It’s “Our” Day Again

My dear friend and I have been meeting once a year since 2008. Yes, this year was our 10th “anniversary” of meeting with each other. You may have read in my past blog entries about how we live two hours from each other and we started meeting half way between our houses just to see each other again and “catch up” with all the news between ourselves.

We both look forward to “our” day every year. Our birthdays are just two weeks apart so we always exchange a gift with each other as well.

I don’t know how much longer we’ll be able to drive the distance to see each other, but I hope it will be a few more years. We both enjoy getting together because we have so much in common. Being just two weeks difference in our age, we’ve had kids about the same time, we enjoy the same life-styles, and we both love crafting and going to thrift shops and enjoying a good bargain! 🙂

The weather was nice for the long drive to see each other. We had lunch in the same little restaurant and then went to the same thrift shop. We both loaded up on “goodies” to bring home. All the rest of the time, we talked and talked and oh yes, talked!

Here’s my friend with all her “goodies”

I didn’t have her take a pic of my “goodies”, but I got some t-shirts that I’ll decorate with sequins, a wooden sled that I’ll paint on, a knitting mystery book to read, and a pillow that I’ll use for a form to make another pillow.

Here are the pics we took of each other gifts that we exchanged. I knitted my friend a cap to wear when she walks her dog this winter. That’s her favorite color and she really liked it!

My friend knows how I loved “distressed” things, so she gave me a pottery bowl that is a little wonky and has some chips in it, and an embroidered picture that looks like it was done by a child. I’m not sure where she got it, but the backing was in bad shape so she had her son re-frame it just as it was originally. She wrote a personal message on the back of the frame. I love it! It makes me wonder who did it and when. It’s too bad it wasn’t signed.

I wonder who made the pottery bowl as well. It has initials carved into the bottom of the bowl. It looks like someone’s first attempt at making pottery or maybe a child made it. Wouldn’t it be nice to know some of the history of this bowl? She filled the bowl with candy corn which I sure enjoyed snacking on on the way home. Yum!

When it was time to say good-bye, I noticed a note stuck to her steering wheel.

It was to remind her to pick up her coat at the cleaners before she went home. I had to laugh. Nothing like having notes to help with our “senior moments”.

We always hate the good-bye part of our visit, but we’ll both be looking forward to “our” day again next year!


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