The Craft Sale At Ozark

It was hot and sticky weather during set-up, the craft fair, and breaking it all down again. It rained a little on Sat. and it was pretty miserable most of the time. We had a lot of customers, however; made a little money and most of all, got rid of a lot of crafts. It didn’t seem like it, though, when we started packing everything up to bring it all home again.

We got there pretty early Thurs. morning. Even though we knew how we were going to set it all up, had each section for the tables in their own totes, it still took us till mid-afternoon to get it all set up. I don’t know why it takes us so long to set up and break down. Maybe because we have so many little things and it takes a lot of finessing to get everything looking nice.

I really liked the way we set up the screens at the back of the booth this time. The tables were all pointing out toward the aisle and it gave people a lot of room to walk and look around. We left one table pulled out at one end so Sis and I could sit in our chairs and be away from the customers.

The way we had it set up seemed to confuse a lot of people, however, so the next day we turned the middle table around and opened up the middle of the booth so it would look more like one big booth.

To me, however, it looked more crowded. We’ll have to work on this. Yes, we’re already thinking about doing this again next year.

Here’s a few pics of a few more crafts that I finished to take with us.

A basket of pumpkins that I’ve sold a lot of in the past. I sold one this time! Go figure!

I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it was so cool. Didn’t sell it.

Made three more of these. I painted a spider web out of my sparkly fabric paint in the corner and added some spiders. Sold two of these.

And made a couple of these little cuties. Sold them both.

I sold my turkey wreath first thing on the first day. I wish I’d made a couple more of them.

So that’s our adventure for another year. Already looking forward to next year and have been thinking about what to make. As long as God blesses us with good health and the stamina to do all this, (because it is a lot of work), we’ll be down at Ozark again next year.

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