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Christmas 2019

December 31, 2019

Daughter #1 hosted our Christmas get-together this year on the Sat. before Christmas. We had a wonderful time even though some of the family wasn’t there. We sure missed them however.

The Daughter’s tree was beautiful!


We had a wonderful dinner of turkey, ham and all the trimmings courtesy of Son-in-law. He’s a great cook! I, of course, made too many goodies again this year. But no one could say that they left with empty bellies or didn’t have plenty of take-home boxes of goodies.

We all had our turns with opening a gift,

Later, after more pie and goodies, the boys found their way to the “game room”.

The next day we had more visiting with Son and family before they had to head back home.

We don’t get together with our family very often anymore, so I sure look forward to the times when we can.


Sis and I got together on our usual day which happened to be the day after Christmas. She and her family had their get-together on Christmas Eve, so we were free to spend the day together.

I went to her house with left-over goodies, my gift for her, my computer to show pictures of our Christmas, and some crafts to work on if we had time.  She had coffee made, more goodies, a gift for me and some flavored hot chocolate to try later.

We dug into the goodies first

looked at pictures, then opened our gifts.

I got a bunch of stuff!

Then Sis opened her gifts,

I had made her a shirt that had a snowmen on it since she loves snowmen.

Here’s a close-up of it,

She had to go try it on right away,

We both gave each other a pair of socks, so we had to try them on as well,

After much talking, drinking coffee and hot chocolate, and eating goodies, we settled down and worked on a few crafts. Then I had to head home. It was a fun day!


December 11, 2019

Have you ever seen anything more amazing?!

Crocheter Uses Her Skills To Turn Dried Leaves Into Works Of Art (30 Pics)

Sis’s B-day

December 10, 2019

Last week was Sis’s birthday. Her actual “day” was the day that we normally get together every week, so I planned a little extra for her after we returned from our estate-sale hopping.

I set our “work table” up and put a pretty table cloth on it, then set the table with some goodies. I made a little stand for a cupcake out of candy canes. An idea that I recently saw in a magazine.

I made her wait outside the sewing room until I lit the candle in the cupcake; then when she walked in, Hubby and I sang “Happy Birthday” to her. We all laughed.

Then she had to make a wish and blow out her candle,

Next was opening her gifts,

This is a little snow scene music box. There’s a couple of little bears dancing on the pond of “ice” as the music plays. She likes snowmen and bears — what a perfect gift for her.

I found a candle that smells like coffee (it really does!). She loves to burn candles and she loves the smell of coffee.

Sis also loves the color blue and the paisley print, so I found a bag that had both. She said she loves it!

When she left to go home with all her goodies, she commented that she had the best day and gave me a hug. It makes my heart feel so good when I can make someone happy!

Craft Sale For Seniors

December 7, 2019

Today was the last craft sale that Sis and I will have until next year — maybe next year. The vote is still out on that decision. Sis says “no more” and I’ve been thinking that we can’t keep this up much longer. After all, we’re both in our 70’s now. But at the same time, we keep talking about what kind of crafts we could make for next year.

We’ll see what Time decides for us.

Our sale today was small. It was at an assisted living complex. We were told that we would only have one table, but the vendor that was to be next to us didn’t show, so we were given permission to have that table as well. We needed it. We didn’t know how much to take, so we took more than we thought we would need and wound up being able to put it all out because of the extra table.

The sales were slow, but ok. We managed to make a little money and take home a few less crafts than we came with. But the people made up for everything. I love old people! (Not just because I’m old, either — I’ve always loved old people.) They’re from the old school where courtesy, respect, politeness, and humility came from. One lady even wanted to pay us for the gift bag that we put her purchase in. Awwwww  (We didn’t allow that , of course.)

One gentleman pulled up a chair to sit with us awhile and chatted about his family, his boyhood, and how he taught himself to play the harmonica after a friend gave him one at the age of 14. He even played us a few tunes. Wow, he was good and he’d never had a lesson! I was impressed! I was even more impressed when he told us how old he was. He wanted us to guess his age and mentioned that he fought in WWII — 96! (He didn’t look a day over 80! Seriously)  🙂

The sale only lasted four hours. We were given coffee, cookies, and water after we got set up. Then at lunch, they came around with a sandwich and chips for each of us. How nice! It was a beautiful facility and everyone was so nice to us. Back next year? Welllllll, we’ll see.

Sorry but no pics this time. I took my camera, but totally forgot to take any pics. A swift kick in you know where for me.

Yesterday was Sis’s birthday, but I’ll say more about that next time.