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Fumble-y Fingers

January 20, 2018

Sis was here again this week in spite of all the snow that was still on the ground. The streets were mainly clear except the side roads, of course, and I wasn’t sure if she would come or not. But she showed up and off we went to estate sale hop.

For some reason I was fumble-y fingers that day. Everything I picked up to look at, I dropped or almost dropped. I would reach for something and something else would come tumbling down. Luckily most things weren’t breakable. I commented to Sis that maybe I should have stayed at home.

The last sale we stopped at had a tote of wooden beads used in macramé-type work. They had the whole tote priced at  $2.00! How could I resist that?! So I picked it up and carried it around with me. After I paid for everything, I picked up the tote of beads, brushed it against my coat, the clip holding the lid unhooked, and beads went everywhere! I was so shocked and surprised, I didn’t even get embarrassed. (But after I was on my knees trying to gather up all these little beads, the embarrassment kicked in.) Needless to say, I had a lot of help getting them all picked up. One lady even brought in a broom and dustpan to help.

Here’s what the tote looked like with all the beads in it.

That’s a LOT of beads!

Sis brought another “show and tell”. It’s a couple of hand towels that she’d embroidered on. It was a kit that she picked up one evening and in a few hours, was finished with it. I took a pic of it, but for some reason, there was an error on my camera and I can’t download it on here.

My UFO pile went down a little this week again. Not any major projects were completed, but I managed to do some last tweaking on several items. Here’s a couple of scarves that just needed to be blocked:

and another scarf that had a bunch of ends to weave in and then block:

This one had weaving in the middle of the scarf which I think turned out really neat. Here’s a close-up of it.

I’m still working on the little purse with all the motifs made from floss. In fact, I have all the motifs joined now and am working on making the strap.

With a size 7 steel hook and bedspread cotton, it’s going to take a little time to crochet a strap that’s 48″ long.

I’ve also picked up a lacy jacket that I started knitting on last year (?) The back is just about finished. There’s no shaping to it at all, thank goodness, because it’s pretty lacy and I don’t enjoy shaping when I have to make sure I’m not messing up the lacy pattern as well.

Sis and I worked on a few more of the 50 ornaments that we started a couple of weeks ago.

We have 20 finished now, so only 30 to go! Woo Hoo!

New Year, A New Project, and UFO’s

January 15, 2018

Well the New Year is already 15 days old and I’ve been a little slow to post here for that long. So I guess I need to get a little caught up.

Hubby and I don’t usually do anything to celebrate New Year’s Eve. When our kids were little, we would take them out for pizza and then to a movie and let them stay up till midnight. Usually they were asleep before midnight ever got here. With the exception of our oldest. She could stay up all night if we let her. Yep, she was a night owl just like her Mom. Now Hubby and I are lucky to stay awake long enough to get our New Year’s kiss at midnight.

We were invited to Number 1’s house for New Year’s Eve this year. Our three oldest grandsons would be there for supper and game-playing as usual since it was going to be on a Sun. night as well.

We had a nice time, good food, and then Hubby was ready to come home. That’s probably a good thing because it was early enough in the evening that the drunks wouldn’t be out and about yet making it dangerous for others on the road. So we celebrated the midnight thing with our kiss and bed.


Sis and I got together for estate sale hopping again. Afterward we came back here and had our usual treats of popcorn and coffee. I kind of missed the sales during the holidays. I think we’re getting addicted to them! They are fun though and I’ve been running into people I used to work with. Last week it was almost a W-M reunion with all the old friends I ran into.

I’ve had this kit of felt Christmas ornaments for at least 25 years. (Yes. I’m not exaggerating.) This kit has been on my mind for several weeks now. But I made myself wait until all the hubbub of the holidays were over until I opened it up and started working on it. In fact, I took it to Sis’s the week before and that’s what we worked on after we had our little “Christmas” with each other. I’ve already blogged about it so here’s the rest of the story.

Actually the story isn’t over yet. These little ornaments are going to take a while to finish. There’s 50 of them and if we only do a few a week, well, it’s going to be a while before we can move on to something else.

This is what we got done last week.

They are fun to work on, anyway I think they’re fun. Sis may be getting a little burned out on them already. So the next few days, I worked on a few more.

If I can get some made every day, maybe this new project will be finished soon and we can move onto to something else.


My UFO’s have been piling up again. Most of the newer ones just need a little work to be finished — weaving in ends, sewing up a couple of seams, etc. For a while I was getting better at not laying projects aside like that. But I guess old habits are hard to break.

So a New Year — a new goal. UFO’s need to go bye-bye again. I told Sis that we need to get back into the swing of having “show and tells” once more — give us both some motivation to finish our projects.

When Sis came over last week, she not only had a UFO, but some of her “wannabes” as well.

This is a project that she’s been working on for several weeks and now it’s finished. (That’s what she does, unlike me, — work on a project from start to finish and be done with it!)

It’s a cross-stitched tablecloth/tree skirt. Here’s a close-up.

Here’s a few things that she’s had sitting in the wings waiting to be worked on,

this anchor was given to her so she painted it,

some wooden numbers and letters that she painted, and a round pillow that she’s been wanting to cover,

and a couple other wooden items that just needed some paint. The Santa has moveable arms and legs when you pull the string at the bottom. It’s so cute!

AND here’s all the UFO’s I finished this week. Wait for it. . . . .


Yeah, one thing. Well, since there’s three of them, I could say that it’s three projects, right?

BUT, to save face, I have been working on another one. It’s just a very time-consuming one. Last year, I think it was last year, I started crocheting little circles with old floss colors that I knew I would never use in an embroidery project. This bag-to-be was pictured in a Spring 2017 (yeah, it was last year) Crochet World magazine.

It has 84, yes 84, little circles made from embroidery floss.

Then crocheted together with #10 crochet thread. I got all the little circles made, but then it sit there in my UFO pile. After dragging it out, finding some crochet thread to use, I’ve started crocheting the circles together.

Join us next week to see progress.