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Backtrackking Part 2 — Friendly Meeting

October 31, 2017

A few days before our craft festival, my dear friend, Barb, and I met in a little town about half-way between where she lives and I live for our annual “meet up”. We’ve been doing this since ’08.

We have birthdays just two weeks apart and we’re the same age. We met when we lived next door to each other in the first mobile home park after we both got married and we’ve been friends ever since.

We share a lot of things — our interests in crafts, our kids are about the same age, and we both love to talk.

And that’s what we do when we get together! We catch up big time! We also exchange birthday gifts.

I decorated the gift bag that I put her gift in — this was the third year in a row that I’ve done this.

When our talking winds down (a bit), we hunt up our favorite eating place, and pig out!

After eating, and eating, (it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet), talking and eating, we find “our” thrift shop and finish out our day getting some bargains to bring home.

It’s always a fun time the one time a year that we get together. I look forward to our next meeting as soon as I’m on my home from this one. We talked about how long we’ll be able to do this since we’re both in our 70’s now. As long as the Good Lord allows us to. And hopefully that will be a long time.


We Need To Do Some Backtrackking — Part 1

October 30, 2017

Yep, I’ve let this blogging slip a little. It’s been such a busy time and so much has been happening, that I’ve been over-whelmed with subjects to blog about. Hence the putting-it-off phase. This will have to be done in the next several days. Because you all know how I get carried away with my blogging.

So to go back to Sept. for a quick, but sad, entry. Just around my birthday, we lost one of our little rabbits. Casper is now in Rabbit Heaven.

We had just been out there the day before and spent a while “playing” with them.

Then the next day, Casper was gone.

To make a looooong story shorter, (I hope), I’ve been throwing our garbage out back since we’ve lived here. My mom did it when I was growing up and I’ve done it since we lived in houses.

Not a good idea. It attracts varmints. We think one of the varmints got into the rabbits pen looking for food and Casper got in the way. Or maybe I should say, Casper didn’t get out of the way.

We knew that we’ve had a couple of groundhogs living under my shop for quite a while. They didn’t really bother us and they helped clean up the garbage that I threw out.

But then we noticed that some varmint was getting into the rabbits pen and getting into their food. We didn’t really think about the varmints bothering the rabbits, but as Hubby say, rabbits are prey. They are in danger of some animals.

So after we lost Casper, we went on the search for traps. We found two, brought them home, baited them with fruit and sardines, and wound up catching the two groundhogs, three possums, and two raccoons! Unfortunately we only caught one a day, so we had to make seven trips out to the country to let them loose. We found a beautiful wooded area that had a little stream running through it to let them go.

We’re pretty sure that the last raccoon that we caught was the one that went after Casper. While all the other varmints were on the passive side, (as passive as being a wild animal can be), that last raccoon was very aggressive. In fact, it took us several days and Hubby adjusting the trap just to catch him. Then when Hubby picked up the trap to take it to the truck, the raccoon put his whole “arm” through the grid as far as he could trying to grab Hubby!

We had the traps set for about another week, but no more varmints. So we’re hoping that we’ve gotten them all. We haven’t seen any more signs of any.

BTW, we made a little pen for the other rabbit, Snoopy, in the sunroom and let him stay in at night until we were sure that all the varmints are gone.

It seems like Snoopy misses Casper. We’ve heard that animals do get attached to others and their owners. Well, we sure miss Casper. He has a little grave in the back close to where Sammie’s grave is.