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Christmas and Birthdays All Month

December 31, 2018

We started Christmas early this year so we could have our family all together. This rarely happens anymore because the family is strung out all over the state. They all came to our house on Dec. 15th.

We had our big family get-together with everyone here except Daughter #2 and her Hubby. I fixed a big dinner after telling myself that it would just be soup and sandwiches this year. (I always get carried away.) In addition to the big meal, I had baked the week before making dozens of cookies and some fudge. (I actually did cut down on the goodies.)

Son and family came to spend the weekend with us. Then on Sat., all the rest of them showed up. The one I was most looking forward to seeing was our new little great-granddaughter.

She’s walking now, a little wobbly, but she learned quickly to watch her step when she had to go up or down getting from the kitchen to the sunroom. There’s a slight step down and she only fell once. After that she was very careful. She’s so smart!

After eating our big dinner, and Baby Girl is eating real food now,

we headed outside (it was a beautiful day!) to take some family pics. We always say we will do this, but time gets away from us and it doesn’t happen.

I’ll just show a few of the many pics that I took. We wanted to get everyone in as many groups as we could. Here’s our oldest one and her family,

The two boys from Daughter #2 who wasn’t here,

Son and his family,

Grandson #4 and his family,

Mom and Dad with two of our three,

And Grandpa and Grandma with ALL of our grandkids and little Baby Girl.

Just a note here. I’m a tall woman, but you can see that everyone here is taller than me except the two little ones. Yes, we have tallness in our family!

Then to the happiness of the youngest grandson, we headed inside to unwrap gifts. We started with the youngest and worked our way to the oldest. Everyone got one gift apiece and we waited for that person to unwrap their gift before we went on to the next one. That way everyone gets to see what everyone else is getting.

Baby Girl was first,

I think someone was getting tired, but she didn’t fuss at all. She’s such a good girl!

It was so much fun having everyone here and hard to say goodbye when they left. Son and family were going to spend one more night, so it wasn’t like all of a sudden we had a quiet house after all that activity. That helped.


Christmas morning it was just Hubby and me. We had a gift for each other which we exchanged. The gift he wrapped is on top of the stack.

He’s not a pro, but he gets the job done.

I thought it was kind of clever, however, because it was a little box with a beautiful necklace and earring set inside.

He’s been wanting this little drill-looking gadget to inflate tires ever since he saw it in a store several weeks ago. So. . . . .

We were invited to Daughter #1’s house for lunch that day.  After cleaning up a bit, we spent the next few hours with them; so we didn’t have to spend the whole Christmas Day by ourselves. It was a nice visit and we enjoyed ourselves very much! (She fixed a taco soup that was soooo good!)


My Sis and I had our Christmas with each other on Thurs. after Christmas. She came over as usual and we went to one estate sale. Didn’t get much, but had fun anyway.

After coming back here, we took our gifts and some goodies into the sewing room and had our little party.

love the socks she gave me — they have popcorn on them!

We started getting silly and I took a “selfie” with my camera. I couldn’t see where I was aiming, but it didn’t turn out too bad. LOL!

We actually had time to craft a little before she headed for home. It was a wonderful day!


As I’ve mentioned before, we have lots of birthdays in the last few months of the year. In Dec. alone we have five! It’s hard on this old woman to remember all of them.

My Sis’s birthday was on the 5th and I blogged about that one. Two of them are on the same day, the 11th, so they got cards with money in them on the day of our Christmas party. The last two are the two youngest ones. Baby Girl was born two days before Christmas and Grandson #6 was born two days after Christmas.

Since we weren’t going to get to be with them on their birthdays, I had gifts to give them to take home so they could open their gift on their day. I remembered to give one of them their gift, but I let the other one get away without their gift. So I had to mail it to them anyway. (I’m losing it!)

Now it’s New Year’s Eve. Hubby and I will spend the evening doing what we usually do. We may be up until midnight and hopefully I’ll get a New Year’s kiss.

So, I’ll see ya’ll next year!

Sis’s B-Day 2018

December 10, 2018

Sis’s birthday was on a Wed. this year. Her family had a party on the weekend so everyone could be there. She said “everyone was there, even people I didn’t know!” Some of her son’s girlfriend’s relatives were invited whom she had never met until that evening. She was glad to get to know them and “everyone was so nice and we all had a wonderful time.”

Her birthday continued on Thurs. when we got together for our weekly meet. She didn’t want to leave her house because she was expecting a package and didn’t want some low-life stealing it off her porch, (which is happening more and more at this time of year. Yes, it’s sad, but it happens.)

So instead of running to the only estate sale in town this time, I went over to her house and we had a little party. We had coffee, (some of her gifts she received from her family was some favored coffee) and I brought some pastry to enjoy as we drank that delicious coffee.

She showed me all of her Christmas decorations that she’s been putting out including her little tree and the elves climbing up the ladder that she bought at an estate sale last year.

Then it was time to open my gift to her.

I found a card for her that said just the right thing.

Sis loves pumpkins and I bought this one from my brother-in-law who makes them. It’s a little late in the year for pumpkins, but she said that’s ok because she loves it and she can think about how she wants to decorate it next year.

I gave her an apple towel that I bought when we went to the little Christmas in the Country craft show a few weeks ago. She decorates her kitchen in apples. She hung it on the oven door right away.

But the last was not the least, because I gave her a little necklace that I saw on a mannikin at the mall that I knew she would love to have! She loves snowmen. It’s so cute and it was on sale, so I bought one for myself as well.

After the mailman came, (no package wouldn’t you know), I took her out for lunch. Afterward we went through the tote of yarn that she bought at the last estate sale. (I’ve already mentioned mine in the previous blog.)

I helped her to sort it and roll some of the partial skeins into balls. She was surprised to see all the yarn she got.

I took a craft kit to work on when we finished with all the “partying” that we were going to do, but instead, we just sit and talked and reminisced until it was time for me to leave. It was a fun day, and I think Sis enjoyed it.

The Mother Load

December 3, 2018

Sis and I were back at it again this week. We haven’t been able to get together for several weeks because of colds, Thanksgiving, etc. But this week was the usual estate sale hoping and crafting(?). Well, we didn’t get any crafting done because we ran out of time after all the running around we did spending money. It gets dark so early now that Sis had to go home earlier than she used to.

We’ve both been working on crafts on our own, however, so we did have some “show and tells”. This is what Sis brought to show,

I’ve been working on several things, (of course — that’s how my mind works), but I’ve only finished one project. I decided one day to organized and file all my loose patterns that I’ve been collecting from different sources. When I came across some dish clothes made from a #5 thread, I thought to myself, “I have a bunch of that, why don’t I make some dish clothes for the sale next year since I sold a bunch of them this year.” So that’s what I did,

I emptied about twelve spools of thread making these. I also used more of the #20 and #30 size crochet thread to make the tweedy-look border around each one. I’m so proud of myself! AND I have an empty tote in my stash where all of these spools used to be. Go Me!

However, the stash of yarn got bigger for Sis and me when we arrived at one of the estate sales. This lady was a hoarder of craft supplies! We just about fell over when we saw the totes of yarn this lady had. There were at least 20+ totes stacked upon each other in the back yard.

Normally, I look over this kind of yarn because it’s mostly acrylic-type which is the majority of the kinds that I have. But these were BIG totes full of BIG skeins of yarn, and they were selling them for $10 a tote!! The Mother Load of yarn and it was cheap!

I bought two totes. One of them was just the huge skeins that have 16 oz. each in them.

The green yarn is cotton — I’ll use this to make more dish cloths. And the rest was smaller skeins, most of them full but several balls of left-overs which are just enough to use for making small stuffed animals.

Here’s what it looked like all together (and I forgot about another small pile that I didn’t have on the daybed.)

To give you perspective, just these two skeins of yarn at Joanne’s would be $20 if I bought them without a coupon.

Sis bought a tote as well, but she had to go home so I didn’t get a pic of her tote full. Maybe she’ll bring it over next week and I will get a pic of it as well.

I probably would have bought more if my car had been bigger, so that’s probably a good thing it isn’t. After the holidays, I’m planning on making a bunch of afghans and especially lap afghans to donate to locate nursing homes. So we shall see.

Anyway, we sure found the Mother Load this time around. What a DEAL!

Thanksgiving 2018

December 1, 2018

Hubby and I are usually alone on Thanksgiving because all of our kids usually do their own thing with the “other families”. But this year we were invited to our Son’s home. They live about a three-hour drive from here, so we usually spend the night when we travel that far. Those far-away trips are beginning to have a tole on these old folks, however; so we may not be making too many more trips to see our kids — they will have to do the traveling if they want to see us. It’s not like the “olden” days when all the family would “come home for the holidays.”

But I digress.

There wasn’t much traffic when we made the trip to Son’s place because we didn’t leave until Thanksgiving morning. Most people were already at their destinations by then. It was nice weather — pretty warm even considering how cold Nov. has been so far.

It was nice to see the kids again even though we’d seen them at Branson just a few weeks ago. The boys had their games in hand but they turned them off long enough for us to visit with them.

I didn’t take too many pics, but I did get one of Son carving the turkey.

Of course, my son is being my son so he has to act silly sometimes,

The next morning, Daughter-in-law and I went shopping. Yes. On Black Friday. Actually we went a little later in the day so the crowds weren’t that bad. Just the last place we went, we had to stand in a line that took about an hour to get through. But everyone in line was very polite, the staff was very accommodating; so, even though this was the first time I’ve experienced this madness as a customer, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be. In fact, there really wasn’t any “madness” to experience. (And DIL got some awesome deals on what she bought!)

In my mind’s eye, I see the pics on tv about the crowds falling all over each other to get the last one of something that they just have to have. Actually when I worked in retail, I only worked the early, early morning rush of customers once on a Black Friday. I saw first hand how some silly customers crowded everyone else to reach some kind of electronic game or whatever it was. In fact, I was supposed to help keep the customers at bay until the other associate cut the plastic off the pallet that held these games. One customer got so close that the guy almost cut her arm as he was cutting away the plastic. What is wrong with people!?! The pallet plainly held more of the games than the people standing there to get one, but the customer acted like she wouldn’t get one if she wasn’t first.

By the time we got back to her house, we packed up and headed home. We wanted to get back before dark because neither Hubby nor I like to drive at night. (Hubby doesn’t let on much, but I think it bothers him more than he wants to admit.) It was dark before we were halfway home, but the traffic still wasn’t bad, so it wasn’t a big deal.

We had a nice time, good company, great food, (the turkey just fell off the bones), and wonderful weather. (We were able to take a couple of walks around the neighborhood to burn off some calories.)