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Christmas Lingers

December 31, 2017

Sis and I decided to wait until after Christmas for our little get-together this year. She was hosting a party for her family in addition to the party I was hosting for my family over the weekend. We both had a ton of things to do, so we opted to postpone our regular Thurs. rendezvous.

My car was packed as I made my way to her house. There were a bunch of goodies left over from our party, (because I always make too much!), a big can of popcorn that I bought on clearance during the after-Christmas sales, some spiced tea packets, gifts, and a craft to work on if we had time after visiting and eating!

She still had all her decorations up.

This little ladder with the elves was an estate sale find. She fell in love with it and I can see why.

We spread out all our goodies,

Sis made coffee, and we had a wonderful time reviewing our family Christmas’ with each other and catching up. Of course I had to tell her about my new Great granddaughter and she surprised me with the knowledge that she will be a new Great grandma again come next August! Her son’s daughter is expecting and she just found out a few days before. How exciting!

We finally got around to opening our gifts to one another. I got her some of her favorite things. See the little owl down in the corner in front of the puzzle? I crocheted that to go over a tape measure. It turned out so cute, and I think she liked it.

She got me several things as well.

I’m holding a handful of faux candy that I’d mention I’d like to have to fill a painted bowl that I made a while back. If you look in the background in a bowl on her shelf, you can see some that she has in a bowl as well. I made the comment one day that I would like to have some candy like that and she found some for me!

As you can see she gave me a Hobby Lobby gift card (YES!) She got one from her family for Christmas so she made a comment that we would have to make a trip to Hobby Lobby one of these days!

The butterfly fabric turned out to be a table cover that she was hoping would fit my newest patio table that I got this year. It has elastic around the bottom so it’s supposed to fit over the top of the table and then “hug” the table so the wind doesn’t blow it off. As soon as I got home, I put it on the table and it fit perfectly! I love it!

We did a lot of talking, eating, and talking again. She took me on a tour of her sewing room and pointed out her projects, UFO’s, (yes my Sis, who always wants to finish a project before going on to the next one, has UFO’s!), and other points of interests.

After we got our bellies full and the talking started slowing down, I dragged out the craft kit that I brought. This is another felt kit that I’ve had forever. (What else is new?) It’s a kit that will make 50 little ornaments. We gathered up scissors and needles and started working on the first ones which happened to be little mittens.

We both made two, but Sis was still working on her second one when I took this pic. The little snowflakes are embroidered and they were a pain to make. So tiny! But we got the four done and they really turned out cute. We’re going to save the kit to work on when we get-together. It’ll probably take a few weeks to get all 50 finished. But, hey, we only have 46 to go!

Christmas is now over for another year. What a fun time we all had!

Christmas 2017

December 29, 2017

Our family had Christmas at our house this year. I had decorated the house with lots of lights and decorations. In fact, I think I used everything that I’d kept since I down-sized a few years ago. It was fun to put them all out because most of them had lots of memories attached to them — like this one that my son, who is 45 now, made when he was in the first grade.

Most of the family was here. One daughter and family didn’t make it. Her husband and one of her sons had to work and the other son was busy with having a baby! Yes, that’s right! He and his wife made Hubby and me Great grandparents! She was born on Hubby’s mother’s birthday two days before Christmas. So we could forgive them for not being here. 🙂

And after six grandsons, we finally get a little girl. Of course she is beautiful! In one of the pics I saw of her, she sure looked like her daddy! They don’t live here, so I haven’t had a chance to hold her yet; but hopefully soon.

We had over-night guests for the weekend. Son and family came in on Sat. and went home Sun. so their boys could be home for Christmas morning. We had our party on Sat. night.

Of course I went over-board on everything again this year. I baked goodies all week and now I have a ton of junk food left over even after everyone took stuff home. I had enough food to feed an army. One good thing from all this is that I haven’t had to cook for several days now! 🙂

All through the year, I buy items when I see something that I think would be unusual or on clearance and good enough to give away as a gift. Suffice it to say, I got carried away with this as well. So after we all ate, we let the two smaller boys open their gifts from us

and Hubby and I opened gifts from the kids.

Then the adults got to take turns and open all these items that I’ve had stashed away.

I don’t know if they enjoy this “gift give-away” or not, but I sure enjoy watching them open up gifts. And after all, it’s all about ME, right? Ha! They’re all good sports though. At one point, I just stood back and looked at all of them, smiling to myself, and thought how thankful I am and how blessed we are to have such a wonderful bunch of kids! We sure missed the ones that weren’t here, but maybe one of these days we’ll all be together again — and hopefully it won’t be at a funeral! 😦

WELL, enough of that!

Our youngest grandson has a birthday two days after Christmas. I’ve always gotten him an extra gift, but he doesn’t get it at the same time he’s getting his Christmas gifts. I like to try to make his birthday separate from Christmas, and I know that his parents do that as well.

So on Sun. before they left to go back home, we gave him an “early birthday party”. I bought him his own birthday “cupcake”, put candles on it,

and we sang the birthday song for him.

He blew out the candles,

took a big bite out of the cupcake,

then opened his gift. I think he felt kind of special.

I hope everyone enjoyed our Christmas get-together as much as I did. I’m already lookin forward to next year!

Angels, Friends, and Christmas Ready

December 20, 2017

Sis and I were together again last week. After running to a couple of estate sales where we didn’t find but a few goodies, we came back here for our usual popcorn and coffee. Sometimes we just like to sit and visit and catch up with family goings-on.

But finally we decided to work on the little angels that we’d started the week before.

I saw a picture of this angel on Pinterest. There wasn’t any directions, but it looked so simple that I was sure I could figure out a pattern for it. The body of the angel is a couple of fabric yo yos. We bought some of the Yo Yo makers sold by Clover at an estate sale one week.

Last week we fumbled through drawing a pattern and trying to figure out how to put it together. This week we worked on it again,

and it finally came together. We thought it was so cute and simple to make that we made more.

Still a little time of our day left, we dragged out more fabric and made a couple more.

They’re just soooo cute!


Snoopy has a little friend that comes to visit him once in a while.

So far the cat hasn’t been aggressive or tried to jump into the pen. But Hubby’s keeping a keen eye on him and if he feels like Snoopy is getting threatened in any way, he’ll take care of the situation. So far though, Snoopy runs around the pen when the cat strolls around like he’s saying “come play with me.” I’ve even seen them touch noses through the fence. Anyway it looks like they are. It’s kind of cute.


Christmas is just about ready at our house. All the gifts are wrapped (yes, I got a little carried away again this year),

cards have been sent out, and baking is going on this week. I was just going to make a few goodies, but guess what? I’m getting carried away with that again this year. I always make way too much, then force everyone to take the extra home. I guess one of these days I’ll be too old to want to make stuff, so I’d better enjoy it while I can, right?

Birthday Lunch For Sis

December 10, 2017

Sis’s birthday was this week. I went to her house and brought gifts.

Yeah, I got a little carried away. But I know what she likes and it’s pretty easy to get carried away when you love to give, right?

After the gift giving, I took her out to eat. She didn’t want a lot to eat, so we went to Panera Bread and got soup.

After having some coffee, we found ourselves at a flea market — imagine that!

We found several goodies, but the best buy was a wreath she found with battery lights (which worked) for one dollar! It still had the original price tag of $25.00 still on it! We couldn’t figure out if it was a mistake on their part or not; but the lady rang it up as a dollar.

Lucky Sis!

Christmas Trees

December 3, 2017

Last week was Thanksgiving. Sis was with her family for a big meal and lots of family being together. Hubby and I was alone — again. Our kids had other families to see. We found a restaurant open and went out to eat. It seems kind of silly for me to fix a big turkey dinner including a whole pumpkin pie for just the two of us.  So we had a nice meal and even got a piece of pumpkin pie! And we had some left-overs to bring home for our supper!

I wanted to get the Christmas tree and decorations put out this year because it looks like we will be hosting the family get-together.

Hubby and I have been like ping-pong balls for several years now.  One year we will host Christmas, then it’s to KC the next year, then back here, over to Daughter #1 another year, then back here, then to KC again. One year after a KC visit, we even “run” by Jeff City “on our way home” to have a little Christmas with Daughter #2.

When I was growing up, all the kids and grandkids would go to their parents’ home for the holidays. What’s wrong with this picture? We’re getting too old to be running all over the state just to be with our family for the holidays. I love my family to pieces and I wanted our life to be like I’d always dreamed of our future life with all SIX of our kids — yes, I wanted to have six kids (Ha Ha) — to be like;  filled with a house full of family home for the holidays. But it just isn’t going to be that way no matter how hard I’ve been trying to make it so. I guess I’m still wanting to live in the past. We raised our kids to be independent and have lives of their own. And we’re proud of all of them! So I shouldn’t get depressed when they don’t come to see us, especially during the holidays. Well, life happens, right?

But I digress.

A few years ago after I retired, I down-sized most of our Christmas decorations. It’s getting more difficult for me to crawl around in the attic and pull the big tree etc. down. And I wasn’t planning on putting up the big tree this year. During one of our estate sale runs, I came across a smaller tree that I bought to use in the craft sale and then later for us to use instead of the big one.

The more I thought about not putting up the “memory” tree, the more I was having second thoughts. So this week Hubby helped me and we got everything out of the attic again.

Once I got started, I couldn’t stop. I put all of the decorations out including the big tree again. We now have six trees up in various rooms. The big tree,

A little one in the kitchen,

My little bear tree on the wall in the kitchen,

The gingerbread tree in the kitchen,

My new Charley Brown tree in the livingroom,

The snowman tree waiting for the gifts to be placed around it,

I even put lights on the outside of the house this year,

Now that they’re all up, I’m so happy I went to the trouble. I LOVE all my trees!

After a week of not getting together to do our usual estate sale hopping and crafting, Sis and I got together this week to do just that.

We found another sale that had a room full of craft supplies, yarn, material, pattern books, etc. I think this lady had as much as I have if not more! We had fun looking at all the stuff, and yes, buying some of it. But it’s stuff we need! Ha Ha!

We came back to my house and after taking Sis on a tour of the house and showing off all the trees, we sit and looked at all our goodies. I bought a lot of magazines on painting; so we spent the time we would have been crafting just looking at all the magazines. And of course we’ve already marked several patterns we want to try.

Now I need to get busy and wrap gifts and I’ll be on my way to having everything ready for our family get-together. I can hardly wait!