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More Painted Projects

June 20, 2019

I’ve been a little obsessed with painting lately. Seems I keep getting more and more ideas with every project I start. Here’s a few more projects that have come out of my little shop out back.

The book with the cat was a project I’ve had my eye on for a while. After finishing some of the other ones that I’ve already blogged about, this one had to be one of the first new ones. It turned out kind of cute.

The little heart dish was another idea in the back of my head. One day while perusing some of my pattern books, this flag jumped out at me, so here it is now finished.

The saw blade has the same design on it that I had painted on another one a few years ago. I liked it so much that I put it in a wreath and kept it. For some reason, I have a gentleman come to my craft booth in Ozark every year to buy my saw blades. Last year I asked him what he’s doing with all these saw blades. He showed me a picture of them hanging all over this vintage cabinet. Quite a project!

Anyway, I asked him about himself and why he likes my saw blades. He said that he is a retired art teacher and he “likes my style”. I didn’t even know I had a “style”. 🙂 When I told him that I just copy other peoples’ patterns, he just smiled and said that everyone has a “style”. Ok, whatever. He even brought me about five more saw blades, so now I have an obligation to make more for him, (even though he told me I didn’t have to paint on them just for him. Okaaaay).  I hope he likes the apple one.

Here’s a couple more jars I painted as well.

For some reason, I like to paint these crows and houses.

I’ve been experimenting with making jars and bottles look old. I was looking at Pinterest one day and saw some bottles with Halloween labels on them. How cute. I printed out some labels that gave permission to do that, and this is the result.

The one on the right, I just painted with metallic black paint. It doesn’t show, but with just one coat it’s still see-through. The one on the left is an old bottle I found at a flea market and it’s already old-looking. I just put the label on it. The bottle in the middle is the one that I “aged”. It was the first one I tried that way and I think I got the paint a little thick in places. But it looks ok, I think.

Here’s a close-up of the labels.

I’m going to try my hand at a few more. It’s kind of fun.

I’m still painting every day, so there will be more to show next time.


Memorial Day, The Old Schoolhouse, and Cooky’s

June 14, 2019

Hubby and I chose to visit graves after the actual Memorial Day weekend. The cemeteries are always so pretty with all the flowers decorating the graves; so that’s when we like to go to see all the beauty.

It’s a day trip for Hubby and me to visit all the graves we want because our families are really spread out. We traveled West to Ash Grove,

then past my aunt’s old stomping ground to her gravesite,

then on West again to visit Hubby’s parents. His sisters made the wreath. Isn’t it pretty?


While we were driving down the road to my aunt’s old country place, we past the old schoolhouse where my aunt and neighbors used to meet for different reasons. I can remember going there when my sis and I would be staying with our aunt for a week during summer vacations. The old schoolhouse recalls lots of memories for me.

As the years went by, we would pass it and watch it slowly deteriorate. This trip, however, it had collapsed and was all piled up on the ground.

It was a sad sight. It’s too bad that whoever owns the property didn’t have it restored. But, stuck out in the country like that, who would have enjoyed it being there? Everyone who has memories of it are pretty much gone now. It’s just sad.


Of course, the visiting left us a little depressed, so we decided since we’ve come this far, we would treat ourselves to a lunch and PIE at Cooky’s Café in Golden City to cheer ourselves up a little. We don’t get this far very often, so it was quite the treat.

They’re pretty famous for all the pies they make and I can see why! They’re delicious! Hubby had apple and I had one of my favorites, lemon meringue.

Just look at that meringue! I even bought a piece of blueberry pie to bring home for Sis.

Hubby’s Grandma Pearl worked at Cooky’s as a young lady and she’s in a picture on the wall. We’re not sure if she was one of the original workers or why she’s in the picture, but it’s fun to see it hanging there.

It was a beautiful day. We don’t like to travel that much anymore and we almost didn’t go. But I’m glad we did. We both traveled down memory lane, it was nice to visit with everyone again and we had some awesome pie!


Getting a Little Behind

June 10, 2019

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been on here, so I think it’s time to play catch-up.

We’ve had a lot of rain this spring and it’s been getting outside chores done a challenge. Plus all the rain has really been making the grass and bushes grow! But Hubby’s been keeping up with everything between rain drops.

I’ve helped a little — trimmed the Virginia Creeper off the deck and pergola, (it was really getting out-of-hand), pulled weeds from my little flower garden, planted some tomato plants, and cleaned up the south side of my little shop out back.

Besides being so wet, this Spring has also been pretty cold – it’s like winter didn’t want to go away. I brought all my paints, etc. into the house for the winter because we didn’t want to try to keep the little shop out back warm enough to keep my paints from freezing. So all the paints made the return trip back to the little shop.

Once out there, of course, I had to straighten things up and that led to wanting to paint again, which led to painting again. Here’s a few things I’ve been finishing up from last year and some new projects as well.

This project was started just before it started getting pretty cold last year and I brought my paints into the house. I was going to work on it in my sewing room, but thinking about having all that paint and water setting around didn’t encourage this clumsy woman to paint. So that’s the first thing I finished after it was all back to the little shop out back.

This is a book cover I started who knows when. I was having trouble getting it to look like I wanted it, so to the back burner it went. But determination finally took hold and here it is,

Next was the jug that I base-coated last year. All I needed to do was transfer the pattern and paint. I’ve made a couple of these before and sold them the same year, so now this one is ready for the craft show as well.

I painted a little tag to hang on this one,

We bought a new scroll saw a few weeks ago, and I finally decided to play with it. I cut out Santa and Reindeer faces and painted them. Next I attached them to a frame and this is how it all turned out.

I love my scroll saw!

This is a design I painted on a jug a few years ago. It sold so fast, I thought I would try another one,

Rummaging through my wannabes, I came across this little heart ornament that I bought from my painting instructor when I first started painting back in 1999! It’s time to get this done as well.

It turned out so well, I think it’ll go into the Fair this year.

While I was waiting for paint to dry on other projects, I picked up this little tin and decided to do something whimsical on it. Barnes and Nobel sells tea in these tins.  They seem too handy to throw away, so I’ve squirreled a few away in my shop. This design is the same one that I painted on a bag and got a ribbon on at the Fair. I love the little froggie.

See how I painted the flower stem to go to the lid for the flower? Well, I think it’s cute.

This saw blade and tile was already base-coated, so I picked a design that I’ve also made before and painted it on both of the items. Sometimes it’s easier to do a couple of projects at a time so while the paint is drying on one, the other one can be painted on in the meantime.

I’ve really been having fun in my little shop out back. More projects to show next time.

In the meantime, Sis and I are still getting together to craft when we’re not running to estate sales. Last week, we hit the “mother of all crafters” and were there for three hours. It was fun to look through all of this person’s stuff, but we really didn’t buy that much. Well, we did, but compared to what was there, we didn’t. Besides, everything I bought is stuff I’m going to use. (Ha Ha!)

We have managed to get all the little plastic canvas bear ornaments finished. There are 17 of them!

We were getting tired of working on them, but they sure turned out cute, so I guess it was worth all that time. Now, hopefully, we’ll sell them all.

That’s it for this time. More catching-up news on the next blog.

Life After Yard Sale

May 25, 2019

It took Sis and me several weeks to prepare and have the yard sale. Crafting was put on the back burner, for the most part anyway. But now that the sale is out of the way, we’re back at it.

My UFO’s were beginning to get the upper hand on me again. (No surprise there, right?) So I’ve put my big girl panties back on and started in on them. I rummaged through a bunch of them and brought out several including the Halloween House that I started in 2011. (Yep, it’s been that long ago!)

I set everything up so I could take turns with each project. I would work on one, tire of it, and move on to the next one. It was kind of fun doing it that way. The result is two finished knitted ear-warmers,

a finished knitted mobius scarf,

and a couple more pairs of crocheted gloves,

I also got more done on “the House” and the crocheted granny afghan that I started several weeks ago.

All the yarn made into the ear-warmers, the mobius, and the gloves were from yarn (expensive) that I found at the estate sales that Sis and I run to every week. Beautiful yarns! And so soft!

In addition, I started another knitted scarf that I worked on in-between all the other projects. This is a sampler scarf made with eight different knitted stitches. I was perusing the Fair premium book one day and noticed a new Division called “Samplers”. It’s any item made using any technique in the Household Arts Section. So when I saw this scarf in a book I was looking at, I immediately thought about this Division in the Fair. Consequently, a new scarf has been born.

The scarf is just about finished now. I only have a few inches to go, then I can block it and it will be ready for its trip to the Fair in a couple of months. It was fun to work on using all those different patterns. Some were a little difficult but they turned out really pretty. I love it and the yarn I made it out of is so soft! (Again, from estate sales.) Picture on the next blog entry.

Another project I finished for the Fair is a baby afghan made from a lot of different baby yarns that I have. I worked on it during the sale just to keep my hands busy.

This will go into the CMN Division of the Fair, so I won’t be getting this one back.

Of course, Sis is still coming once a week to work on crafts. (We’ve been spending so much time running to sales, however, that a lot of crafting isn’t getting done. Ha! But we’re having fun, anyway.)

Sis brought a “show and tell” one week as well. She mostly cross-stitches, which is very time-consuming, so she doesn’t finish as many projects as I usually do. This one is especially pretty, I think.

When we do have time to craft here at the house, we started working on a kit of plastic canvas bear ornaments that I picked up at a sale.

We discovered that if we were going to finish them in a reasonable amount of time, that we would have to work on them on our own. “Homework” so to speak. So this week, we showed what we’ve accomplished so far,

The kit had enough materials to make eight different bears. But between the both of us, and more plastic canvas and yarn from our stashes, we’re making at least two of each bear. We still have several to make, so I need to add them to my circle of projects so they won’t go to that “back burner.”

It’s Garage Sale Time Again

May 7, 2019

One of my neighbors has been having a garage sale at this time of year for as long as we’ve lived here. Several other neighbors as well as myself have started having one at the same time so we could advertise it as a “neighborhood” sale. It brings in more customers, I think.

So for the last several weeks, I’ve been trying to clean out, purge (a little), and get ready for this garage sale. My Sis was involved with it as well. It’s amazing how much more stuff we can come up with in just a years’ time. Where does all this stuff come from?

Well, some of it was left over from last year because it was either too big or too good to just take to the thrift store where all of our “leftovers” usually wind up. So these items will probably be in next years sale.

We also set up a table for our “new” crafts left over from our craft sale in Ozark. We thought we would see how successful we would be to “clearance” some of these items so we could have more room for new crafts at our show.

It doesn’t surprise me that we sold quite a few things because when you add the word “clearance,” it seems to draw the crowd like bees to honey. So we did manage to sell quite a few of our crafts.

The neighbor that started all this usually sells for up to 10 or 12 other families. So needless to say, her sale is BIG! She even “watched” her neighbor’s sale because they had to work, plus she had two other neighbors close that was having a sale as well. Since we are in the next block down from all of them, we felt like the “Lone Ranger.”

I’m beginning to think that we don’t have as much traffic as we could have because of this. When I look up her way to see where all the customers are, I can see right away. There were so many cars that the road was nearly blocked a lot of the time.

Consequently we had slow days as far as the customers went; but in spite of this, we sold a lot of items and made about $250 all together to boot! I was actually surprised when I added it all up.

So we can’t complain too much because did have a good sale — probably better since we had all that competition up the road.

Believe it or not, I’ve already discovered a few things around here that I forgot to put in the sale. Another “pile” has been started for next year!