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More Halloween, Etc.

April 21, 2018

After running around to four estate sales, Sis and I finally settled into the craft room to finish up some bookmarks that we had started last week.

Here’s a close-up of some of them,

They’re done in plastic canvas, our craft of choice for the past several weeks.

After finishing the bookmarks, we picked up some cut-outs of jack-o-lantern treat pouches to work in plastic canvas as well. In just a short time we had them finished, after having them lay around in my stash pile forever!

I had cut out some other items from plastic canvas, but I got side-tracked working on cross-stitch projects. Here’s my “show and tell” this week. I finished a Christmas ornament that I’d started several months ago,

then I stitched a little saying to go into a hoop/frame.

Next I stitched a little pic to go into an old frame that was left over from some that we had made quite a few years ago.

While I was cross-stitching, Sis was painting. She had a little kit that’s been sitting awhile in her stash, (yes my friends, Sis actually has a stash — it’s not as big as mine, but she does have one,) and she got it painted.

However the back was plain and she thought that it needed something on the back as well. So with the help of her daughter, they came up with this,

I think that’s GREAT!  How fun is that!

Candy Dishes Finished — Check!

April 14, 2018

Sis had a little trouble finishing her “jack-o-lantern candy dish” last week, so she brought it over this week and I helped her finish it up.

She had some trouble getting the top to go into the opening. The pattern directions were great and everything went together like clockwork — except where the top goes into the “pumpkin.” The pattern didn’t allow the bottom part of the top to be smaller than the top part of the top. (Did I confuse you? 🙂 ) Anyway, I figured mine out and helped Sis get hers finished up. TA DA!

Sis brought a “show and tell” as well. This is a little project that she’s been working on for a few weeks.

It’s a “sun” wind chime. Isn’t it cute? It’s made with plastic canvas as well.

My “show and tell” this week is something I made one evening while going through some books.

I didn’t make it like the pattern because the pattern was using too much yarn and being very complicated. It’s just a bottle holder for Pete’s sake! When Sis and I wear our water bottle holders slung over our shoulders when we go to craft shows, etc. people are always commenting “how neat that is and wish I had one like that.”

So I’ve been looking for a simple pattern to make some to sell at our sale. This one didn’t take very long to make, (after I revised the pattern) and I used up some left-over yarn in the process! Double whammy!

Since we’ve been “into” working with plastic canvas the last few weeks, I’ve cut out some more pieces to make another Halloween project. More on that later.

Trick Or Treat?

April 6, 2018

Sis came over as usual this week and as usual, we run to an estate sale before settling into my sewing room to craft.

This is what I found at the estate sale that just had to come home with me,

There’s a mirror set into the panel at the back of the shelf with drawers. The drawers have the neatest little crystal-like knobs. I’ll have to clean it up, get it set up, probably in the livingroom and have another pic. next week. I’ll have to get rid of another piece of furniture before there will be room for this, but I love it and had to have it.

Sis also surprised me with a little “just because” gift when she came over this week. I had asked her to order me a couple more of the screen panels that have butterflies on them like the one she gave to me for my birthday last year. She had them with her yesterday when she came over plus a little extra. She had also ordered herself a tote bag and she got me one as well!

It’s so BIG and the front has a pocket that goes all the way across the bag. There’s mesh panel pockets on either side as well. I was so surprised, but she said that she thought I would like it and she wanted to get me one. I had to give her a big hug for that! I had to tease her so I told her that now we have a big bag to carry with us when we go to the estate sales. 🙂

One day after finishing yet another UFO, (go me!), I begin to realize that we haven’t been working on Fall and Halloween items for our craft show this Oct. These items sell better than anything else because I guess that’s what’s on people’s mind at that time of year. We’ve been working on Christmas ornaments and other things. So let’s get some Halloween items made, right?

Searching through my kits, I found a plastic needlepoint jack-o-lantern “candy dish”. The kit only made one; but since I have a tote full of plastic canvas, getting another one cut out was easy peasey.

So for a couple of weeks, Sis and I have been working on “candy dishes”. I got mine almost finished except for a little stitching to do on the lid which I will finish this afternoon. But Sis doesn’t work as fast as I do, (she’s a lot neater than I am however), so she has “homework” this week.

I was playing around with the front of the candy dish and put it up to my face, and said “Trick or Treat” and Sis took my pic.

Yes, the kid comes out in us once in a while.

I’ve also been looking through craft books and getting ideas for other Halloween items. Now our “to do list” is getting longer and longer. (Sometimes I get a little carried away — ahem!)

We’ll probably start on yet another Fall-ish item next week. Tune in to see what it’ll be.