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It’s Coming — Ready or Not

September 30, 2017

It’s just a week away. Our craft sale at the Ozark’s Craft Festival that is. Next weekend is approaching fast and for the most part, Sis and I are ready.

After running to a couple of estate sales this week, we came back to my house and worked on our “look-alike” shirts that we’re going to wear at the craft sale.

Here’s what they look like, however this is just my set. Sis took hers home before I took pictures.

The craft festival is three days, but we only decorated two shirts. We both have another shirt alike that we bought at the same time, so we’re going to wear those for the third day. We’ll be “twins” for three days!

After we finished working on our shirts, Sis helped me sew buttons on my last remaining towels that we’ll be taking for the sale. Whew! I didn’t think I’d ever get them finished up. But they’ve been packed away now waiting to be loaded up into the truck.

I’m still working on a few things. Mainly just to keep my fingers busy. If I don’t finish them, no big deal. We’ll have plenty of crafts to fill our booth.

Yeah, we have a lot of stuff to take, but I keep reminding myself that we’ll have a double booth this year. I’m getting excited to see how it will look with all of our crafts laid out. Can you tell that I love doing this? Sis, not so much. I think for the most part, she’s just humoring me. She’s so sweet!

After taking inventory of all of the things we’re taking, I’m beginning to think that one truck load isn’t going to be enough. But it will have to be. Because when we pack up to come home, it’ll all have to fit back into the back of our truck again. Hopefully though, most of the totes that hold all of our crafts will be lighter. 🙂

So ready or not, the craft fair is getting closer and closer. But I think we’re about as ready as we can be. Now to just get all this stuff down there. . . . .


September 25, 2017

That’s the only word to describe the Fairgrove Crafts Festival over the weekend. It was a perfect day — except for the heat.

Sis and I got there just before 8 am. It was nice and cool and we decided to get a coffee and funnel cake before we started looking at all the craft booths. (Besides, it’s a tradition we started when I first moved back to town after being gone for nine years.)

We found a table under a big tree and enjoyed our breakfast. Then we started looking at all the craft booths. It was so much fun but as the day wore on, the temps kept going up and up.

The weather didn’t seem to stop the people coming to the festival, however. It was crowded with people.

We stopped about noon for a rest in the shade and we got hotdogs and cold water for lunch.

We pretty much hurried through the booths stopping only at the ones that had things we were interested in. This was one of my favorite booths.

The gal is holding a rabbit in her lap and spinning the yarn as she pulls the fur right off the rabbit. I could have watched her all day.

Here’s another one of their rabbits waiting his turn for the spinning wheel.

Another favorite booth was the one with the Amish people selling their baked goods and homemade ice cream! I got a big cup of it and it was sooooo good. It even cooled me down a bit.

It was so hot it was draining the energy from both of us. The heat just took the fun out of looking and oohing and aahing over all the crafts. We usually stay until they have to push us “out the doors” so to speak. But we were ready to go about mid-afternoon.

We both managed to buy some craft items despite the heat. Here are some that I bought:

And of course I got carried away with the pottery again,

It was fun, but it would have been a lot more fun if it hadn’t been so hot. I’m hoping and praying that we’ll have cooler weather for our Ozark Festival in a couple of weeks.

Birthday Fun

September 22, 2017

Wed. was my 71st birthday. I don’t like getting older, but I like having birthdays. It’s a good excuse to buy myself some goodies. Not that I don’t usually buy myself what I want anytime, but I’m cheap. I don’t normally like spending a lot of money on something when you can usually find something comparable for less money. But birthdays are different. Usually I’ll spend a little more money on myself on my birthday than any other day and not feel so guilty.

Hubby and I went out for breakfast. We went to Jimmy’s Egg. We’ve been there before and it’s very good. But a little expensive for just breakfast; but, hey, it’s my birthday! Ha!

We ate more than we usually do so off to the Mall to walk it off. After walking a while with Hubby, I decided to shop a bit. So I detoured into Penny’s. The o’ cheap side of me kicked in and off to the clearance racks I went.

Wow! I hit it just right. They were taking 50% of the lowest clearance price on their already clearanced items. I don’t really need clothes, but it’s fun to get something new once in a while. This is what I found,

The pants weren’t on clearance, but they were on sale. They fit me so nice, I decided to get them anyway and saved over 50% on them as well. I love the little shoes with the tie in the back. AND they were only $5!

After Hubby was finished with his walk, we bought some Starbucks coffee and I got a Pumpkin Spice Latte! Mmmmm, it was good!

Then I convinced Hubby to check out the men’s shoes in Penny’s to see if we could find another bargain for him. Yep, he got two pairs of shoes — a pair of Adidas and a pair of Dickies — and only spent $35!

After the mall, we came home to rest a while. Hubby worked outside and I decided I would run down to the thrift store to look around. I found a plain, fake pumpkin like the ones you can buy from a craft store for $10 on sale. It was marked $2.97, so it came home with me. It just needs something painted on it! 🙂

They had a rack of clothes with a sign above it that said, “Last chance!” All the clothes on this rack was only $1! Of course I couldn’t resist looking and I found a shirt for Hubby, a shirt for myself, and a black T-shirt that I will decorate for Halloween.

Have I mentioned that I love bargains and saving money? 🙂

Later that evening, Hubby and I took off to go for supper.  (That’s another thing about my birthday — I don’t cook all day!) We went to Golden Corral for supper. Everything was SO good! I had a little cupcake with ice cream for dessert, so I actually got some cake on my birthday. Yay!

Even though it was my birthday, I walked on the treadmill that evening. I felt a little guilty for eating so much and besides I was really stuffed and hoped that the walking would relieve my discomfort a little. (Besides, I watch one of my DVD’s of Survivor while I walk, so it’s kind of an added bonus.)

The day before my birthday, I got a couple of cards. One from my friend, Barb, who never forgets my “day”. We’ll be getting together in a couple of weeks for our annual visit. She has a birthday just two weeks after mine, so we always celebrate them together when we meet up. More about that in another blog.

The other card I got was from my Sis. She always makes my birthday special. This is what she wrote on the inside of her card;

I laughed out loud about that one and had to show Hubby. It amazes me how she comes up with these things.

So my birthday didn’t end on my birthday. When Sis came over the next day for “our day”, she brought me a gift, (as mentioned in the card.)

She knows I love butterflies and she found a screen with butterflies all over it. (She also knows that I need a new screen for my doorway in my little shop out back. The one hanging now has begun to see its better days.)

See the butterflies?

I love it!

She also gave me a little picture with this saying on it,

It says, “We laugh, we cry, we make time fly. Best friends are we, my Sister and me.” Yep, that fits us to a T! I almost cried when I read it. I gave her a big hug and told her that I love her. She’s the best Sis of all!

Of course there were several estate sales that started that day, but they were all strung out over the area. We chose two so we wouldn’t have to run around that much. The first one wasn’t very interesting.

The second one we chose to go to was in Rogersville. Even before we got to the sale, we came across a huge yard sale that we were pulled toward and just had to stop. Then we found the estate sale just a block over from the yard sale. We got some nice bargains but my favorite was a pair of sandals that fit me perfect. They looked like they hadn’t even been worn at all. (This lady had a lot of shoes!)

Several years ago, my friend Carolyn and I went to a yarn shop in Rogersville.  IF it was still there and open, I couldn’t NOT come this far and not check it out! We found it and it was still in business!

Well, we left there with a little lighter pocketbook and more yarn that I really didn’t need . But it was my birthday (sort of) and I splurged!

And it’s soooo pretty! I also got some BIG buttons to use on some shawls and a little lamb pin that I’m going to hang on the wall in my sewing room.

After Sis and I got back to the house, we started working on decorating some shirts that we want to wear during our craft sale. One is a T-shirt that we put this on,

I still have to add some paint to it. The other shirts will be shown next week, I hope.

I also decorated a money apron that I’ll wear,

Here’s a couple of “show and tells” that I had ready. I’ve been working on these pumpkins for several weeks.

I think they look so cute in the basket. And here’s a mobile that I whipped together in one evening,

We may make a few more of these. 🙂

Tomorrow is the big craft festival in Fairgrove. Sis and I already have plans to get there early and get some coffee and a funnel cake for breakfast. And then look at crafts! Check back to see how our day went.

Bagged It!

September 16, 2017

Out of 100 bags ready to stuff, we only have about 17 left only because we ran out of “goodies” to stuff in them.

This is what Sis and I did on our “Craft Day” this week.

There are eight plastic bags stuffed with ten grab bags each for a total of 80 bags. Three more grab bags are ready to go, but I’ll be waiting to finish the rest of them after I get some more “goodies”. (Gee, I hope we get rid of all of these — they take up a LOT of room!)

After our estate-sales-day running around (which, by the way, we made out like a bandit with a lot of little goodies! Yea!), we came back here and stuffed bags. Sis had a “show and tell”. She’s been painting again.

The little stocking is painted, but then she added some rub-ons and really made it shine. I love it!

The little pumpkins and bats are as cute as can be. I turned one of the pumpkins over to show that she painted the back as well as the front of it. She’s really getting good with her painting and she says she’s enjoying it more and more. (I knew she would!)

I’ve been working on several different projects. This is how my mind works — can’t focus on any one thing long enough to get it done. I don’t think I get bored working on something (well, not much anyway). It’s just that something else comes along and I can’t wait to start it to see how it will look. And lacking any kind of self-control, I wind up having a huge pile of UFO’s! Ha!

I did finish one project that is painted.

The wooden salad bowl is something I picked up at a garage sale. I just thought it needed some pumpkins in it.

The jar with the butterfly was painted some time ago, but I decided it needed some flowers and faux butterflies in it to dress it up a bit. Sis and I are on the look-out for some small projects to give to a nursing home. I thought this little “vase” of flowers would brighten up someone’s room.

Also, a work in progress, is more towels to crochet tops on to sell at our craft fair. Sis has been working on some, and this is some of mine,

Hubby has  been helping me to repair an old trunk that has been around here forever. It’s been left out in my lean-to in the shop for years while it rains and floods out there. It was beginning to fall apart. We’ve been working on it off and on and I finished painting the inside of it pink this week. It turned out pretty nice despite the repairs.

I thought it would be neat to use it to display our little stuffed animals for the craft fair.

In addition to everything else, I’ve been going through, tote by tote, the inventory we have of our crafts we’re planning on taking to Ozark for our craft fair. I’ve been cleaning, finessing, making lists of what I need to add to certain craft items, (like candles or candy, etc.), deleting some, putting like items together so they’re not spread out in several places, and generally trying to figure out how to display everything. We’ll have a few totes of “extras” that will only be put out when we sell their twin item.

This has been a huge undertaking, and I’m at awe seeing how much stuff we actually have! We’ll have twice as much room as we’ve had before, so we’re hoping it all works out. Setting up our booth a few weeks ago has helped to “see” what we have to work with.  It’s been a lot of work, but I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Hopefully I’ll have a few more of my projects finished to show off next week. After all, it’s only three more weeks until our craft fair!

Grab Bags

September 9, 2017

Our Craft Day started out as usual. Sis was here at 8:30 and we started out to go estate sale hopping. We didn’t find anything exciting, but I found a little “cute thing” for Hubby.

He’s always been “into” aliens. He likes to see the stories and read about people who have “encountered” so-called alien life. So when I saw this sign, I just had to get it for him.

After our treats of popcorn and coffee, Sis and I rounded up the supplies to decorate grab bags. Somehow during the year, we discussed buying little treats etc. and selling grab bags at our craft sale in Oct.

I think it all started when I was going through things for my garage sale and came across a lot of little treats that I’d bought to give away to my friends at work. (I used to make treat bags and hand them out on holidays.) I had quite a few of them left and Sis thought we could get some more and have enough to make grab bags for the little kids who come through the sale with their parents.

Among my huge “stash” of things, I had a package, plus, of paper lunch bags. (Don’t ask why — I’ve given up trying to know why I buy things.) Also among my stash I had a bunch of stickers etc. that I used to use to make bookmarks for the kids who visited the library way back when my kids were in grade school. The kids loved the bookmarks that we made for them every week.

Yes, that’s been a long time ago and yes, I still had a bunch of the stickers that I used. (Have I mentioned before that I never throw anything away?)

So the bags and stickers all came together on Craft Day and this is what came about,

We bought some Halloween candy to put into the bags along with the little toys etc. When we saw how much we had, however, we decided we could make more bags. We wound up making 100 bags! (I thing we got carried away buying stuff during the year! Ha!)

Well, we’ll stuff the bags next week and I imagine we’ll stuff them pretty full. And if we can’t sell them, then we’ll have our Halloween treats for the “trick or treat-ers” all ready to go.