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Making Squares

July 9, 2018

As I mentioned in a previous blog entry, I’m working on some items to enter into the Fair again this year. My plan, as was last year, was to go back through and pick out some items that I’ve made during the year. That way I wouldn’t have to work on items in a rush at the last minute.

Buuuuuttt, I saw a new category in the premium book simply called “Samplers”. Here is their description of a sampler: “A sampler shall be defined as a decorative piece of needlework typically having letters or verses in various stitches and/or techniques as an example of skill.”

I LOVE samplers. I love making and owning them. In fact, a few years ago, I made a knitted sampler afghan and won a champion ribbon on it!

I picked up this leaflet at an estate sale a few months ago for a crocheted afghan.

Believe it or not, I had the yarn to make this up. Not enough yarn to make the whole thing, but enough to make a lap afghan. So this is what I have so far,

My goal every year is make hats for the “Caps for Comfort” category to be given to the cancer society after the Fair is over. The crocheted one is finished,

and the knitted one just needs to be sewn together and the pompom added. 

I also like to make toys for the “Toys for Toddlers” section which will also be kept by the Fair to be given to charity afterward. One down and one to go.

There’s a couple of painted projects that are still in the making; but everything else, except for the food items that will be taken during the Fair, are finished and ready to go.

This is more items that I wanted to be making “at the last minute” because the summer and Fair time kind of sneaked up on me this year. It seems like the time goes so fast any more! But I have my time planned around getting all this finished up, so hopefully if nothing else comes along, everything will be ready to take to the Fair in a couple of weeks.

Of course nothing comes between my Sis and me and going to the sales and crafting every week. The only thing I’ve been working on, however, is the squares for the lap afghan. Sis finished two more of the Christmas ornaments

and only has one to go to have all her little kits finished. My little kits are still patiently waiting for me to get to them.  😦