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Year Of The Dolls

January 22, 2019

When some of our company left to go back home while they were here for our Christmas get-together, it was such warm weather that they didn’t think to take their coats with them. They didn’t discover it until they were home. Home being about a three-hour drive from here. After being informed of this dilemma, I was on a mission to find a box big enough to mail three coats.

I’ve had some dolls and doll parts boxed up in the garage for quite a while. One of the boxes was just the size I needed for the coats.

(Actually this scenario is a repeat of last year when I needed a box to mail something else. That’s when I came across the Renuzit dolls and decided to make them up to put in our craft sale last Fall.)

I brought all three boxes in, dumped the contents on the daybed in my sewing room, packed up the coats in the largest box, and made a trip to the P.O. to get it mailed off.

Now what to do with these doll bodies and parts? Most of these have been around for almost as long as I’d started working for W-M in 1987. Yes, really! We’ve toted them around with us for years. It was time to do something with them.

At first I thought that I would just put them in the next yard sale. But then I started looking through the pattern leaflets that I had stored along with the dolls. Well, I thought, why don’t I make a few of these up and see if I enjoy the process and how they turn out. After all, they are kind of cute.

There was only one doll this size, so I worked this one first.

Then a couple of the eight little Cindy dolls.

There are four pillow dolls. They just have a half body to fit into a skirt/pillow form. Curiosity got the best of me, so I started one of them. And crocheted. And crocheted. And crocheted. Boy are these yarn-eating dolls! But that’s ok, I certainly have the yarn for them. 🙂

Here’s the first one finally finished.

Ok, I have to admit that she turned out really pretty. Worth all the time that I spent crocheting her.

In between making this one, (because I would get bored crocheting all those ruffles), I crocheted an outfit for another of the Little Cindy dolls, in addition to a couple of little bear outfits that I saw in a magazine that I picked up at the last estate sale.

The knitted bear is actually a UFO that I started knitting last year. I love his little overalls.

I have to admit that I’m having fun with these dolls. I’ve started another pillow doll in yellow. And I have three more of the little bears to make outfits for. They’re just the right size to be used for an ornament. Actually I have a couple of larger bears that I have patterns for as well. They may be included with all these finished dolls one of these days.

As long as my interests in these dolls last, I’ll keep working on them. Hopefully I’ll get most of them worked up this year before I fizzle out.

Baby Shower

January 16, 2019

My great-niece is having another baby. Her first child, a boy, is already in grade school so she hasn’t had anything relating to a baby in quite a while. Plus, this baby is a girl. So she needed a shower.

The shower was held at my Sis’s house this last weekend.

Even though there were quite a few that came, they had enough food to feed an army! It reminded me of when I have a family get-together — I get carried away with the food.

Here’s the cake

The pictures on top are of the baby. The one on the left is very clearly the baby’s profile of her head. The pic on the left is supposed to be her face straight on, but I had a hard time seeing that. Actually if looks better in this picture than it did in real life.

We had to play a few games before gifts were open. One of the games was tasting baby food to see if we could guess what flavor it was. Some of it was really nasty-tasting and some of us made some terrible faces.

Another game was writing down the baby’s name and making as many words from it as possible in three minutes. I came up with three, and one lady came up with 28! Wow!

We had to guess how many jelly beans were in the jar. I guessed way over.

And of course the little pink clothespins on our clothes and if we said the word “baby” anytime during the party, it was taken away from us by the person who heard it first. Of course, I lost mine almost immediately.

So needless to say, I didn’t win any of the games. But we all had fun anyway.

Then it came time for Mommy to open gifts.

She got a big variety of nice things including a crib, mattress, and changing table,

and a little swing. There were lots of baby clothes, diapers, and even a picture hand-painted by one of her aunts to hang in the baby’s room.

love the picture. (No, it wasn’t from me.)

It was a fun afternoon. Now we just need to wait for that baby to come. They are going to induce labor next weekend because Mommy is having some issues with blood pressure. She only has a few weeks to go anyway. Can’t wait to meet her!

Shopping Spree

January 4, 2019

Sis came over yesterday, but we opted out of estate sale hopping because there was only one going on anyway. Instead, we decided to go shopping.

I had given her a top that I bought at the mall for Christmas. She wasn’t happy with the way it fit, so wondered if I would be hurt if she exchanged it for something else. Of course I wouldn’t be hurt — I want her to have something that she’s happy with.

So off to the mall we go. She found something she liked and I found two things that I liked!  And everything was on sale! Woo Hoo!

After buying our goodies, we got a coffee and relaxed for a bit. Then we decided we would “run over” to Hobby Lobby just to see if they had anymore Christmas stuff on clearance. (I had gone over there the day before and they had all their Christmas left-overs 90% off!! Yes, I came home with several bags of stuff.)

I couldn’t believe how much more was gone in just one day! There was still a lot to go through, however, even though most of it was picked over pretty good. Sis found some decorations that she’ll use for next year when she puts up her “big tree” and I found even more goodies to craft with than I did the day before.

I also found some cute scissors with the handles shaped like a butterfly. Since they weren’t on sale, I used the Hobby Lobby app that I installed on my “new” phone and found a 40% off coupon to use for the scissors. (Finally my new phone is starting to pay for itself. Ha!)

We were already close to Michael’s, so we decided to see if they had any Christmas left as well. So off we go. Sis found a few more decorations. The only thing I found was some grab bags marked at $4.00. Most of them had old flowers, but one sack had two boxes that said “metal lantern” printed on the side. Sis talked me into buying the bag by telling me that she would pay half. So, yeah, we came home with it.


Isn’t it cute? Not bad for two bucks. Neither one was damaged, so Sis took one and I kept one. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it but my mind keeps thinking, “decorate it for Halloween, maybe?”

After getting back to my house, we just had time to have another cup of tea and coffee before she had to head home. But what a wonderful time we had shopping, talking, and getting the bargains!