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Sis’s Turn

June 29, 2018

Sis still comes over once a week to craft, however we’ve been doing more running to estate sales than crafting.Ā  Because of all my UFO catching up, I haven’t devoted much time to what Sis has been doing. So to be fair to Sis, this post will show her “show and tells” from the last several weeks.

As I’ve mentioned before, Sis isn’t one to work on more than a couple of projects at the same time. She works on one, finishes it, and then moves on to the next one. In a way, I wish I could be more like that. I guess she’s not as “flighty” as I am. Or maybe she’s just more disciplined. šŸ™‚ In any case, she brings over a finished project almost every week to show.

One week she came over without anything to show. It’s because she was working on this project and didn’t have it finished in time to bring it over that week.

It’s a plastic bag holder. Isn’t it the cutest thing?! Here’s a close-up,

This project is one that we worked on for a couple of weeks when she came over.

After she finished her cow, she started working on these little cross-stitch ornament kits that we picked up at an estate sale.

And as you can see, she finished up a little bunny in the meantime.

Back to the cross-stitch kits, she brought this one over this week plus a couple more towels that she crocheted the tops onto.

I think she said that she had two more of the little ornament kits to work up and then she’ll be all caught up with them. I, however, still have the ones that I bought at the same time in my stash. I think I’ve worked up one of them. (Head hung in shame.)

We haven’t been working on anything together for a couple of weeks. Mainly because we spend so much time running around spending money at estate sales that we don’t have much time left to get started on something before it’s time for her to leave and go home. Plus, I’ve been trying to work on things to enter into the Fair. More about that later.

But we still get together once a week and we have fun when we do. That’s what it’s all about, right?

Where Did I Leave Off?

June 24, 2018

It’s been a while since I’ve written on here. Where was I? Oh yes, I was trying to catch up with some UFO’s. Well, I finished the rest of the Renuzit dolls. They turned out soooo cute!

Most of the rest of the cross-stitched items are finished. This is a couple of bookmarks and my idea of putting a couple of cross-stitch pictures in a frame. What do you think?

Isn’t it interesting how these two same pictures can look when framed in different frames?

IĀ stillĀ have a few cross-stitch items and I’ll get to them soon, I hope.

A couple of things came out of the little shop out back as well. This rack has been around here forever. In fact, I think I had this when we lived in our first house!Ā  It has a carved-out picture on it and I wasn’t sure how to paint something like that. Last summer I started getting interested in the silhouette look. So I painted it all blue with the idea of painting the picture in all black. Well, I got it finished.

Here’s a close-up of the picture.

I had to use the smallest brush I had and it took me two days toĀ carefully paint just the top of the cut-out. I love it!

This project has been in the running for several years. These snow angel ornaments are painted light bulbs with wooden “heads” that I had to drill little holes in for the “stick” hair. The painting part went pretty fast, but finishing them up was a little time-consuming. Now they’reĀ finished at last!

This pitcher with the chicken on it was started last summer as well. After cleaning and rearranging my shop one day, I inadvertently put the pattern away and I’ve been looking for it ever since. Well, as you can see, I finally finished it.

When Hubby and I go to the mall to walk every day, I usually take a project to work on while he takes his second walk. (I walk on the treadmill in the evenings for my second walk so I can watch “Survivor”.) This is the project I finished this time,

In between finishing these UFO’s, I’ve been working on more beaded garland,


This one hasĀ fourĀ rows of crochet to make a lace along one side of it. The beads are bigger than the other ones I’ve made. Here’s a close-up,

This is really pretty. I liked it so much that I bought some more bead garland at a recent estate sale to make some more. (I know, I’m weird that way.)

For some reason, I haven’t been obsessing with the Fair like I used to every summer. So the deadline to enter my items was fast approaching. I knew I wanted to enter a baby afghan into the CMN section, so I got busy and made one.

I’ve made a list of the other things I’ll enter and got the registration form filled out and had two days to spare. Whew! Now to get all these things made!

I’m Doing It Again

June 4, 2018

Letting my UFO’s take over my life, that is. There are too many ideas out there in books, magazines, and cyber space for me to see and want to make, and I don’t have enough time to do them all. But does that stop me from trying to make them all? Nope.

Therefore I have a sewing room and my little shop out back full of UFO’s again.

Having a sister who works on and finishes one project at a time before starting something new has helped — a little. When she comes over once a week and sees the same projects still in an unfinished state and then asked “haven’t you finished those yet?”, it’s a little embarrassing to say the least.

So I’ve put my big girl panties on again, and have a mission to get some of these items finished upĀ before starting something new. (You all have no idea how hard that is for me!)

One of the projects that’s been plaguing me for a long time has been all the little cross-stitch kits that I’ve made over the last several years. (Yes, that’s ‘years’ with an ‘s’) I’ll get the stitching done, then set it aside because I thought I wanted to finish them in an “out of the box” sort of way instead of just putting them in their little frames that came with the kit.

But I can’t seem to think “out of the box” with these, so I just put them together as is.

In this next pic you can see that I managed to come up with a couple of different ideas.

The tags have one of the cross-stitch items glued on them and I added a little piece of lace at the bottom to even them out. They could be used to tie on a package but I think I’ll advertise them as a bookmark.

The two small pics in the frame will have some flowers, buttons and lace added to them to make one picture to hang on the wall. The rest of them have magnets on the back of them to be used as “fridges”.

The next picture started out to be a bookmark. But it turned out bigger than I thought and I didn’t have enough material left around the edge to finish it as a bookmark. So I put burlap in a frame, then glued the cross-stitch to it.

Now that it’s warmed up enough to spend some time out in my little shop out back, I’ve been trying to finish up a few projects out there as well.

This little shelf has been sitting way too long, so I finally finished getting it painted and “distressed”. It has a new home in the bathroom now.

This project was started last year. It’s an old bread board that was given to Hubby from the boss of a job that he had many, many years ago. After using it until it wasn’t usable anymore, I decided to paint it and put it in my “Americana” living room.

This project also was started last summer. Time to finish this one up just in time for the Fair this year!

Here’s a better pic of his feet,

While working on these projects, I picked up a few others and startedĀ and finished them,

These were in my “wannabe” pile.

This project came about a couple of months ago while I was searching through my stash for something else. I came across these little dolls that fit over a Renuzit air freshener container.

I’m still working on another Mrs. Santa and I will keep at it until she’s finished. There’s still two dolls left and I have another pattern for a regular little girl for them. So hopefully I’ll get to them and have them made up as well.

Looking through my many books and magazines, I always find something else that will intrigue me and I’ll want to try. These are garlands for the Christmas tree.

The one that is finished has light blue beads and the one in progress, (which is now finished, btw), has silver beads. Now, this is an 18-foot string of very small beads, and I used a size 7 crochet hook and #10 thread to do a single crochet and a chain 5 in-between each bead. Yes, I’m serious! It took me about a week apiece working on them every time I sit down to get them finished; but I love them! I may have to keep one for myself.

I’ve picked up more UFO’s and have been working on them as well. Hopefully I’ll get caught up one of these days.