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National Craft Month — What We’ve Been Up To

March 30, 2018

Well there’s only a few more days of this month left, which is National Craft Month. I was hoping that Sis and I could do something exciting in the way of crafts this month, but we didn’t accomplish anything outstanding.

We’ve been busy running to estate sales and getting some really good buys. It’s so much fun to find something useful or something that we’ve been wanting that’s a really good bargain.  Here’s one of my favorite buys this month,

This is a set of interchangeable circular knitting needles which comes in their own pouch. There are 13 different sizes of needles and five different lengths of cables to make almost any size you would need.

I’ve wanted one of these sets since I first learned how to knit. Of course being that they cost upward toward $80 or $90, I certainly couldn’t afford a set when I was younger. Even after getting older and money wasn’t such a big issue anymore, I still couldn’t bring myself to spend such an amount for one. Especially since I’ve accumulated all the different sizes of circular needles over the years that I would ever need.

However when I came across this set at a sale, and it’s never been opened, and it was priced at three dollars, then naturally it came home with me. I was so thrilled to actually have one, finally! Not that I really needed it, but just to have a set after all these years of wanting one.  I’m tempted to frame it and hang it on my sewing room wall. Ha Ha!

Even though we spend several hours on our “craft” day running to sales, we have actually been getting some crafting done as well.

Sis bought a small leather craft kit for a coin purse at one of the sales last month. It reminded me of the small kit I had for a leather Christmas stocking ornament. So one week we decided that we would work them up. I didn’t get a picture of the one Sis made, but here’s mine along with a macramé necklace that I made as well.

While I was in the leather-making mode, I started on a kit of a messenger bag that Hubby’s friend sent him several months ago. It took me a couple of days, but I got it together finally.

The following week, we started painting these wooden disks that I got in a sack of craft stuff from one of our estate sale hopping days.

Ever since I got them, I was trying to think of something to do with them. One day a vision came to me and this is the result:

We started with the snowmen using three disks for each one. Then I thought it would be neat to make individual ornaments by painting or using rub-on decorations on them and then adding tassels. I think they turned out cute. (We’ve since added a little fabric scarf around the necks of the snowmen.)

Then one week we decided to try to make some gift bags from a stack of heavier wrapping paper that came in a bag of bags that I picked up at a sale.

We like to use these for our customers at the craft show instead of Wally World bags. It seems to be a little more professional. I still have paper left, so we’ll make some more later when the mood strikes us.

I had a couple of kits for these little wreaths with cross stitch centers in my stash of kits; so one week we got these finished up,

In between our “craft days”, Sis and I have been working on individual items. Sis started a plastic needlepoint “candle corset” from the kit that I gave her for Christmas. She worked on it for quite a while, finally finished it and brought it for “show and tell”.

Here’s what the back looks like,

That was quite the project and she likes it. But she said she won’t be making another one. 🙂

In between working on the “corset,” she made a little cross-stitched bookmark, painted a decorative rolling-pin, and stuffed a sack from Silver Dollar City to prop up on a shelf in her kitchen.

She also redid an old snowglobe that lost it’s top,

and started painting four winter scenes on round wooden disks.

Not sure what she’s planning on doing with these. They would be cute in the middle of a wreath, maybe?

My UFO’s have been pestering me, so I’ve finished a few:

a couple of recent ones that was started before Christmas,

the wall hanging that I wanted to make like my Sis’s,

some ornaments also started before Christmas,

the patchwork cow that I started last (?) summer. Isn’t she cute? Can you see the udder underneath her?

My poncho with the sleeves. This isn’t a true UFO, but I did have it sitting for several weeks before I decided to “get’r done.”

Here’s a pottery button that I picked up at a craft fair. I thought it would be perfect for my poncho.

and finally, one of the sweaters that’s been sitting around for quite a while now. This pic doesn’t show the true color which is a denim blue.

This is the bottom of the sweater with the lacy pattern and it also shows a truer color.

Believe it or not, I have NO MORE crochet UFO’s sitting around my sewing room waiting for me to get back to them. YES!! However, there are three knitted sweaters waiting on me, some cross-stitch items, a plastic Halloween haunted house that been waiting for several years now and about 25 to-sew items. So I shouldn’t brag too loud, right?

Besides getting some of my UFOs finished up, I’ve made a few new things as well. This is a pair of knitted boot toppers from a kit that I bought a couple of years ago.

They’re really pretty and I may keep them, but I’ll have to get myself some boots so I can wear them. 🙂

A couple of mandalas in hoops,

This one is smaller (eight inches), but I got so close taking the pic that it looks really big.

Isn’t it pretty though? I love the bright colors and the green and yellow is made with the popcorn stitch. These mandalas are really fun to make.

And last, finally, is a little hot plate mat that I crocheted with some left over fabric “yarn” that I made a purse out of a long time ago.

I apologize for such a long blog entry this time. I guess I let things get a little behind. Gee, what’s new, right?

Next time I’ll talk about what Sis and I have been doing the last couple of weeks.

A Wee Visitor

March 11, 2018

Our Grandson #4 and his wife had a baby last Dec. In fact, she was born on my Hubby’s mother’s birthday just two days before Christmas. They live about a two and a half hour drive from here; so consequently,  we haven’t had a chance to see the baby yet.

Well, we got a message from them that they would be driving down Sat. and was wondering if we would be home so they could come by for a visit. Well, YEAH!

After visiting with Grandson’s Dad and his folks, they came by our house on the way back out of town and we had a nice three-hour visit with them.

What can I say?! Our first Great Grandbaby is a girl! The first girl in our family since my girls were born. And she is so perfect and beautiful!! She was asleep when they got here,

but soon she woke and was awake almost the whole time.

Great Grandpa got a couple of really good pics of her,

and a close-up,

These two pics make her look just like her Daddy looked when he was a baby. Am I right, C?

She made a “stinky” and had to be changed. Look at this neat little “basket” that they have for her.

Wish I’d had one for my kids. And look at her long legs! I bet she’ll be tall like her Daddy.

I started talking to her and soon she was “talking” back at me and making some interesting faces. IT WAS SO CUTE!!

Here she’s holding her head up and she’s not even quite three months old!

She’s strong too. She kept stretching out her legs and pushing against me.

Daddy could be a little proud of her, I think,

Here’s a nice family pic. I’ll have to get this one printed out and frame it.

After all the activity, she finally pooped out in Daddy’s arms.

What a nice time we had! Maybe with the warmer weather coming, Hubby and I will feel like getting out and making a trip to their place next time.

We’re Addicted!

March 2, 2018

Sis was here again this week for our usual estate sale hopping and crafting day. In fact, we spend so much time running to different sales, that our “craft” day is becoming more and more an “estate-sale-hopping” day. We spent two hours at one sale this week! Yeah, I think we’re addicted.

Actually we’ve been getting some pretty good buys at the estate sales the last few times we’ve been. Not that all of our buys haven’t been pretty good, but these have been really good.

Here’s a couple of coats that I found recently,

and they were only ONE DOLLAR apiece! The winter coat has a little wear, but I consider it still in excellent shape. But the leather jacket looks brand new! If it was worn, it couldn’t have been more than once or twice. And they both fit me perfectly!

Also, I found this stack of recent crochet magazines for only 25 cents apiece.

Considering that a magazine has reached the $7 to $10 price range now, I figure 25 cents apiece is a pretty good buy. Especially when they’re only a year or two old. Not that I need to add to my magazine collection but I sure enjoy looking through them.

However, I’ve already marked several items that I want to make. One item is a big bag that’s really calling my name. I’ll be starting that project soon, I’m sure. (Yeah, I love bags — what can I say.)

This week we had another good shopping day. I found a small boom box just about the size of the one I keep in my sewing room to listen to all the CD’s that I have, (even more since we can get them for $1 – $3 at estate sales).

The radio I have now is getting so old that it has a terrible rasping, vibrating sound to it. Hubby says that the speakers are going out on it. Even though that was Hubby’s job (repairing TV’s and radios at one time), he doesn’t want to bother with repairing things any more — burn out, you know. We can all relate to that, right?

I plugged the radio in at the sale and tried it out with one of their CDs. It had a beautiful sound! It also has the cassette player, AM/FM radio and even can record from the CD or radio. I got it for $15! (We looked it up on the Web and found one for $79.95.)

I cleaned it up, replaced it with the one in my sewing room, been playing it, and I LOVE it. It sounds awesome!

Sis doesn’t usually buy anything big. Most of her items are “smalls.” But she came across a yard chair — one of those molded plastic chairs that sell for around $10 at Wally World. It was like new and she bought it for a couple of dollars.  I didn’t get a pic of it but looks like it just came from the store.

So, yeah, we’re addicted.