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Life After Yard Sale

May 25, 2019

It took Sis and me several weeks to prepare and have the yard sale. Crafting was put on the back burner, for the most part anyway. But now that the sale is out of the way, we’re back at it.

My UFO’s were beginning to get the upper hand on me again. (No surprise there, right?) So I’ve put my big girl panties back on and started in on them. I rummaged through a bunch of them and brought out several including the Halloween House that I started in 2011. (Yep, it’s been that long ago!)

I set everything up so I could take turns with each project. I would work on one, tire of it, and move on to the next one. It was kind of fun doing it that way. The result is two finished knitted ear-warmers,

a finished knitted mobius scarf,

and a couple more pairs of crocheted gloves,

I also got more done on “the House” and the crocheted granny afghan that I started several weeks ago.

All the yarn made into the ear-warmers, the mobius, and the gloves were from yarn (expensive) that I found at the estate sales that Sis and I run to every week. Beautiful yarns! And so soft!

In addition, I started another knitted scarf that I worked on in-between all the other projects. This is a sampler scarf made with eight different knitted stitches. I was perusing the Fair premium book one day and noticed a new Division called “Samplers”. It’s any item made using any technique in the Household Arts Section. So when I saw this scarf in a book I was looking at, I immediately thought about this Division in the Fair. Consequently, a new scarf has been born.

The scarf is just about finished now. I only have a few inches to go, then I can block it and it will be ready for its trip to the Fair in a couple of months. It was fun to work on using all those different patterns. Some were a little difficult but they turned out really pretty. I love it and the yarn I made it out of is so soft! (Again, from estate sales.) Picture on the next blog entry.

Another project I finished for the Fair is a baby afghan made from a lot of different baby yarns that I have. I worked on it during the sale just to keep my hands busy.

This will go into the CMN Division of the Fair, so I won’t be getting this one back.

Of course, Sis is still coming once a week to work on crafts. (We’ve been spending so much time running to sales, however, that a lot of crafting isn’t getting done. Ha! But we’re having fun, anyway.)

Sis brought a “show and tell” one week as well. She mostly cross-stitches, which is very time-consuming, so she doesn’t finish as many projects as I usually do. This one is especially pretty, I think.

When we do have time to craft here at the house, we started working on a kit of plastic canvas bear ornaments that I picked up at a sale.

We discovered that if we were going to finish them in a reasonable amount of time, that we would have to work on them on our own. “Homework” so to speak. So this week, we showed what we’ve accomplished so far,

The kit had enough materials to make eight different bears. But between the both of us, and more plastic canvas and yarn from our stashes, we’re making at least two of each bear. We still have several to make, so I need to add them to my circle of projects so they won’t go to that “back burner.”

It’s Garage Sale Time Again

May 7, 2019

One of my neighbors has been having a garage sale at this time of year for as long as we’ve lived here. Several other neighbors as well as myself have started having one at the same time so we could advertise it as a “neighborhood” sale. It brings in more customers, I think.

So for the last several weeks, I’ve been trying to clean out, purge (a little), and get ready for this garage sale. My Sis was involved with it as well. It’s amazing how much more stuff we can come up with in just a years’ time. Where does all this stuff come from?

Well, some of it was left over from last year because it was either too big or too good to just take to the thrift store where all of our “leftovers” usually wind up. So these items will probably be in next years sale.

We also set up a table for our “new” crafts left over from our craft sale in Ozark. We thought we would see how successful we would be to “clearance” some of these items so we could have more room for new crafts at our show.

It doesn’t surprise me that we sold quite a few things because when you add the word “clearance,” it seems to draw the crowd like bees to honey. So we did manage to sell quite a few of our crafts.

The neighbor that started all this usually sells for up to 10 or 12 other families. So needless to say, her sale is BIG! She even “watched” her neighbor’s sale because they had to work, plus she had two other neighbors close that was having a sale as well. Since we are in the next block down from all of them, we felt like the “Lone Ranger.”

I’m beginning to think that we don’t have as much traffic as we could have because of this. When I look up her way to see where all the customers are, I can see right away. There were so many cars that the road was nearly blocked a lot of the time.

Consequently we had slow days as far as the customers went; but in spite of this, we sold a lot of items and made about $250 all together to boot! I was actually surprised when I added it all up.

So we can’t complain too much because did have a good sale — probably better since we had all that competition up the road.

Believe it or not, I’ve already discovered a few things around here that I forgot to put in the sale. Another “pile” has been started for next year!