Better Get Back At This — Our Trip To Branson

My blog entries have been slacking up lately. This is the busiest time of the year for me. It used to be a lot busier when my family was younger. We have lots of birthdays along with the big holidays in these last two months of the year. We always had birthday parties to host or go to and with Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner as well, it’s always been a little hectic. And I loved it!!

But most of the kids are grown and gone their separate ways, so it’s hard for us all to get together like we used to. But I still like to acknowledge their birthdays with cards, (trying to remember to get them in the mail on time), and plan on at least one get-together for Christmas. It’s been several years since we’ve all been together at one time, but I keep hoping that maybe “this year will be that time.”

I have a couple of friends whom I used to work with in the Belton area come to see me at least once a year. We’ve remained friends all this time. I’ve blogged about them before. They are great friends. They make me feel like a teenager again.

They came down a few weeks ago, and we went to Branson for the weekend. On the way down, we stopped at Lambert’s for lunch where they “throw rolls” at their guests. It’s amazing how huge the servings are.

This is a chef’s salad for one person!

And the chicken pot pie with two extra side dishes is another serving.

Needless to say, we had to leave a lot of it to be thrown away because we didn’t have a way to keep it if we took it with us. I hate to throw food away! (BTW, that pot pie was DELICIOUS!)

We stopped on the way at a Branson Center to get tickets to a show.

I love to watch their little fishys swim in their little pool.

After getting checked in at our motel,

We all got together in one of the rooms and had a little “birthday” party. (We all have birthdays about the same time, so that’s one of the reasons we like to get together at this time of the year.)

After a quick supper at the Dairy Queen, we went to the show. We decided on the Haygoods this time. What a show! It was very crowded, (I counted four buses in the parking lot!), but we got seats right in the center about four or five rows back. We had a great view of the show!

It was getting pretty late after it was over, so back to the motel for a little shut-eye.

My son and his family from K.C. happen to come down to go to Silver Dollar City to see the Christmas lights this weekend as well. So we made plans to meet them for lunch the next day.

The girls and I went shopping, (that’s just a given when we get together — we love to go shopping!), and had a great time laughing, acting silly, and spending money!

When it was time to meet Son and family, we ran into a Santa posing for pictures with anyone who wanted. So my friends and I decided to talk to Santa.

We all met at the Hard Rock Café. They play and sing old-time songs while everyone enjoys their meal. It was so loud, however, that I didn’t get much “visiting” done with Son and family. But it was good to see them. It was also their oldest boy’s birthday the next day, so I was able to give him his gift. (I can’t believe I forgot to take any pictures of them. They did give me a pic that they had taken at SDC. Sorry it’s so grainy — it’s a pic of a pic.)


We said our good-byes, wished everyone safe travels home, drove back to my house where the two girls took off for home.

It was really a perfect weekend. In spite of Branson being very, very busy, we didn’t have a lot of traffic issues, or parking problems. It was supposed to rain, but it came at night while we were asleep, and everything worked out great. What a fun time!

That’s it for now. I’ll do some more catching up next time.


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