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Bear Totes and My UFO Update

February 22, 2020

This is getting more and more difficult for me to maintain — finishing my UFOs, that is. I’m itching big time to start some new projects. It helped a little to start a new project a few weeks back, but even the scarf is getting a little boring. (I’m still working on it, however.)

I was able to get another Emoji pic finished to send to another Grandson for Valentine’s Day as well as the first pic I finished a few weeks ago.

I’m “making memories” as I call it when I make things for the grandsons. One of these days when I’m gone, hopefully they’ll still have a few things I made for them and have memories of Grandma giving them a little “I love you”.

Looking through new magazines and even some of my older ones always gets me excited to make something new. So when Sis came over this week, we started a new project that we could both work on.

We didn’t have any sales to go to this week, so we were able to spend most of the day in my sewing room. Of course not seeing each other for a couple of weeks, we had some “show and tells” to show and a lot of gabbing to do to catch each other up on family goings-on. Of course our coffee and goodies took top priority as well.

But we did finally start on some little plastic canvas totes from a pattern that I had purchased a while back. These will be little Christmas ornaments just 4″ high including the handle.

There are six designs with the bears all in different positions. We’re making them on 14-count plastic canvas and using embroidery floss to stitch the designs.

We were both having some problems getting them stitched, but I was able to finish one before we ran out of time for the day. Sis decided to take the one she was working on plus another one home with her to work on during the week. Hopefully we’ll get them all finished this week so we can start something else next time.

Sis brought a show and tell and, darn it, I forgot to get a picture of it. She had made a little doll out of a pre-printed fabric panel. It was really cute.

My “show and tells” were a few more of my UFOs. This picture of butterflies is a project I started — whenever. It’s cross-stitch so it’s time consuming. But I would work on it a little most evenings when I took a break from knitting on the scarf. Now it’s finished!!

I bought this frame at an estate sale for one dollar. It’s a weird color but I was thinking since it’s wood, I could paint it any color I needed depending on what I wanted to put in it.

When I put the butterfly fabric in it to see if it would fit, WOW, I couldn’t believe how the color in the one butterfly exactly matched the color of the frame. So I used it “as is” and I’m so happy with the way it turned out.

This patchwork afghan was started last year after I looked at the huge pile of left-over yarns that keeps getting higher and higher. I really like making patch-work afghans especially when I can use up left-overs.

This pattern I chose would use the smallest of the smallest balls of yarn, but oh my! What a lot of cutting and weaving in yarn ends.

It’s very pretty, but I became bored with it after a while. I put my big girl panties on and went after it. I didn’t make it a full-sized afghan, however. Since it’ll probably be donated to a nursing home I made it lap-size. Finished! Hubby modeled it for me.

It doesn’t look like very many of the balls of left-over yarns were used, so I’m searching for another pattern for yet another patchwork afghan. I have an idea bouncing around in that vacant space in my head, so another afghan may be started soon.

Plus, I’m still working on the UFOs that have become WIPs. More progress next time, (I hope.)

Uh Oh, I Caved

February 6, 2020

I’ve been a really good girl since the 1st of the year. I was determined to get some of these UFOs finished up. And for the most part, I’ve been doing pretty good.

My list of 50 (was 44, but I found a few more) UFOs have about 16 marked off now. And a few more are just in the process of being finished up.

The big white lap afghan that I’ve worked on for almost the whole month of Jan. is off the needles! It still needs to be blocked and the fringe put on. So not officially finished yet.

BUT, I’ve had to¬†force myself not to start anything new during Jan. So now that it’s Feb., and I’ve been so good to finish what I have, I thought to myself that I needed to be rewarded.

Sooooo, I picked up one of my wannabes and here I go.

This will be a scarf when it’s finished. Isn’t it pretty? Lots of different colors and I love the pattern. It’s pretty easy knitting so I like to pick it up when I just need to relax a while.

But I’m still working on UFOs. Here’s a list and some pictures of some of the ones I’ve finished.

This one is another felt stocking that I cut out several years ago. Wasn’t sure how to decorate it until I came across this cute reindeer pattern. I had to enlarge the pattern to make it look better on the stocking.

I bought this doll kit from an estate sale and started it last Fall. Isn’t she cute? She’ll be joining the rest of my babies that sit all around in the Livingroom. Her hands are pinned together right now while I look for a little basket to fill with yarn and place in her hands.

This vest has been finished for quite a while, but I still had some trimmings to add to it. The Santa’s mustache and the stars on the trees were to be made separately. I also added buttons on the Santa and the snowman (and a scarf) and some other things, then I used my glitter fabric paint and painted the “joy” and the “noel”.

The back with the snowman.

Here’s a couple of boxes that were started before Christmas. The base of them are cardboard and then wrapped in yarn and finished with a felt bottom.

This fingerless gloves were started at least a couple of years ago. I had to use a technique that I’ve not done before, so you know what happens to my projects when that comes around. But I followed the pattern line by line and they went together a lot easier than I thought. (And all that time I just let them sit!) I love the colors.

This little Humpty doll was finished just a couple of days ago. He has a little block that goes with him. It was just a pre-printed panel of fabric that I had already cut out and I thought, “yeah, this will go together quickly.” Ha! A little more time-consuming than I thought it would be.

That’s it for this time. I’m still working on several other items so hopefully I’ll have a few more to show next time.

Sis didn’t come over again this week. The weather again. Sure will be glad to see Spring again.

Happy February Everyone!

February 1, 2020

Wow, this year is already going too fast.

Sis came over this week and we headed to some estate sales. We only went to two of them but we were gone most of the day. Probably because one of the sales had a whole room full of fabric, quilt tops ready to finish, lots of books to look through, and lots of sewing paraphernalia. What fun we had looking through all of it.

Of course we came away from there with more stuff that we didn’t need. But believe it or not, I didn’t buy any of the yarn, and only a couple of pieces of fabric with Christmas prints and some gingham.

Sis bought more than I thought she would. She even bought a baby quilt top that she’s going to finish to give to her newest great-grand baby.

We only had a short time to craft after getting back to my house. We worked on getting the little camper trailer ornaments painted with the glitter paint and then added a little button to the wheel as well.



I think the glitter makes them look a lot better.

We also tagged all the other ornaments that we’ve been working on so they’ll be ready to take to the craft sale. Yes, I signed up for another year at Ozark. This is the big one that we’ve been going to since 2012. I’m thinking of signing up with the other one in Ozark that’s in the Community Center that we did last year as well. Don’t know about that one yet.

Lots of plans for the rest of the year.