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As If We Didn’t Have Enough Crafts To Do . . . . .

August 24, 2019

Sis and I hit an estate sale this week that was in a house that belonged to a true hoarder. This lady had a house and a couple of outside sheds full of all kinds of antiques and everything else. Lots of craft supplies, especially material. There were boxes and boxes of craft supplies and half-made crafts in addition to the fully-made crafts with price tags on them ready for sale.

Now Sis and I, (especially I), have more craft supplies than we’ll ever use even if we were granted another lifetime. So we don’t really need anything else. But we’re like a moth drawn to a flame and we can’t help ourselves. Yep, it’s a disease. In fact, I printed out a cute saying and framed it for the sewing room — it fits us to a T.

Hopefully we won’t get as bad as the hoarder lady; but I, unfortunately, have a good start. Sis, on the other hand, goes through her “stuff” once in a while and takes a lot of it to the thrift store. But, sure enough, she regrets it when she’s just needing that one little thing that she got rid of to finish up a project. Usually she can find what she’s looking for at my house, however.  🙂

I know you all are waiting on pins and needles to find out what we bought at the “hoarder” lady’s house.

And this is just what I bought! Some of this is crafts that Sis and I will make together to take to the craft sale in Ozark — not that we need any more inventory. But it was so cheap! It would knock your socks off if you knew how much I saved. In fact, it would knock my socks off if I knew.

Just for an example, I bought eight packages of quilt kits (right in the middle of the picture) that will make a crib-sized wall hanging. It’s a learn-to-quilt kit series to teach all the methods of piecing and quilting. The pattern and even the fabric is included in the kit. All of it for just $10! AND the lady just threw in four more fabric kits to make other things for free! (I think they were just wanting to get rid of all this.)

There was a couple of pre-printed panels to make aprons. I’ve already cut them out and plan to sew on them later today. Also a bunch of little kits (right in the front of the pic.) that are pins to paint. We think we’re going to make them into ornaments, however. The fabric snowmen at the back of the picture just need to have scarves, hats and buttons to finish them up and the little wooden snowmen at the bottom left just need some dowel arms and maybe a little broom that we could make from a dowel and raffia. (My mind never stops.)

We’ll have lots of fun trying to use this stuff up.

On the other hand, I have actually finished a few UFO’s. (Of course, I’ve also started a few new projects as well.) This is a crocheted sweater that I finished this week.

This is the knitted sweater that I was hoping to put in the Fair this year, but when I started sewing it together, it was wrong side out! So out came the stitches, been resewn, and it’s finished now.

Here’s a close-up of the pattern.

I crocheted a motif with the idea that I could make enough of them to make a table cover. But alas, it wasn’t to be. The thread I was using is a size 30, (very small), and the pattern had a LOT of treble crochet stitches. Not a pretty sight with that small of thread. Besides, it was a pain to work.

So I framed the one motif I made. I think it’s kind of pretty.

This cross-stitched bookmark was too pretty to be hidden in a book, so I framed it as well.

Before Sis left this week, I made a committment to her that I would have one of the new fabric kits that I bought at the estate sale sewed together by the time she came next week. It’s a doll with a feed sack dress. So with that being said, I’d better hop on into the sewing room and do some sewing. Pictures next week, (I hope!)

Going Through Books Again

August 17, 2019

Sis and I didn’t get together last week because I was recuperating from a surgery that I had done in my mouth. It wasn’t a big deal, but I just had it done the day before craft day, so I didn’t feel like running around to sales, etc.

But this week, we had our craft day. There were only two sales, so we had some time for crafting when we returned to my house.

I’ve been on a mission to get rid of some of this mountain of craft books and magazines that keep accumulating around here. But before they hit the stacks to be recycled or go to the library, I have to look through them to find any craft patterns that I just have to keep. (Have I mentioned before that I LOVE to look through my books?) A lot of my books that take up so much space usually only have one or two patterns in them that interest me. So why keep a whole book just for a pattern?

We bought a printer to hook up to my computer years ago, and I love my printer. It’s so easy to just copy a pattern, place it into one of my notebooks, and then I can do away with the book.

Yes, I’ve been getting rid of a lot of books and I can actually see some space on some of my shelves now.

Unfortunately, looking through all these books and magazines have had a bad (?) side-effect. Lets see, how many new projects have I started since I began looking through all this mess? Yes, several.

On top of starting new projects, I’ve been adding to the tote of projects-to-be that Sis and I can work on as well. So when she came over this week, we started on another Santa made from some plastic canvas stars that I’ve had for who knows how long.

We didn’t get very far on them because we had a lot of “catching up” to do not seeing each other for two weeks. For some reason we can’t seem to work and talk at the same time.  🙂

We both had some “show and tells” to show off first. Several weeks ago at one of the sales we went to, Sis found a bunch of little Christmas ornament-sized cross-stitch pieces that someone had made. She also found a box of the little plastic frames that these pieces would fit into. So she finished them all up and brought them over for me to see,

Here’s a close-up of some of them,

They are so cute! Whoever did the cross-stitching did a very good job of it. I’ve already picked out one or two that I’d like to have.

In spite of the new projects that I’ve started, I’ve been able to finish a few more UFO’s,

There’s actually three of these bowls finished and one more to go. I bought this “yarn” at a sale a few weeks ago. It’s more like macramé yarn because it’s very stiff–perfect to make bowls. Its hard to work with and I’m having to work on them a little at a time because it hurts my fingers. But one more to go, and that’s all of those!

Another cowl and slouch hat is now out of the UFO pile,

and I’ve started two other projects, but still working on them. However, I did start and finish this scarf/cowl,

With the Fair over, now it’s time to start thinking about the craft fair in Ozark. It’s only about six weeks away. I’ve been thinking about some new ways that we can display our crafts. Six weeks will go fast so I’d better get with it.

Shirts (and Other Fun)

August 3, 2019

Sis was here yesterday for another craft (and estate-sale-hopping) day. I’ve gotten a little behind posting our crafty fun.

One day while estate-sale shopping, we came across a couple of iron-ons to put on T-shirts. The last couple of years, we’ve been making ourselves some look-alike T-shirts to wear while we’re at the craft sale in Ozark. There just happened to be two of the iron-ons, so we both bought one.

A couple of weeks ago, while shopping at Hobby Lobby, (we don’t always spend our time shopping estate sales), we bought ourselves a shirt. The next week, we put the iron-ons onto the shirts and drew the patterns for the embellishments.

We finished them this week.

Here’s a close-up of the design,

Now, in addition to the other two shirts we have alike, we have this one as well. If the weather is a little chilly at the time of the craft sale, (which it has been some years), the shirts are big enough that we’ll be able to wear a long-sleeve shirt under them.

While we were in the process of deciding how to decorate our shirts, I was rummaging around in my paints and other embellishments to find what we needed without having to go buy anything else. I came across a stack of wannabes that I’ve had stashed away for some time.

Of course, “getting side-tracked” is my middle name, so I had to go through them and work on a few.


The two white ones are aprons. I had an iron-on of the sparkly Christmas baubles that I put on one and the other one is a fabric snowman applique that I cut from the same fabric that we made our door hangers from a few years ago. The dark green T-shirt has another fabric cut-out appliqued on the front and a ring of fabric paint around the outside edge.

This is a little bag that just had to have this cute little fabric girl and boy gingerbread people stitched to the front. A trim of ribbon candy canes at the top of the bag finishes the look.

After getting these projects finished up, I decided to go through some of the UFO’s that seem to accumulate when I’m not looking.

I finished sewing this cross-stitch picture, that I found at a garage sale in a frame, onto a bag. I just thought that with the saying it had, it needed to be on a bag.

I finished up a few more things that have just been laying around for a while.

The pumpkin is sewed and stuffed. I picked it up at a craft sale a while back as well as the spring. I glued the pumpkin onto the spring, then tied pieces of ribbon, etc. on it. I think it’s kind of cute.

The little cross-stitch picture is a kit that I picked up at an estate sale as well as the little frame. I put them together and now they’re ready to hang next to my other lambs in the corner of my sewing room.

I’ve had the little scissors case forever with some of the cross-stitching done. It’s about time to get it together. Yeah, it took me an hour or so to finish it. (Boy, why ‘o why do I put things off like I do?!?) Here’s a close-up of the picture on the flap,

Just the right size for a little pair of embroidery scissors to carry with my stitching.

A little more catching up,

This is another project that Sis and I worked on a couple of weeks during our craft days,

They’re cross-stitch and fabric ornaments that came in a kit that I’ve had forever, as well. Quick to make and cute all finished up.

This is the project that we finished this week while she was here,

This again is made of felt. It wasn’t a kit, but I had “put together” all the stuff to make it with and, yes, it’s been stashed away in my kits for a long time. We only made one apiece, so we’ll be keeping these for ourselves.

And one more project from my little shop out back that I finished while getting everything ready for the Fair.

I painted the inserts that came with the frames, then painted the frames. Kind of cute, I think.

That’s all of our projects caught up for now. But stay tuned, I’m sure there will be more.

And Then There’s The Crafts

August 2, 2019

Ok, I’ve already mentioned all of my baking results but I haven’t posted my craft winnings yet. So here goes. . . . . .

By the way, have I mentioned before how talented people are in this area of our world? Well, I’m sure there are talented people everywhere in the world, but it seems to me that we have a LOT of talented people right here.

My crafts didn’t do as well as in the past, but that’s ok. When I see some of this talent that other people come out with, it just boggles my mind! But to be fair to myself, I did manage to get a few ribbons on my items.

Here’s my soap that I painted,

the little wooden heart Christmas tree ornament,

my wooden basket with the Americana design,

my painted jar,

the knitted headband for the Caps for Comfort special contest,

the plastic canvas bear in pj’s Christmas ornament,

my knitted sampler scarf,

the bed doll with the crocheted outfit,

the crocheted afghan I made with some yarn bought at an estate sale,

the little crocheted doll for the Toys for Tots class,

and the baby afghan for the CMN class.

So out of 19 craft items, my craftiness won me 11 ribbons. Not bad.

I’m already working on some things that, hopefully, will be Fair-worthy for next year. Have I mentioned that I LOVE the Fair?!