I assumed it was the bulb. We changed bulbs. No difference. We bought a new fixture. It worked for a short time. Then out again.

Hubby decided to try replacing the switch. As soon as the plate came off, these swarms of ants were everywhere! We’ve been spraying, using the borax/sugar mixture on them, and killing them on sight. They do seem to be thinning out. There’s just so many of them, and the borax/sugar mixture works slowly, so we have to be patient.   Maybe one of these days they’ll be gone.

In the meantime, Hubby had to hot wire my electric up for now. It’s been so much trouble however, that it’s not been pleasant to think about working out there; so a couple of my painting projects didn’t get done for the Fair either.

Sis has had trouble with ants as well. Only it was her phone. She still has a landline and it got so bad, that she couldn’t use her phone. She called an exterminator and he found a nest that was “the biggest nest I’ve ever seen.”

She has gotten rid of the ants, got her phone working again, and all is well for the time being. We may have to call an exterminator yet.

Today is Sat. and time to take my items to the Fair. The Fair starts next weekend. Pie day is next Sat., so I’ll make a pie and Hubby and I will go watch the judging and then look at all the pretties. I’m beginning to get excited about the Fair.

What’s Been Going On Around Here — Round 4

July 10, 2017

I failed to mention in the last entry that the appliance store called Fri. evening to give us a “two-hour window” for delivery on Sat. It was 4:00 to 6:00 pm. Could we possibly “luck out?”

The workers called at 7:30 am and said that they were picking up the materials and would be here by 8. Good as their word, they showed up on time. I mentioned the time that the appliances would be delivered, and they said they should be finished well before that.

BUT, as they moved the washer out, they discovered that the floor under the washer was tearing up. We knew this when we bought the house; but it didn’t appear to be too bad, so we decided to leave it as is — at least for the time being. Without having to go through another long dramatic story about our sewer system, suffice it to say, the floor got worse. Even the subfloor was soft and coming apart.

The workers showed it to me and said that they couldn’t put the new floor down on that. It would have to be fixed. So add another couple of hours onto their day, another trip to Lowe’s for more supplies, and an additional $125.00 bill.

With no more complications, they steadily worked through the day, stopped for a brief lunch and trash haul off, and finished at 4:30. And oh! what a job they did. I LOVE my new floor!

Here’s before and after pics.   Before,

And after,

The color is shades of gray which match the counter tops exactly. Here’s a pic of the floor in natural light.

The appliances were delivered 45 min. later. (I think we “lucked out”) The stove, however, was damaged and had to be taken back. The delivery guy had to call and put in a replacement order. It was a little bit of a hassle, but he “got-r-done.” The new one will come next week.

The fridge was what we were needing, but of course, another complication. We didn’t have the right fitting. We had a fitting that would work; but because we took out an extended warranty, they wouldn’t allow us to use it.

Another trip to Lowe’s for us. Hubby got the right piece, got it hooked up later that evening, and we now have a place to keep our cold food again.

I love the freezer at the bottom! No more getting down on my knees to put groceries away after a trip to the store. It will take a while to get used to the French doors, but I don’t have to bend over every time I get into the fridge to get something out. I really love it!

In the meantime, while we were dealing with all these things happening, not happening, and more things happening, I was feeling more and more tired. I couldn’t seem to “get going”. On top of this, my sit-down area was hurting more and more. Over the weekend, it just seemed to get worse.

Then the “lesions” appeared. A trip to the clinic on Mon. confirmed what I suspected — shingles!

I didn’t break out in a big area, but the area that I did break out in was NOT a good area. Without going into a lot of detail, the lesions made me swell to the point that I got constipated.

So the doc loaded me up with subscriptions for laxatives, anti-inflammatories, a steroid, and told me to get more Tylenol.

Needless to say, the next two days I didn’t get much done. It hurt like crazy and I was soooo tired and uncomfortable! On top of this, I had another trip to the hospital, tests, and they told me I was passing another kidney stone. Which I passed that evening — thank goodness! (Who said “when it rains, it pours” was right on the money.)

I called Sis to tell her that I would pass on getting together this week. I was feeling better, but still so tired.

Thurs. they delivered our new stove which wasn’t damaged this time. We called Nephew and told him it was here and he could come anytime to hook it up. We weren’t in a hurry for it. But just a little while later, he showed up, hooked up my stove, visited a little, and was gone. He’s been such a help to us — bless him!

Now that it’s all said and done, I’m a happy camper. I love my new floor, my new appliances, and getting my energy back again. In fact, a couple of days ago, I worked on trimming back the vines that we’re letting grow on our pergola. While I was working, I just had to stop and enjoy the fact that my stamina was back and I was enjoying this physical activity once again.

The shingles are slowing going away although still hurting some, but nothing I can’t handle. I’m looking forward to seeing Sis again this week. It’s been quite an ordeal, but it’s over. Time to move on.

What’s Been Going On Around Here — Round 3

July 9, 2017

It was 5:30 Friday morning when I suddenly awoke with a start. “What was that?!” I said under my breath. It felt like a vibration right beside our bedroom and sounded like a huge “Crack!”

I realized it was raining and we had left the sunroom windows open. So I jumped out of bed and run in to shut them. The wind was blowing hard and the rain was coming in. I got all the windows shut, then looked around to see what the noise I had heard had come from.

There was some huge-sized (like half a tree) limbs between the rabbits pen and going down the north side of our house. Oh No! I went into my sewing room and looked out my cockpit windows to get a better look. (That’s what Hubby calls my little extension with all the windows that we had built onto my sewing room. He said that we just needed to add a propeller to the outside to make it look official. Yeah, he’s funny.)

Just a couple more inches and the limbs would have messed up my little cockpit big time. Needless to say, we were up for the day and here’s what we saw with the morning light.

These two limbs were just hanging there like they might just fall any minute.

Down the north side of our house.

A huge limb blew up to the neighbor’s truck. He said it didn’t damage it though. Thank God.

More backyard pics. We had limbs everywhere.

Yes, those two limbs were just hanging there.

Even one of the limbs fell into the neighbor’s back yard.

Looking around more, we discovered that the pine tree at the back of our lot covering my little shop out back had also lost a couple of limbs.

Luckily the limb that fell was being held up by another limb so it didn’t damage my roof at all. Whew!

We were so blessed that morning that God was watching over us and we didn’t have any damage to speak of except for the ol’ Locust tree.

The neighbor behind us had a very tall pear tree which split at the crotch half way up. He may lose the whole tree eventually.

Hubby usually has been able to handle any fallen tree limbs from storms, but this was a little more than a 73-year old can handle.

He checked the computer for tree services and then called three different places. Only one answered his call and said they would send someone out. A few minutes later, Chris from Ryan’s Lawn and Tree Service shows up. They were already in the area because of another call.

He assessed our situation and gave us an estimate. We were worried about the limbs just hanging there right over the rabbits pen. But he said his crew could start work on it in fifteen minutes. They were going to have to wait on the other call because an insurance adjuster was going to have to see the damage first. (They had house damage apparently. We were so thankful we didn’t!)

The crew of four or five guys was here all day, cleaned up both trees by taking off extra limbs that would have caused more trouble on down the line, sawed, chipped, and cleaned the whole yard up.

We were soooo impressed! Well worth the money. That was a huge worry off our plates.

In the meantime, back at 8:30 in the morning when we were expecting our workers to show up to start on the floor, I got a call. One of the workers had an emergency with his wife and they wouldn’t be coming today. BUT, we had appliances that were going to be delivered tomorrow, Sat.! She assured us that they would be able to come the next day. Emergencies can’t be helped. We’ll work it out.

I called the appliance store to change our day of delivery again, but because of this being the 4th of July long weekend, we wouldn’t get the appliances delivered until Wed. of the following week. I don’t want to be without our fridge that much longer. I told them to go ahead with the original plans. We’ll hook up the fridge in the dining room if we have to. Maybe it’ll work out. We just have to do what we have to do.

To be continued . . . . . .

What’s Been Going On Around Here — Round 2

July 8, 2017

Thursday came. Since I didn’t really need to be here, Sis and I did our normal estate sale hopping. We returned home about noonish and Nephew was still here working on getting these appliances out. Apparently, there was no shut-off valve in the house to turn off the gas. So he had to run after parts and install one.

While he was busy with that, Sis and I had our popcorn, coffee, and visiting in my sewing room. We had a few “show and tells” to show off as well. Sis had made a couple of books from a fabric panel like the ones I had sewed together several weeks ago.

She also had painted a little tray with a puzzle design that our Mom had given us years ago.

For some reason on one of our visits to Mom’s, she showed us this puzzle of five pieces that when put together, would make a square. It was cut from paper and we spent several hours that day playing with it. Then she gave each of us a cardboard cut-out of the pieces to take home. I wish I could remember where she got the original puzzle; but she was working at the time, and I’m thinking a friend at work gave it to her. Sis’s version is a little different because her tray wasn’t the right size to make just two patterns, so she had to add a couple of rectangles at the bottom. Kind of cute, I think.

We worked on more of the little aprons and Sis finished all of hers and two of mine. I still had a couple to finish which I did within the next couple of days.

Finally, this project finished!

Of course I can’t seem to stick to one project longer than my flighty brain will allow. One day at Barnes and Noble book store, I saw a book that had Christmas ornaments crocheted with granny squares. How cute I thought! I bought the book, came home, found the balls and scrap yarn I needed and proceeded to make one. It turned out perfect for the size balls I had! I was so excited. So I’ve been making these,

Are those cute or what? There’s two boxes of twelve balls, (but one ball was broke), and lots of scrap yarn, so I think I’ll be busy making ornaments for a while.

Then we went out to the little shop out back and played with a couple of plaques that I’d painted several years ago and a couple of wreaths. The plaques always seemed a little plain and I had a couple of grapevine wreaths that have just been sitting there forever.

We rounded up some ribbon, greenery, etc. and went to work.

We got most of the work done before it was time for her to leave. I’m still working on getting the greenery attached. I think they look much better.

After Sis left, I cleaned up the floor under the appliances which are now gone. What a dirty mess! I wish there was a way to clean under appliances so they don’t get so nasty dirty under them. I know it doesn’t show, but it’s nasty!

The next day, Friday, was the day the workers were coming to put on the new floor! I was soooo excited!

To be continued. . . . . . .

What’s Been Going On Around Here

July 7, 2017

There’s been a lot going on around here for us old fogies. In fact, so much so that this blog would be extremely long if I mentioned everything. So I’m going to go pretty much an event, a blog. Here’s the first installment.

When we first moved into this house, we had the intention of putting down a new floor in the kitchen. The vinyl that was already here was not in that good of shape but well enough to live with for a while.

Along the years, other improvements, out of necessity or just because, came up, took our time, energy, money and run. So the new kitchen floor was put on hold many times.

We bought a new fridge when we moved in, but the cooking range stayed with the house. It was a gas range which is my preference so was ok with me. After 18 years, however, I felt like I needed to replace both of them. They both still worked, but I wanted to upgrade.

Ok, the time was finally right to get-r-done. We started this process at the beginning of June. Our plan was to work it out to buy the new appliances and get the new floor put down at the same time. We shopped for our new appliances, bought them and put them on hold to be delivered in three weeks. Plenty of time, right?

We went to Lowe’s, (wrong time of the year for home improvement), ordered our flooring and waited. And waited. We got a call from Lowe’s telling us that the flooring had come in, but they couldn’t find it so they would re-order it. What?!

So we waited, and waited. Finally after trying to call them myself and not getting any information, we went to the store to talk to someone face to face. They told us that the vinyl had just come in that day (really?) and that the contractor would be calling us either that day or the next to set up an appointment.

Again we waited and waited. Another trip to Lowe’s. The guy called the contractor while we were there and I talked to the gal that made appointments. She made the appointment as I talked to her! (I know they’re busy this time of year, but come on!) She said Fri. for sure. I asked her if this was an absolute date because we had our appliances on hold and I would have to chance the delivery date yadda yadda. She acted like she was angry with me for asking for conformation. (BTW this was just two days before our appliances were scheduled to be delivered.)

Now to call and get our appliances rescheduled. Fri. the new floor would be put in so we set up an appointment to get the appliances to be delivered on Sat. (I was hoping we wouldn’t have to wait until Mon.)

The next order of business was to call our nephew, (he’s a plumber and only plumbers can work on gas stoves), to come take out the old appliances on Thurs. so I wouldn’t have to be without them for long. We had talked to him about this several weeks ago and he said he would be happy to take the appliances away as well. Gotta love him!

Now it’s my turn. I cleaned up the old appliances (soooo thankful that I’d given the stove a good cleaning a couple of months ago) and took all the “stuff” that wasn’t fastened down out of the kitchen and utility room. Yes the new vinyl was going into the utility room as well.

There’s a huge cabinet in the utility room where I store a lot of items that I don’t use too often, holiday stuff, etc. I had to take all that stuff out and tape up the doors so the cabinet would be ready to be carried out. Also the little cabinet with our microwave on it has more stuff that I had to move out so we could move that cabinet out as well. Where does all this stuff come from?!

Ok, I’m ready for another garage sale! I’m not even going to mention my cookbooks!

This is a good place to stop. I know I’m going into too much detail, but this is my “journal” so-to-speak and I like to go back and read about what was going on in our life. And I’m sure that whoever is reading this is enjoying it almost as much! Ha Ha

Tune in tomorrow for round two!