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Almost, But Not

February 28, 2019

Well, here it is the last day of Feb. and my dolls aren’t finished as I was hoping they would be. My work on them has been slowing down for the last couple of weeks. It’s still fun to work on them and especially when I get one finished; but I’m having a difficult time making myself work on them. I’m getting more and more drawn to other things.

But finish them I will. There’s two of the little dolls with blankets that have all the crocheting finished. Just putting them together will finish them up. Maybe it will happen today because Sis and I are homebound again because of the weather.

Four little Cindy dolls still need to be dressed, a pillow doll needs stuffed and sewed up, and another pillow doll needs to be started. That will end the doll-making for now. There’s still 12 Barbie-type dolls to make outfits for, but I think I’m going to take a break and crochet an afghan, or finish some UFO’s, or knit a sweater, or sew up one of my patchwork kits, or . . . . . .

Here’s the two babies I finished since the last blog

This is the last of the little rabbits and bears,

This is the only ladies face and hands that I had. These used to be popular in their day, but I never made one. It’s vintage!

I hung it in my kitchen and now she’s mine!

National Craft Month starts tomorrow. Maybe Sis and I can do something special to honor it.

Finally! Fun With Sis Again

February 23, 2019

It’s been several weeks since Sis and I have been able to get together. One week I had to have some oral surgery and didn’t feel like much of anything, then I got a cold and didn’t want to pass it on to Sis, and in between was icy and snowy roads which neither one of us like to get out on. And since I retired, I don’t have to travel on bad roads again, so by golly I don’t!

But this week was a pretty nice day for Feb. and we both were feeling good, so estate sale hopping we went. We didn’t find anything special, but we had fun looking and did find a few goodies.

Then back to my house for more coffee and treats. (Sis brought me some Valentine candy!) We had a lot of show and tells to see. Mine of course was all the little babies I’ve been working on which I posted in last week’s post. I had a couple more finished as well.

Another Little Cindy doll. I’m going to put white ribbon around her waist — just didn’t get that far yet.

And another bunny.

Sis had four to show! She’s been busy!

This was a kit of a garland of mittens made of cardboard that came with all the pieces to put it together. I took a pic of the whole thing, but for some reason the pic didn’t come out. But here’s a close-up of some of it.

This is a cross-stitch picture that she’s been working on for a while. She’s going to hang this in her sewing room. Doesn’t it look pretty in the gold frame?

A little unfinished kit that she picked up at an estate sale. All finished and ready to hang in her sewing room.

A pair of pillow cases that she painted on. She’s had these pillow cases in her stash since she can’t remember when, (I can relate to that), and now they’re finished. Aren’t they just the cutest?

She’s been crocheting on a little turtle and got stuck with the instructions, so she brought it over hoping that I could help her with it. So between the both of us, we got her going on it again.

We had a wonderful time together. It seems like it’s been several months instead of several weeks that we hadn’t been able to get together again, so it was nice to catch up.

What a Menagerie!

February 19, 2019

In my last blog entry, I mentioned that this would be the year of the dolls. I’ve been having sooooo much fun getting these little characters dressed. Yes, you could say I’ve been obsessed with them. I love to finish one and see what it’ll look like.

I finished the rest of the little mini-bears,

and the yellow bed pillow.

I didn’t think I would ever finish all those ruffles! But isn’t she cute?!

There were a couple of the faces and hands for a puppet doll laying under a blanket. Yep, curiosity got the best of me again, so away I went.

They turned out soooo cute! I put one on my hand to show how you can move their little hands and head. I stuck her little thumb in her mouth.

There were three of these little faces and hands sets that could just have a body crocheted around them, so one of those little babies was next on the list.

I didn’t like the way the bonnet was made, so I had to do a bit of pattern-altering to get it the way I liked it. She got a blanket as well,

The clown head and hands and feet were calling me, so he was made up next.

The other one was just a head, so I made it a little different.

There was another doll head and another set of baby hands, so I combined them for another doll with a blanket.

This baby has a secret, however. She has three moods. I made the bonnet a little loose, so it can be pulled away from her head, then the head can be moved around to expose her many moods.

Is that cute, or what!? The trim on the blanket wasn’t finished because I ran out of the purple yarn. Out of all the yarn I have, I couldn’t find another one that color, so off to Hobby Lobby I went. Of course this yarn is pretty old and I couldn’t find the kind of yarn, but I found a color in another yarn that was really close. Since I took this picture, I have the blanket finished and it doesn’t look too bad.

The basket with the rest of the bears and rabbits that have been around here forever have been pressing on my mind. So, of course, I got them down and have been playing with them as well. This has been quite the challenge for me because I’ve had to alter patterns and be creative (which is really hard for me — but it’s been fun), and this is the result:

The bears,

The bunnies,

I finished this one last night. Her little face reminds me of our little great granddaughter. Maybe she’ll get this doll one of these days.

At the moment, I’m working on another pillow doll and another dress for one of the Cindy dolls. This little dress has a lot of ruffles and is taking some time to crochet.

There’s one more smaller bear, one larger one, two more baby faces with their hands, five more little Cindy dolls, one more pillow doll and a face and hands for a pot holder lady that hangs on the wall. My goal is to get them all finished by the end of this month. I don’t know about the other pillow doll. The pattern I picked out to make for her also has a lot of ruffles. The other pillow dolls took about a week each to make. So will it happen? Tune in to see!