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A Rose Is A Rose

May 13, 2018

As Sis and I were doing our “estate-sale hopping” this week, we were approached by one of the ladies having one of the sales, and she handed us a rose and wished us a “Happy Mother’s Day”. How sweet was that?!

It’ll probably be the only flower/card/gift I’ll get for Mother’s Day even though we have three kids with spouses, six grandkids, a granddaughter-in-law, and a great-granddaughter. (Well, she’s only a few months old, but you know. 🙂 ) Wow! Our family is getting big!  But that’s ok. I know they love me and they don’t have to give me anything to show me.

Sis and I only had a short time to craft after we finally got back to the house to do our crafting. She had a graduation to go to and wanted to be back home in time to clean up and be ready to go when her son picked her up.

She didn’t have a crafty “show and tell”, but she had a few things to show me that she picked up from the thrift store when she made her delivery of the left-over yard sale items. We both love bargains!

However, I had a finished “show and tell” to show her. Last week during the yard sale, I started crocheting on another scarf just to beat the boredom between customers. It was a lot of crocheting even though it was just a simple single crochet. But I finished it during the week and was able to show it off.

I got the pattern from this magazine.

After showing off our stuff, eating our popcorn and having our coffee, Sis and I still had a little time to get these little ghostie gift holders made.

Believe it or not, I had this kit from the days that I would go to Bentonville to have a craft booth with my “Wal-Mart family”. Wal-Mart had a make-it/take-it tent and the associates got to go through it before the regular customers that came to the craft sale. It was so much fun and I got to make a lot of neat stuff. My daughter “K” went with me a couple of times and we had a ball making all kinds of things. (Remember the snowman K?)

We’ll take these to our craft sale this Fall, stuff them with candy and let people help themselves. And if anyone wants to buy one — hey, that’s what we’re at the craft sale for, right?

Yard Sale

May 6, 2018

Sis and I have been working for a couple of weeks to get ready to have another yard sale. Well, of course we’ve been “collecting” things for a year since our last sale, but I’m talking about all the last minute stuff we had to do to be ready to “open the doors” so to speak.

I had to go up in the attic and bring down a few totes full of stuff, gather up the random sacks from the garage, and go through some drawers, etc. in the house. Everything was in the sunroom getting ready to be priced.

Yeah, I had a lot of stuff.

I checked with a couple of neighbors who always have a sale at this time of year and was told that they were going to have their sale this weekend. So I advertised that our sale would be one of four in this neighborhood. But when the time came, they had their sale on Mon, Tues., and Wed., and we had our sale on Thurs., Fri., and Sat.

When people came to my sale to go to the “neighborhood sale”, we were the only ones having one. It was a little embarrassing on my part because that’s the way I had advertised it. But it worked out ok after all.

Thurs. rained ALL day!

I didn’t even put up my signs because I knew they would be ruined. But because of the advertising I did, we had A LOT of people show up. We had to keep everything in the garage, but there was plenty of room for our “customers” to walk around. So we had a good day.

The next day was cloudy and looked like rain, but it didn’t rain, so we were able to put up our signs and put things out in the drive-way so it would look more like a yard sale.

And Sat. was yard-sale-perfect weather! We put 50% off signing up and got rid of a lot of the left-overs. (Why haven’t we been doing that all these years!)

So after all was said and done, we had our sale, got rid of a lot of stuff we didn’t need any more, and made a little money to boot. It was a lot of work, but we had fun; and next week will be estate sales and crafting and getting back to normal again.

And I’m ready.

No Crafting For Us This Week

May 1, 2018

I got a little carried away last week when Sis and I did our usual estate sale hopping. I brought home a huge tote of sewing and crafting supplies that had everything just tossed in. It was one of those “surprise” totes – you just never know what you’ll find until you dig through it. There was also a box of Halloween stuff as well.

I love to go through boxes like that, but I really didn’t need any of that stuff. But needless to say, we did have fun the rest of the day going through it all.

I wish I had taken pics of all that stuff laid out on my craft table after we got it all sorted. There was quite the variety of items. I did get a pic of all the stuff after we got it all into little baggies.

This is the stuff that I’ll put in a yard sale that we’ve been preparing to have in the not-so-distant future. And here’s a pic of just the doilies (I counted 57 in all!)

Sis picked out a few things that she could use and believe it or not, I found some things as well. I also kept some of the prettiest doilies.

The Halloween box was filled with all kinds of decorations plus some gourds and pumpkins to decorate with. I kept several of the items plus some of the gourds and also one big pumpkin like the one I bought at Michael’s that I painted a Halloween scene on a couple of years ago.

So we didn’t get any crafting done and neither one of us had any “show and tells” this week. I did make a couple more of the water bottle holders this week, but mainly I’ve been working on WIP (works in progress).

I wonder what we’ll find at the next sale?