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Extended B-Day

September 30, 2018

When Sis came over last week, she brought me another birthday gift that she forgot to give me when she came over for my birthday the week before.

It was this sheep with knitting needles and some partial knitting going on.

It made me laugh because I had seen this at an estate sale we went to a few months ago. I thought it was so ugly that it was cute and made the comment that I would like to have it but I didn’t want to spend what they wanted for it.

Well, Sis went back to the sale the next day and got it for me. (The sales people mark things down each day until the big auction the last day to get rid of everything.) She didn’t want me to see her buying it and she got a discount on it to boot!

I’ve already found a place for my new lamb/sheep addition. There’s a corner in my sewing room that I’ve assigned to the growing family of sheep that I keep collecting.

She also brought some cupcakes because I had told her that I didn’t get any cake on my birthday. (Hubby and I went out to eat on my birthday, but the place we chose didn’t serve cake, so no cake for this birthday gal!) Sis made the comment that “everyone needs to have cake on their birthday!”

It’s not every day that a person gets two birthdays. But this year was a special one for me.

(Have I mentioned that my sister is awesome?!)

JT’s New Home

September 28, 2018

Hubby had a ramp built for his new little shed and it was installed this week.

Now he can drive JT right into the little shed.

As you can see, he still had room to put other items in there as well. Now his other shed has a lot more room and he can actually get to the shelves that were behind all this other stuff. Nice!

He also worked one day and hooked up electricity to the new shed. Now he even has lights out there. I wonder what will be next?! 🙂


Getting Set Up

September 23, 2018

Fall is here, (yea!), and one of the best things about Fall is all the Festivals that start popping up all over the place. It seems like every year there are more and more of them. Which is a good thing, IMHO.

In fact, Hubby and I went to a “first” craft fair in a neighboring town yesterday, which was the 1st day of Fall. The weather even turned cooler! Hubby’s brother makes home décor in metal (he’s a welder) and does some fantastic work. They set up a booth and we went to see them.

I bought these:

Aren’t they great?! The decorative ideas are endless. One of these are for my Sis’s birthday (Shhhhh).

He had some really neat things. I could have spent a lot more money there! Here’s a link to his Etsy shop if you’re interested.

Since 2012, Sis and I have been setting up our craft booth at the Ozark Craft Fair and every year we try to make our booth better. By better I mean more customer friendly and not so crowded. Last year we were able to double our space. It was still crowded but it worked out ok.

I’ve finally made myself admit that I just need to quit taking so many crafts. So this year, I’m leaving a lot of them behind. Yes, believe it or not, I’ve bit the bullet. It’s been hard for me.

It’s only a couple of weekends away from the fair we’ll be in and I like to set the booth up in the garage to get an idea of what it will look like, finesse it, and leave behind the crafts that need to be left behind.

Usually we just set up the fixtures and that’s it. But this time, just to make sure we weren’t taking too much, we set out all the crafts that we’ll take.

The only thing we didn’t do was hang the hanging items on the screens in the back.

Needless to say, it took us all day. But we packed the items into the totes that go on a specific table, etc. so everything is organized. Hopefully when we get there and set up, it won’t take us very long. It gives me a peace of mind knowing where everything will go and having room for it all.

Of all the years that we’ve been doing this, I like this set up the best. So we’ll see how it’ll work when we get there.

Sept. 20….

September 22, 2018

..was my birthday. No big deal. Didn’t have a party. Never had one so wasn’t expecting to have one. But Sis came over since it was our estate-sale-hopping day. We had a great time finding bargains. I found the movie “Smoky and the Bandit” which I’ve been wanting to watch ever since I heard of Burt Reynolds passing away. I got it for $3!

Sis’ buy for the day wasn’t as exciting, but she did find a gas container of the size that she’s been wanting. Yeah, it doesn’t take much to make us happy.

After we got back to the house, Sis gave me some gifts that she bought me for my birthday.

love the rug and isn’t the apron cute with the Fall flowers embroidered on it? I’m also holding some little items that she gave me as well — a butterfly bookmark, some butterfly buttons, and a little lamb on a hanger to put with my other “collection” of lambs and sheep that somehow I’ve started accumulating.

After putting the apron on and admiring it, I made the comment to Sis that if she had one as well, we could wear them at our craft show in Ozark which is coming up all too quickly. Then she said that she liked it so much that she did indeed buy herself one as well. Was that meant to be or not? 🙂

Sis always makes my birthday special. Love her so much!

Hubby makes my day special as well just because I know that he loves me.

After Sis left, we took off and did some running around and wound up at Golden Corral for supper. I overeat and made out like a bandit at the dessert bar. But at least I didn’t have to cook!! Love these birthdays! (Except the getting another year older part. 🙂 )

A New “Baby” (Shed) In The Family

September 20, 2018

Ever since Hubby got “JT” (his riding lawn mover), he’s wanted someplace to keep it out of the weather. We’ve been keeping it covered with a tarp under a little lean-to on the north side of my little shop out back.

One day in August we decided to check out the prices of a little building big enough to house JT. Well, we don’t usually go “check out” something unless we’ve made up our minds that we’d probably get it.

Which we did.

They brought it out yesterday and built it on the spot where we wanted it.

Here’s a close-up of the cute door decoration. I didn’t know the decoration came with the building. Isn’t it cute?

Hubby’s brother will build him a ramp for it so he will just be able to drive JT in and out with ease.

Our new little “baby”. Hubby can’t wait to start filling it up.