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Snowmen ( and other things) All Over The Place

August 31, 2018

I didn’t get around to posting about last week’s crafty adventures, so I’ll start this week’s adventure with last week.

First is “show and tells” of course.

Sis made a “colorful” striped monkey? I think it’s as cute as it can be — whatever it is! 🙂

She picked up a little ashtray at an estate sale one day. It already had the brown trim on it and I suggested that it would be pretty with a little flower painted on it. So she painted it! How pretty!

My “show and tell” for the week was a little plaque that I painted for the Fall.

We started crocheting some snowmen ornaments that have a little LED light stuck in them for a nose which would like up.

We wound up getting eleven of them made,

Now on to this week . . . . .

Several months ago Sis and I came across a bag of unfinished snowmen at an estate sale. For the most part, they were all sewn together, stuffed and some even had their embellishments (hats, scarves, etc.) But they all needed a little something to be finished.

Yesterday after our trek to another estate sale, in another city, in the pouring rain, we settled into the craft room with our hot cup of coffee and warm popcorn. First we showed off our “show and tells”. . . . .

Sis had made a pillow out of some Christmas fabric with Precious Moments characters. She painted a little star with a flag as well.

My “show and tells” were all items from my little shop out back. A couple of frames and a little box painted for Halloween,

Here’s a close-up of the little box,

and a wreath made with strips of fabric ribbon tied around a metal ring.

After we ooh and awed over our pretties, we dumped the big bag of unfinished snowmen onto the table and started in on them.

Some needed felt hats cut out, some needed scarves cut out, and some just needed stitched up. We also put a little patch on their bellies. There were a few other shapes as well — a couple of birds and birdhouses, a couple of moon shapes, and other miscellaneous items. Sis embellished those items as I cut out hats and scarves.

Working together we were able to finish all the items in one afternoon,

Some of the items aren’t pictured here because we had put a little paint on them and they were drying.

A good day’s work!


Meanwhile Back To Our Craft Days

August 20, 2018

With everything that’s been going on around here with the Fair, our visitors, etc., Sis and I have still been getting together every week for our “craft day” which includes estate sale-hopping. This blog entry will be to catch up on these things.

Sis was working on the cross stitch ornaments and this is the last one she was going to do from the little kits that she had.

Here’s all of them together. Quite an accomplishment, don’t you think?

Then she made a few smaller (and quicker) ones from a “new” book that I bought at an estate sale. She brought them over and I helped her put them into frames and we put one on the lid of a jar that we’ll fill with goodies.

In her “spare” time, Sis did a little painting as well.

She’s getting pretty good, don’t you think?

While Sis was doing all that time-consuming cross-stitch, I worked on some crafts on my own as well. I knit a small lap afghan that I’ll take to the nursing home for Christmas,

I crocheted another one of the beaded garlands for the Christmas tree,

another crocheted mandala from thread crochet cotton,

and a couple sets of coasters,


I crocheted a little hedgehog that I saw in a new magazine,

and liked it so much that I made another one that I gave to the baby when we had their visit.

I’ve also been tracking out to the little shop out back and getting some painting done. I did three of these dustpans like the one I entered into the Fair this year.

Here’s a close-up of the painted picture,


Here’s some other items I’ve finished in the last few weeks,

As you can see I’ve been trying to get more fall and Halloween items painted. These items seem to sell the best at our craft show.

Another project that Sis and I worked on together is a feather tree with little candy corn decorations made with plastic canvas. It has a jack-o-lantern as the top of the tree. He has a face on both sides. We worked on this project for a few weeks. I think it turned out kind of cute.

I have to show a few things that I’ve found at some estate sales lately. These pictures are done with punch needle embroidery. They are VERY well done and it was a lot of work for someone. I can appreciate this because I’ve done this kind of work before. They are now hanging on one of the walls of the bathroom because I have fish that decorates the bathroom.

Here’s a close-up of the work,

Here’s a goodie I just couldn’t pass up,

They’re cat socks with individual toe sections. I’ve never worn these kinds of socks before and they feel a little strange to my toes. But I love them! They’re sooooo funny!

And here’s something else that I thought would be handy. It’s a metal tree and when I saw it I thought what a neat way to display our fridges at the craft show.

This just about catches up with all our crafting for now.

Weekend Visitors

August 14, 2018

Hubby and I don’t get many visitors, but we were blessed to have some this last weekend.

Grandson #4 and his little family drove 2 1/2 hours to come down to visit with his dad and then with us.

This is the only one of our six grandsons that’s married and has given us our first Great grandchild. And we got a little girl after all of those boys.

And she’s a little beauty!

I think she looks a lot like her daddy. She has his beautiful blue eyes for sure.

Of course Grandma had to hold her. She looked at me with this look like, “Who are you?”  But she didn’t cry or try to get away. She’s such a happy baby.

Grandpa got his pic taken with her as well.

She demonstrated her crawling technique for us,

She’s very strong and already trying to pull herself up to stand. It won’t be long before she’ll be walking.

They were here for several hours and had some supper with us. Daddy introduced her to a piece of watermelon which she thought was pretty good!

She’d had a long day and finally sleep won out,

I think she might be a Daddy’s girl,

It’s hard to believe that this Grandson is a Daddy, but I knew he would be a good one when it happened. Both of them are really awesome parents.

It was such a blessing to have them visit us and hopefully we’ll get to see them again soon.



The Fair Came And The Fair Went

August 12, 2018

I’ve been a little slack on posting here about what’s been going on with the Fair and other things. So I’d better bring everything up to date. (Get ready for a loooong post.)

Yep, the Fair is over for another year.  I’ve always been obsessed with the Fair — what will I take, getting things ready for it, worrying if I’ll have time to finish everything, what will I bake for the competitions, etc. etc. It seemed like the whole summer for me was one big rush to get ready for the Fair.

It used to be fun, but now it’s more like work. I’ve really been feeling the pressure of this fiasco the last several years. Not so much fun anymore. But I’m a die-hard when it comes to the Fair. So I still want to enter my goodies.

Winning ribbons isn’t as exciting to me as in years before especially since things have changed so much with the way the Fair competitions are run. Not as much competition as before. Lots of the classes just have one or two items in the class, so naturally they will get ribbons. It was much more exciting to get a ribbon on your item when there were ten or twelve items in a class.


I won two champion ribbons this year. That’s exciting! However, one of them was in the painting division. There are four classes in the painting division and I entered all four. I won 1st place in three of them, so basically I was competing against myself for the champion ribbon. Big Whoop!

BUT in the crochet division, there were eight classes and 21 other competitors and I had only one 1st place ribbon in the bunch and I won the champion ribbon! Now that’s exciting!! That’s the way I like to compete!

But on to the pics that I know ya’ll are waiting to see, right? 🙂

Hubby went with me on the day of the pie judging and I was sure that my one and only pie wouldn’t win anything because I burned the crust a little and the filling run over and made the pie look terrible! In fact, I almost didn’t take it. It did have a good taste however and with Hubby’s encouragement, I took the pie.

Out of five pies in that class, I got *drum roll* a 1st place!

Yes, I just about fell out of my chair. If you had seen how beautiful the other pies were, you would have been as surprised as I. Well, the taste must have been what got it for me.

We looked around at all the crafts and found my items one by one. First the painted shirt,

then the jazzy jar,

and the next item floored me — the painted-on-metal item, my dustpan. Woo hoo!

These next two items were in the painted division as well,

the painted flag on a bread board and the painted glass jar,

Next we moved on to the Household Arts Division and found my Santa Claus pic,

the crocheted garland tree decoration,

my knitted sweater and leg warmers.

THEN I saw IT! My purse crocheted with embroidery floss,

I was most proud of this ribbon above all the others because there were so many competitors in this division! GO ME!

Next we found the toys for toddlers division where my little monkey got 2nd place,

the crocheted afghan for CMN with a 2nd place,

and the knitted hat for Caps for Comfort got a 3rd place.

Last but not least was my sampler afghan with a 2nd place.

(I should have taken a pic of the 1st place, WOW, it was beautiful!)

That left four of my items without a ribbon.

Sis went with me the next day for the quick bread and muffin contests. The coffee cake took 2nd place,

and the muffins with fruit took 3rd place, and the muffins without fruit took 2nd. (Sorry forgot to get a pic of them.)

After Sis and I watched the judging on these items, we walked around to look at all my items so I could point them out to Sis. I wondered why my painted penguin Christmas tree decoration didn’t get a ribbon because the only other two Christmas tree decorations I could find, one had a third and the other one didn’t get a ribbon at all. So I asked someone who works there. Lo and behold, I did win a ribbon on it, a 2nd place. It was put on my entry,

After checking out all the crocheted toys, (we counted seven in all) we discovered that there wasn’t a ribbon on any of them! So we went looking for someone to help. The person we talked to couldn’t help us, but reassured us that she would tell the person in charge, and it would be fixed.

The next day, Sis and I went to the Fair again for the final competition that I was in, The Grandparents Cookie Contest. I took three different kinds of cookies and won a third and a first!

(By the way, I’ll have to include the recipes for these cookies in a future blog because they were very good, IMHO. Especially the Red Hot cookies! The kids not so much though. They gave them a 3rd place.)

After the judging, we decided to go back to the crocheted toys to see if they had “fixed” the problem of no ribbons. I happen to run into the manager of this dept. and told her the dilemma. She took charge and soon I had another 2nd place ribbon on my patchwork cow,

The gal who won the 1st place ribbon just happened to be standing beside us and was pleasantly surprised when she saw a 1st place ribbon being placed on her doll. Boy, I sure wish they could get their act together in these competitions!

I’ve already started on some items that I think I’ll enter into the Fair next year. Maybe I’ll have them all finished and ready ahead of time and I can finally enjoy a relaxing summer. (Ha!)

Snoopy Has A Lawnmower

August 6, 2018

When we first put the rabbits in their pens in the backyard, they had their own sides. Snoopy was a lot more active than Casper and he kept the grass down on his side of the pen to just raw ground from all his running around. Hubby had to weed-eat Casper’s side, but never had to worry about Snoopy’s side.

Then we lost Casper and Hubby opened up the whole thing for Snoopy to have more room to run around.

Well, I guess it’s because Snoopy is getting older because he doesn’t run around so much anymore. Besides he has twice as much room to run so the grass has a chance to grow now.

Hubby tried to weed-eat the whole area, but it was quite the chore to do the whole pen with just the weed-eater. So he was considering lifting his lawnmower over the fence to mow. Not a good idea in my opinion.

One day while walking through Sears on one of our walk days at the mall, we saw a weed-eater that could be used like a lawnmower.  Pretty nifty idea. So it came home with us.

Hubby says that it’s working really well and a lot easier to use. It’s quiet as well so Snoopy doesn’t seem to mind it. Of course Snoopy being Snoopy, he had to run right up to it and start trying to figure it out. He’s very curious about anything new that comes into his pen.

With all the dry weather we’ve been having this summer, the grass is not growing so Hubby hasn’t been able to use it much. But as soon as the rains come again, the grass will grow, and then Hubby can “mow” Snoopy’s pen — no problem!