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An Eclipse Wedding

August 22, 2017

Our #4 Grandson and his bride chose to have their wedding on the day of the 2017 Eclipse. It happened to fall on a Mon. which meant that some people wouldn’t be able to attend because of work responsibilities.

Grandpa and I didn’t have that problem, though. But we had to drive up north to the wedding. Unfortunately, everybody who lived south of MO also traveled north to view the total eclipse which would take place around Jeff City. (I was wishing that I had a dollar for all the license plates I saw from another state — would have paid for our gas and then some! Ha!)

The location of the wedding was “down in the boondocks” of MO. It took us three hours to drive what was supposed to have been an hour and a half drive. After crawling at a snail’s pace on the Interstate to get there, we got lost and drove around aimlessly until Daughter C. called us and “guided” us to the location.

Needless to say, we were pretty stressed when we got there. But after seeing everyone and cooling off in the lounge, we had a wonderful time and which made the whole mess getting there worth it.

Bride and Groom,

A couple of his cousins and his bother, (not in this photo), was his groomsmen,

It turned out to be a beautiful sunny day. We had a nice outdoor wedding. Here’s Mom escorting her son to the altar.

Here comes the Bride on her father’s arm,

It was a very nice ceremony,

and then we watched the eclipse just as the two gave each other their wedding kiss.

After the ceremony, we had a buffet lunch (delicious food!). The guests of honor had their own table.

Then there was the cutting of the cake and the drinking of the champagne.

Of course the wedding couple got their first dance together as Mr. and Mrs.

Next was the dance with the Bride/Dad, which wasn’t much of a dance because the Bride cracked up and had to sit down,

Next was the Mom/Son dance. This was one I had never witnessed before,

I took a movie of it because it was just too cute not to.

I don’t know if ya’ll noticed or not, but yes, the bride is pregnant. The last item on the agenda for the day was to reveal the gender of the baby.

Yes, it’s a girl! Our first great-grandchild will be a girl! I’ll have to get busy and make some cute stuff for her!

Hubby and I decided to take off for home early because we knew we would probably get caught in all that traffic going back home. And we did. Another three hours driving. It sure was nice to get home.

I wouldn’t have missed our Grandson’s wedding for anything and despite all the trouble to get there and back again, it was a fun time and we’re so glad we went.

We wish the newlyweds a wonderful and happy life with their little girl (and maybe another one someday?), and my wish for them is that they will be as happy in their marriage as Hubby and I have been in ours.

A Little Crafting

August 13, 2017

With all the estate sales we went to this week, (there were four of them), Sis and I didn’t get a whole lot of crafting done. In fact, I made a comment that we should re-name our “craft day” to “estate sale hopping day”. Ha!

But when we did finally get back to my house, (our popcorn and coffee snack turned out to be our lunch), the first thing we had to do was go through our “bargains” for the day. (A couple of sales had some craft items that we just couldn’t live without.) Then we figured we’d better get started on our crafting or we’d run out of time and not get anything done.

So we started working on and finishing the little snowmen that we had started last week. These little characters that I finished will be ornaments. They are supposed to hold a candy cane in their outstretched arms.

This snowman was Sis’s project. The package said it was a “30-minute” project. Really?! She had to paint the face and stars in addition to sewing the buttons on by hand and gluing, stuffing and putting everything together.

Here’s a close-up view.

Sis brought a couple of “show and tells” but I’m still knitting, so I didn’t have anything to show yet.

This is the finished Christmas ornaments that she’s been cross-stitching on for weeks now.

They are so cute! But very time-consuming. It’s a good thing she enjoys cross-stitching.

The other “show and tell” Sis brought isn’t really finished yet.

I found the pattern for this cross-stitched silhouette in a magazine at a thrift store several months ago. I bought the magazine for a quarter and showed it to Sis. She liked it as well. Neither one of us had the orange cloth to work it on, so Sis dyed enough for both of us.

I had almost forgotten all about it, so she surprised me with hers all stitched already. Now I want to get mine done!

We decided to finish it the way it shows in the magazine which is framed in an embroidery hoop that’s been painted black. We both have tons of hoops!

So tune in next week to see the finished projects.

A Great Buy!

August 12, 2017

During our usual estate sale hopping this week, I came across a tool chest like the one that Hubby has been wanting for a long time but too cheap to buy for himself.

It was still for sale, (I can’t believe someone hadn’t bought it yet!), so I looked it over for any damage, etc. It looked really good (in fact almost new-looking) and the price tag said $150! I’ve seen these tool chests priced from $400 — $500 on up.

So I called Hubby, told him about it, we measured it, and then he said to go ahead and get it. They put a “sold” sign on it and Sis and I went on into the house to see if there was anything else we just needed to buy.

When we came back to the cashier to pay for the chest, the cashier told me that it wasn’t two minutes after we went off to look some more that a man came in and said that he wanted to buy the tool chest. But of course they told him it was already sold. Wow! I guess it was meant to be.

I was in my car, so we couldn’t take it with us, but we made arrangements with them that we would pick it up the next day in our truck. Hubby had already started to clear a place in his shop for it when Sis and I got back from running around. (I think he was kind of excited.)

We had to rearrange a couple of things, throw a few things away, and do some sweeping and cleaning, but we got it in there and now he can start going through the three or four tool boxes he has and start filling it up.

Hubby doesn’t show his emotions much, but I could tell that he was excited about his new tool chest and that makes me happy. He’s wanted one of these for a long time; and since we got it at such a reasonable price, I know he’ll enjoy it for a long time to come.

One More Thing. . . . . .

August 8, 2017

. . . . . . about the Fair, that is. I promise this will be the last thing I’ll write about this year’s Fair.

When I went to pick up my craft items on Sun. after the Fair was over on Sat., I got a few surprises. Which isn’t saying much, because the last several years I’ve had surprises when I go to pick up my items.

Remember two years ago when I got a champion ribbon and gift certificate that I didn’t know I got until after the Fair was over? Won’t go into that again, but I was majorly disappointed that the ribbon wasn’t on my sweater during the Fair.

So this time around, I found out that I got a ribbon on two other items that I thought I didn’t get ribbons on.

Actually there was a ribbon on the snowman wall hanging, but it was hanging behind and we couldn’t see it. The walrus didn’t get a ribbon at all, but it should have had one. So they gave me one when I picked everything up.

That meant that I got two extra dollars that I didn’t think I got. BUT, they put a second place ribbon on the little clown doll that should have had a third place ribbon, so only paid me for third place; and they listed the snowman wall hanging as third place in their results and it’s clearly marked second on the tag. They gave me the 2nd place ribbon, but they paid me for third place. So I got cheated out of two dollars. But that’s ok. It all evened out, I guess.

I can’t get upset with the way the Fair is handled anymore after I talked with a few of the gals that work there. Apparently, their volunteers aren’t showing up after saying they would. I guess it’s been getting worse with each year. I imagine that the older volunteers are quitting and the younger ones coming in are, well, young. What can I say. This younger generation just doesn’t work and care like the older generation. That’s not just my opinion, either. That’s a fact. All you have to do is look around. Yeah, of course there are exceptions, but it’s not the rule.

I’m getting on my soap box again — sorry.

Anyway, while I was talking with one of the gals who was trying to do everything by herself, she mentioned that they always need volunteers. It’s just too big of a job for one person to handle. I told her I would consider it. (And I wasn’t just saying that.) She gave me her phone number and told me a little of what I needed to know IF I decided to volunteer for next year. I was told quite a few years ago that you couldn’t volunteer to work there if you had items to be judged. No, they told me that wasn’t true anymore. I just couldn’t be there on the day that everything is judged. I guess they’re so desperate for volunteers that they’ve changed their rules.

The more I think about it, the more I’m considering it. If nothing else, it would give me an idea of what all the behind-the-scenes work is all about. I’ve worked in retail for 25 years, so I’m sure I know a little anyway. It would be a little different, but I’m guessing not a lot.

So tune in next year to see if I volunteer or not. It’ll certainly be interesting if I do.

Here’s Fair News

August 4, 2017

Ok, the Fair. For the last few years, my interests in the Fair has been dwindling, for reasons I’ve gone into on this blog before. This year was even more so.

I’ve been having so much fun with Sis coming over once a week for “craft day” that my focus hasn’t been so much on the Fair and making “Fair-worthy” projects during the year as it used to be.

So when Fair time rolled around this year, I had to go searching to find things to enter. As a result, I didn’t do as good at getting ribbons as in years past. But that’s ok. I still enjoy entering my items. I guess the thrill of getting ribbons just isn’t like it used to be. When there’s only one item in a class and I get the blue ribbon for my item, I mean, what’s the thrill in that, right? But I won’t get on my soap box again — I’ve said enough about this before.

I like to make the items that go into the charity classes because these items will be kept and given away after the Fair. So, that said, I did make a baby afghan for CMN. Unfortunately, it didn’t win a ribbon. But that’s ok. There were a lot of wonderful afghans entered in that class and all of them will be donated to people in need.

I also made a couple of caps for the Caps for Cancer class. I won second on the knitted one,

and third on the crocheted one.

Again, there were a lot of caps entered into this category which makes this crafter very happy to see.

The Toys For Toddlers category is another charity class that I like to enter. There’s usually lots of entries in this one as well. The dinosaur I made won a second place,

as did the little clown doll that I knitted,

Here’s the rest of the story.

My knitted sweater was the only blue ribbon I won in the Household Arts. I didn’t see another knitted sweater, so mine, again, was probably the only one entered.  Oh well, I’ll take the blue ribbon because I think my sweater turned out pretty neat.

Here’s my Mandala,

A crocheted scarf,

One of the stockings that Sis and I put together,

My little plastic canvas Christmas tree ornament,

And my knitted cowl. (BTW, the gloves at the right of my scarf? Don’t they look creepy with the hands in them? Just my humble opinion, 🙂 )

Three of my items didn’t get a ribbon at all.

Then we move over to the Hobby Crafts. I did better here. The only things I entered were some painted items and one of the witches that Sis and I made earlier this year, which won a second place,

Here’s the little notebook with the painted cover,

The jar I painted with sunflowers and Sis made the pretty arrangement in,

One of the totes that I painted when we were learning to paint on fabric,

The sled that I painted,

And the froggie tote bag that was my second attempt to paint on fabric. AND it got the Champion ribbon! Woo Hoo!

The baked goods I made to take to the Fair and watch the judging, (always a highlight of the Fair for me), was a mixture of wins.

The pie, a peach, pear, and raisin, looked good and had a really good taste. But the judges didn’t think it was good enough. No ribbon. That’s ok, we got to bring it home and eat it!

My cherry, almond bread got an honorable mention,

The coffee cake won a third,

The blueberry muffins won a second,

And the breakfast muffins got a first!

That was weird how I went from zero to first place with the ribbons.

The next day was the Grandparents’ Cookie Contest. I love to enter this category because they let grandchildren judge this contest. The kids are a hoot to watch.

I took brown sugar cookies which placed second,

and the chocolate chip S’mores cookies won a first AND another champion ribbon.

Hey, this grandma knows what kids like! (Probably because of the kid in me! We do love our sweets!)

That’s it for the Fair for me this year. Who knows what next year will bring!