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Making Memories

February 18, 2018

We have a couple of grandsons that live about a three-mile drive from here; so consequently we don’t get to see them very much. Our first four grandsons lived here while they were little so we saw them more. In the summertime when they were out of school, their moms and I would take them places and spend a lot of time together. It was wonderful!

However, we haven’t been able to do that with the last two. So to make memories with them, I like to send them little gifts for the different holidays that come around.

This year for Valentine’s day, I made them a pencil holder and decorated them with cross-stitched pictures of a different character. One was a robot and the other, an alien. Then I bought some colored pencils to fill it along with a Valentine treat, and then stuck in a little money. Because what boy wouldn’t want a little money, right?

Here’s a pic.

This is what they looked like all wrapped up and ready to send through the mail.

They probably didn’t get that big of a kick out of them, but I did! Ha! Anyway, I know that years from now when they’re all grown up and have grandkids of their own, they’ll have a little memory of the time that Grandma sent them a little something special in the mail just for them.

A Rare Find

February 18, 2018

As I’ve mentioned in previous blog entries, Sis and I have become somewhat obsessed with estate sales. After all, where can you find such great bargains without spending much money? And not spending much money is what it’s all about! Ha!

We’ve found some interesting items at these estate sales. Usually the sales come about because some elderly person has passed away after accumulating a houseful of stuff in their lifetime. And this “stuff” is older, vintage, or antique items — items that Sis and I can relate to because we are older, vintage, but not quite antique yet.

Last week while perusing through a house with this kind of “stuff”, I picked up a little box and opened it up to see what was inside. “Oh my gosh!” I said and then had to show Sis what it was.

OK, here’s the story. Way back in another lifetime, when we were teenagers and still in high school, Sis and I worked at an A & W which was a drive-in fast food place. We were “car-hops” which meant that we would take the food out to a person’s car on a tray, fix it on the window, collect the money, and then go back and pick up the tray with the trash on it when the customer was ready to leave.

At some point while we worked there, the company had a promotional idea to put these little plastic animals on the mugs of root beer to sell more root beer, I assume. People were collecting them. The kids at school who knew that I worked there would ask me to bring them some, but I told them “no, I could get fired for that.” (I didn’t know if I really would have or not, but it was dishonest and I wasn’t going to start something like that anyway.)

Of course I kept some that came my way, but I didn’t get all of them. I didn’t have a monkey, a mule, or the bull. (In fact, I had never even seen the bull and neither had Sis. He must have come along after we quit working there to move on with our lives.) Sis had more of them than I had, but she didn’t have a mule either. Since I got three in the little box, I gave her one. But there was only one bull, and selfishly, I kept it for myself. (After all, I paid for them! 🙂 )

Yes, we love to do our estate sale hopping every week. Because we just never know what rare find is waiting for us!

50 of 50 Finished!

February 2, 2018

Sis and I skipped our regular estate sale hopping this week, mainly because none of the sales were here in the city. For some reason all the sales were in neighboring towns. We still could have gone to them as we’ve done in the past, but we agreed that we just needed to craft and spend the day relaxing for a change.

Sis came to my house and we headed to the sewing room with our coffee and popcorn treats. After catching up with our goings on for the week and drinking most of our coffee while it was still hot, we got right into the crafting.

I’ve mentioned previously about working on the 50 little felt ornaments that we started at the beginning of the year. It almost seemed overwhelming at the start of this project and after a couple of weeks, Sis and I were both wishing we could more on to something else.

But I persisted and worked every day on them and when Sis came over this week, there were only 10 more to make. It took us all day, but we finished the last one before Sis had to take off for home.

Here’s a close-up of the ones that we finished this week

The angels and the bottom two rows are the ones that I worked on during the week.

This has been quite the project, and they were fun to work on, but I’m glad they’re all finished now and we can more on to something else.

In between working on these little ornaments, (because even though they were fun to make, they got a little boring at times), I worked on my crocheted purse. I got the handle made and started crocheting it onto the purse sides.

And finished it as well!

It needs a lining now as well as another crocheted purse that’s finished and been sitting in the UFO pile since last year. Hopefully with the ornaments out of the way, I’ll get to that project this week.